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Congrats on your internship and thanks again for your service. You always post something worth reading and keep up the good work.

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Yea i would say something needs to be different to the end boss. Hell, i would be ok with just a cut scene with a brutal kill.

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I think Crysis 2 does everything i want from a game.

Ability to change difficulty

A level/ chapter re cap that includes collectable information

Ability to replay levels after it is completed

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I had a Great grandfather who was a messenger during WWI. He was the guy who ran messages trench to trench under the barbed wire. He lived to be a 100 and was one of the greatest men i ever met. My grandfather was in the navy in WWII and was a gunner. I didn't speak to them about their experiences as both kept that part of their lives private but those generations will never be duplicated. Ever.

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Finally finished Shadows of the Damned and starting Red Faction Armageddon probably today.

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Beer, it's what men drink.

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@gingertastic_10 said:

All of the Tiger Woods' games.

This is my split screen game of choice while watching a TV show.

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Never played it and never intending to ever do so.

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Love the game and would recommend to anyone who just wants to have fun, or challenge.

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Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect