I miss 1 v 100

I got into the mob a couple times, and I was the one once! I lost on a stupid question about which band was an alcohol pun: Limp Bizkit, Gin Blossoms, or some third vaguely boozy name. I trusted the mob. Never trust the mob. :( 
Anybody else make it to the One?

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I got into the mob a couple times, and I was the one once! I lost on a stupid question about which band was an alcohol pun: Limp Bizkit, Gin Blossoms, or some third vaguely boozy name. I trusted the mob. Never trust the mob. :( 
Anybody else make it to the One?

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Also, there should've been a zero point achievement for getting into the Mob and being the One. ... I think this for entirely selfish reasons.

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I unfortunately learned about it about 2 months before it got canned. Too bad you couldn't win that sweet Feeding Frenzy 2 prize.

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I did end up getting a copy of Portal: Still Alive out of it from when I was in the Mob, as well as $3 worth of Microsoft Funbucks. Also, my only S-rank game. So yay.

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I got into the mob once and also won a copy of Portal and $5 worth of MS points, thanks to knowing the difference between American Idol and X-Factor.

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Me too. I always played the live shows and the special video game ones. I got into the top 10 with my awesome game knowledge. I was a part of the mob a couple of times, and even won a prize, though this was when it was in beta and you didn't actually receive the prizes yet.

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I thought it was a pretty fun game - especially fun when played with friends. I loved the concept and I thought the execution was phenomenal, up until its final execution. Yeah, I miss it too, duder.

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It was fun with friends, but boring as shit by yourself.  Really wish it was still around though.

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Posted by Ferny84

me too :(

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I miss it too actually. Me and a few of my friends from school would always make an attempt to get on and play it and we had a good deal of fun.

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Was great with friends, too bad MS canned the whole thing.

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I Got to be the one once, disconnected before the first question, i was pissed!

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I came 2nd once, missing out by something like 10 points out of 1853.  Won "The Maw" and "N+".  I loved it because it became a Friday online booze-athon.  I was in the mob and didn't even know it when I won The Maw.  My friend's brother bought an xbox and live just to play it then two weeks later, bye bye.  There was definitely cheating going on.  In the last episode with the big prizes someone called Ivana Winnacar was on and won the car.  It was clearly dodgy.

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Posted by BraveToaster

I miss both the show and the Xbox game.One of the few game shows worth watching imo.

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I miss it every day. I actually bought my fiancée (now wife) a year of Xbox Live just for 1 vs. 100 and then they canned it. =(

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I miss it. It was the only game I could get my dad to play when he came over to my place.

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Never made it to the one. 
I was in the mob once, worst mob ever :( 
I do miss it, it was good fun and a good way to pass time with friends.  
Screaming the wrong answer so everyone gets it wrong was the best.
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I miss it, too! My whole family used to gather around the T.V. and play it together. I would get into an Xbox Live party with my neighbor and cousin and we would all laugh the night away. Hopefully Microsoft brings back this type of gaming in one form or another.

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Posted by DeShawn2ks

I would love to see more game shows. I wasn't that big of a fan of 1 vs 100.

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Posted by Cabbage_TheMan

Such a fun time.  I played nearly every time it was on.  The best part was that it forced them to create new questions every night.

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I really miss it too, and I didn't even really give a shit about the 'MMO' aspects of it. I played with my family and it was the best local four player quiz game on the 360. I just want questions, and I want them fast. The 'live' version was pretty slow and annoying, I had far more fun with the 'extended play'. I really wish they had left the offline version stay, and release 'question packs'.

The only real alternative now is Trivial Pursuits, which is quite slow, has some incredibly stupid questions and an extraordinarily retarded voice over. I miss 1 vs 100. :-\

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It was such a great idea that Microsoft had that they could have done so much with, but much like any large company, they became blind sighted by ratings and costs.

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I've only played it twice. Never got into the Mob or been the One. Due to being a third shift worker, I was never able to play it.