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I think the cards are a cool idea and i like the art, but there is nothing the make me want to pursue them. However, tie a deck into an item, or weapon, or something for the game now we have something.

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As an observation, would you say thats like being into golf, but not playing and hanging out in the clubhouse? To me that's weird, but whatever you want to do it's YOUR life. I NEVER tell others, no matter how obscure, how to LIVE THEIR lives. Its YOUR LIFE and time do as you want. Its all good, enjoy.

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Who? Where they significant?

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Hey look,the next Mario and Zelda game has been leaked. Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnx10.

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EVE, DAYZ, Arma3 the stories are so far beyond the mainstream its sick. And probably why those groups that are involved dont give 2 shits about a GOTY award.

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@me3639: You mean the cop killing Brown? Right they never showed it.

Funny thing, there's plenty of videos of Brown stealing cigars from the convenience store. I doubt it's a reason enough to get shot by a policeman though.

This should go to trial. Someone killing another person should always go to trial, police or not.

You know the funniest thing they deleted the truth that i had written. Now that's interesting.

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Its an epic trailer and just shows to the know it alls, that yea people in hard core games do talk like that. That build up to when that guy is counting down is pretty awesome.

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I love Payday 2, but i could never get past the point of shooting cops. A friend of mine who i play a lot of co op games has played over 1,000 hrs but i couldn't get past the first 2 hrs.