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Jeff is right. Patrick isn't much fun to be around.

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Surprisingly, my favorite Ryan moment was Ron Graphite. Something about a guy all about pencils just killed me.

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I'm not an emotional person by far, but this has me more than upset.

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No fucking way! No!

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This is awesome! I'll definitely make a contribution next year!

1. Cave Story

2.Metro 2033

3.Trine 1 and 2

4.L.A. Noire

5.Mark of the Ninja

6.Binding of Isaac Collection


8. Awesomenauts

9.S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Shadow of Chernobyl

10. Humble Bundle #

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Not sure. After feeling that Arc System tried ringing the BlazBlue players dry, I feel a little betrayed. How late are sign ups incase I wait to see how friends react to the game?

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Well this membership add onto the end of my current subscription?

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Wow, I can't believe that Bryan's laugh is the same, but I support Harada here. I mean it's Mr. Tekken himself. Fighting game fans are some of the most die hard and I would suspect annoying gaming fans out there. Little things like what characters are or are not released aren't nearly as important as balanced and fun gameplay. To me at least :/

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Patrick, I feel you should stick to reporting the news and instead of trying to write it. I always feel you come off a bit pretentious. Not that there is any strong reason behind models in a video game environment, but that's how advertisement works. E3 isn't a business meeting, it's a trade show. I'm sure it'll change its self in time, but you forcing this issue into the news only makes me hate you.