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Pokemon Trading Card Game is coming to iPad. That's prob'ly it, right?

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On the main page, under recent activity, topics in the moderator forum are visible. Clicking the topic or the forum linking page leads to a 404.

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... Did I have a stroke?

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@finnianwhitefir: maybe we'll get lucky and get a quick look! ... Probably not, but we can hope, right?

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From what the description and the publicity makes it seem, this looks a lot like a version of Recettear or Dungeon Village, but a bit fancier and on mobile. That's not a bad thing, mind-- I loved both of those games. Has anyone taken the plunge on this, and is it worth the time?

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If you don't feel like struggling through, a couple SA posters, Chip and Ironicus, did a fantastic LP of it a while back. If you don't give a shit but want to know what happens and still get an idea of the gameplay, they do a good job of both showing it off and being really funny.

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CSD is a flippin' delight. Also a boilin' delight, and a choppin' delight, and an identifyin'-robbers-to-the-police delight. The makers seem like pretty sweet folks. :3

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GameSpot and CBSi actually have some positions open, including editor and producer gigs. If he landed here or at GS it would be fantastic. More Rorie, more puppies.

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Breaking over twitter is news of IGN and 1UP layoffs. A tweet by Colonel Of Puppies Matt Rorie implies that he was bounced from Gamespy, an IGN site. Let us officially renew our calls for Rorie at Giant Bomb.

(#teamrorie or #teampuppies take your pick)

The tweet:

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Actually, I thought of this while reading a review of it: Giant Bomb plays a full game of Risk Legacy. For the uninitiated, RL is Risk with permanence, making permanent changes to the board and rules over the course of fifteen rounds. I've not heard a single negative thing about it. The game is changed by secret additions and rule changes that are triggered by certain qualifications-- x major cities, y troops per turn, etc-- and this makes it a board game with spoilers. Alex could totally play via satellite along with the five SF based duders, and it could unfold over fifteen weekly segments, maybe open to all live and archived for subscribers. I think you guys could totally pull it off and that there'd be interest in it for sure.

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