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@paulunga: They never figured out what was going on with the flooded quarry.

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Is Yosuke narrating the tutorial to this game?

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@luck702: There is. It's "dual-joystick shooter", just like Spelunky is a platformer and the Binding of Isaac is also a dual-joystick shooter. The fact that ignorant game journalists lump these wildly different games together under the banner of a (real, legitimate, and obscure) genre that these games all only borrow elements from is irrelevant. Roguelikes are an actual genre that have significantly more in common than simply the "randomization and permanent death" that the likes of Brad love to parrot ad nauseam. Roguelikes are grid-based, tile-based, turn-based RPGs. Recent games in the genre include Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, Tales of Maj'Eyal, Brogue, and Dungeons of Dredmor. They don't get covered because they're mostly old and rarely commercial, with the obvious exception of Dredmor, because it was on Steam and cost money.

Just because journalists throw around genres that they neither know of nor respect doesn't mean that these games you've never heard of don't exist. It doesn't mean the lazy appropriation of misleading terminology is correct.

It's also the reason why the indie developers who make roguelike-inspired dual-joystick shooters and platformers are very careful to call their games what they are. I believe the Rogue Legacy guys coined rogue-lite for this very reason.

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nothing's good about Mr. Bones

I literally let out an incredulous "fuck you" to nobody but my computer screen.

Mr. Bones is one of the best Sega Saturn games.

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@endub said:

Dan's never eaten mayonnaise but knows about Koyaanisqatsi

I nearly lost my mind when this was brought up.

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At 22:30, why does that second skull in his inventory have the Daedric sigil for the letter C? Like, that's literally Daedric. :U

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It's a roguelike

He really is just fucking around now, isn't he? Whatever. I count my victories where I can. Not everyone cares enough to respect history when indie fads roll in.

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>my experience with roguelikes

Yeah, nah. I doubt you've ever played a roguelike in your life. Maybe when you try Crawl or ToME or Sil or the like, but Spelunky is a platformer and Isaac is a Zelda clone. Neither of which are roguelikes, a genre unto themselves.

...I thought we won this fight already. Strange.

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That modding video was about the most self-indulgent thing I've ever watched.

First he sets up the ludicrous notion of mods being "troublesome" because they make his own self-styled criticism theoretically irrelevant (as if video games were meant to be studied instead of enjoyed), and then, of course, he swats it down with a long-winded explanation of something everyone already knew: optional user contributions to make games better is unambiguously a good thing. How trite.

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@oginam: 'Roguelike', as a term, is rather troubling. Since 1980 it has meant a somewhat strict thing - turn-based, tile-or-ascii-based, randomly generated dungeon-crawling games.

Then, in like 2010, a whole bunch of people started to take influence from this 30-year old genre, and the broader internet started calling them roguelikes too. The semantic argument is on the broader side - ignoring history, 'roguelike' = like Rogue. But take that history into account, and this isn't the case at all.

ADOM, ToME, NetHack, DCSS, Cataclysm: DDA, Brogue, and to a lesser extent Elona and Dwarf Fortress' Adventure Mode are all clearly a part of the same genre, that has (before 2010) been called 'roguelikes', but then a bunch of people took the 'roguelike' = 'like Rogue' banner (which makes way more sense from one perspective) and it's been a clusterfuck of controversy ever since.

My perspective is that I really like ADOM, ToME, DCSS et al and will defend the only common name for them (Roguelike) to the death. Calling FTL or whatever a roguelike-like or 'roguelike-inspired' is acceptable, though.