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I love Payday 2, but i could never get past the point of shooting cops. A friend of mine who i play a lot of co op games has played over 1,000 hrs but i couldn't get past the first 2 hrs.

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You should have stopped at your first sentence.

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Watching this all i could think was how good of a time Vinny, Drew and Dave could have with this set up. Pretty awesome.

BTW, no sound for the first minute.

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All i could do watching this was thinking of the GB flight crew of Drew, Vinny and Dave and the fun they would have with this set up.

BTW, no sound for the first minute.

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I finished it this earlier this year and agree. Its a solid game with some good levels and play, but it never builds anything as a starting point for Batman. Thats ultimately its weakest point and also knowing, as with any superhero origin story, you will live to fight another day.

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Totally agree. I actually thought they were going to get rid of it a few weeks back when the feeds were blank.

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Almost every RPG on PC if you know how to edit a few code lines.

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I am confident in saying that i have not had any disappointments from this year or any year come to think. Granted, i only played a handful of new titles(2014) but everything as usual has been entertaining and thats good enough for me. VG are a hobby i greatly enjoy and wish others would take the time to appreciate the talent instead of villanize teams which consist of hard working people who are taking YEARS not DAYS to provide that experience. I wish i had a spot of the talent that creates the worlds in which i escape, but i do not. Do you?

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@arach666 said:

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@me3639: @mrwakka: @tuxfool: I also don't think FFVII or FFXIII are a good comparison for this situation. The notion that any JRPG ported to PC would instantly be a top seller because there aren't a lot of JRPGs on PC is absurd.

I'd say the best comparison is Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. It is widely considered to be one of the best PSP games, but it also hasn't sold well. It gets great word of mouth. People love it. I don't remember how well the PC port did earlier this year.

PC version of TitS was top seller for at least a day and it was around the top sellers for a couple of weeks,and considering the reaction from carpe fulgur on twitter it looks like it did pretty well.

Should also be noted that the game was originally released on PC in 2004,that´s the original version,then ported to the PSP two years later,ported to the PS3 in 2013 and then re-released on PC earlier this year.

I cant resist but i would play TITS in a heartbeat. Yes, im a white scumbag who doesnt hurt anyone, sue me.