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EA prolly did it on purpose to drum up buzz

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For all you unable to understand I will give you a simple real world example.

I work in finance.

Mcgraw Hill (the book people) own Standard and Poor (The metacrtic of the stock market)

as a result S&P is barred from rating Mcgraw Hill and any of its subsidiaries because of the possible conflict of interest.

No such standards are in place in the entertainment industry. (granted video games are less important than stocks)

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and now they own Giantbomb.

so Giantbomb (owned by CBS) is listed an review site (owned by CBS)

shouldn't that mean that Metacrtic will stop listing Giantbomb scores (Gamespot too for that matter) because of a conflict of interest?

I am curious what people think about this apparent conflict of interest...

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There going to use the money to influence people by claiming that every video game is a 8 or better and you should go out and buy it,

end result: You will spend more money on shitty games. CBS makes more money. Why else would CBS buy Giantbomb?

Ginatbomb staff will tell you this will not happen but they are full of shit...



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@Kevin_Cogneto: shows how stupid you are,

you OCP brainwashed fool

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@CL60: Sometime I wish I was a dog so I could go fuck yourself

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Now that Giant Bomb is owned by the greedy manipulative CBS corporation I do not wish to participate in the community anymore,

Is there anyway to get a refund for a year long membership that was purchased six months ago?

I emailed Wiskey Media support and got no answer (big surprise)

Has anyone else ever had trouble canceling a subscription?


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