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I dont play much mp in games, but for some reason Bioshock 2 kept me interested for a couple of weeks.

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The Battlefield series is the only online mp experience i enjoy, so i would like to hear impressions from other BF players who have bought Homefront. The mp sounds similar to the BF blueprint(Large maps, vehicles) with some added COD perks. Thoughts? Thanks for the info.

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Hope not i drank 2 in class tonight.

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3DS, Yoostar, and Ghostbusters? You are all better than that, step it up.

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Dumb question i have been trying to figure out. As i was finishing Castelvania LOS, great game you should play BTW, it dawned on me that the term Lichen has sort of officially replaced the term werewolf. In movies, games, books? But when did this happen , and why?  Personally the first time i can recall the term being used was in the movie Underworld. Just curious.

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She had me at "In America we dont use our cell phones in the library". Like Americans are the best example to compare mannerisms. 
Also,  someone tell this chick you dont need an education to get into porn. Clearly i can see it, and hear it in her voice its her goal in life.

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Unable to embed video, but god damn this is by far the funniest shit i have seen this year. Love the "Boom" references, wondering if he is a closet Giant Bomb member? 
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Ah, what you all missed during the early days of rap, and some great metal music at the time.

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