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We all know how Ryan absolutely LOVES Helicopters, so besides, "I hate Fucking Helicopters" what would be a good name for this achievement in Ryans' honor?

BTW hope to see a QL this week and include the chase sequence it's really cool.

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Looks like you run and shoot and like COD, and direct traffic like Brothers in Arms. Cant wait to play.

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I think word of mouth will help SOTD.

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I really wanted the Lord of Shadow S rank but i just couldn't beat that timed challenge in the library.

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Lego Star wars the clone wars.

I would have S ranked Shadows of the damned last week if it wasnt for that friggin gem achievement.

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If she's an athlete i'm sure she will get out of any serious jail time. Cant wait to hear her "I want to apologize..." speech.

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Witness all to a Real American Hero. Good luck ES on your mission and best of luck on a healthy, safe and quick return.

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I caught the story on GI, but this shows the actual build and pics with specs. Pretty impressive. (cant create link)

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I liked the first game a lot and didn't have any issues with a lot of what everyone is complaining about. I thought i sucked at VG's but am feeling better now. Thanks.

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I liked it enough to play through the game 3 times to get the S rank, but ended up getting screwed on the gem achievement. Overall I had a lot of fun and would recommend to others to play.