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56" HD 720 DLP for xbox and PS3.

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Just read Nintendo magazine, all of your dreams and wishes will come true.

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Uh, he's not even in the discussion.

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I hate to agree with everyone but yea its still a little steep for the package. I just finished the other day on nightmare mode and it may be the single easiest game i have ever played. You are so over powered in the game its crazy, and the story is one of the worst ever. However, the graphics, some of the levels, and gun play are fun.

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Disagree. Its COD and a whole lot of crazy fun with sp, and Spec op missions.

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Great Job. Love these little videos.

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One credible source can not save a paid for advertisement showcase.

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Nice call for Session 9, but Elm Street 2, and 3?

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Continued to tell myself for hours "Why am i playing this?" while i die over and over attacking the Stray Demon.

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Really hate the industry even gives this awards show any time. No L.A. Noire, at least a nom, and hello....Revelations anyone? And lets not forget Dark Souls.

This statement below is pure BS. Nothing this show does has any credibility whatsoever.

"But wait!" you exclaim, "How can these games that aren't even out yet be nominated for a GOTY award?!?" Fun fact: VGA judges get copies of these games in advance of voting, ensuring they get a chance to play them. So don't worry your pretty little noggins about this situation, all games have very likely been played.