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Doesn't matter unless you are part of the 1% you are fucked.

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@SlashseveN303 said:
" UC Berkeley, Majoring in Psychology. "
Let me save you the time, trouble, and money. Everyone's fucked up, and surprise there really is no cure. Now take 2 of this shit, send me a check and make another appointment. Have a nice day.
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Sounds like a good idea for an experiment.

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This will show my age and not really mean anything to anyone here, but wtf. The first would be from the movie The Excorcist when she spins her head completely around. Looking at that moment now, its really comical but back then when the the devil was on the loose, and serial killers were running around(Son of Sam, Zodiac, Manson) that shit was scary. As for the second it was a scene in the TV movie on Charles Manson. It really wasn't a particular scene it was just listening to the girl who testified telling the details of the murders. Still to this day home invasion is always my greatest fear.

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I know those who complete dozens and dozens will laugh, but i feel relieved the monkey is finally off my back. I have probably a dozen titles with only a handful of achievements left to get the S rank, but Darksiders is one of the few that doesn't make you overly grind, or be frustrated. Now where is my S rank jacket?

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As with all over hyped titles, or series games will wait until the game is $20. Actually may never play.

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It just shows their true character on the field, as well as off. Always stay mindful of this saying: If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it must be a duck.

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First console would be the Atari 2600, but gaming imo didn't really start to mean anything until the commodore 64.  

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Wow, there is nothing more entertaining than reading comments on a review of highly anticipated game franchise. Though it doesn't need any help here is a little drinking game i thought would add a little something different while you are forming your allegiance to the reviewer or the game. Contributions to the game are weclome and encouraged.  Note rules were based off of research from 5 different gaming sites who have reviewed Halo:Reach.
Only rule is you must be of age to play this game or substitute alcohol for your favorite non-alcoholic beverage(I would not have had to add this 10 years ago, but for legal reasons and its for the children)
Drink 1
#1 Fan Boy rule: identifying, or using the word fan boy- drink
#2 Legal rule- Has written or replied to a previous comment  stating their case why the score is incorrect/ or correct 
#3 score rule- identifying or listing any scores of any previous games
 #4 Been there, done that rule: Identifying previous Halo games- drink. Also note this usually comes attached with a score so don't forget rule #3.
 #5 Franchise rule- Calling out names of any other game franchise. Watch for scores attached.
 #6 The C word- Any mention of the Call of duty franchise- drink. Be careful this could include all the above rules listed above. 
Drink 2
#7 I'm right, you are wrong rule- message is disagreeing with the reviewer - take a double
#8 Whatever rule- Agrees with the reviewer but reluctantly.
#9 Who the fuck knows what this guy/gal thinks- comment is so long you completely ignore. Usually is a reply post between multiple users and is a mess. 
#10 F$% rule- Using abbreviations, profanity, or texting abbreviations drink 2. { I thought about adding to drink 1, but this will help end the game quicker}

Chug a Beer
#11Hello, Buehler?rule- Anyone who has posted a review and score, without ever playing the game. Beta does not count.
#12 Psychic rule: Any words including It will be, I know it will be or other futuristic lingo chug.
#13  Intervention rule- Totally going on a tirade or saying the game means more to you than _____.

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Sounds like someone without $$$$