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“We’re remastering God of War III!” is an announcement that would be merely odd, were it not emblematic of a greater trend of desperation. Alex N.

So what you are saying is Nintendo's buiness model should be called desperation?

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Im playing the wait til it patches class. Huge Obsidian fan and of CRPGs but lets be realistic some of the game will need fixed for an overall better experience. This will be easily a +100hr adventure that i can wait a few more months.

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@hollitz said:

I always stop watching before the audience questions. The whole affair is just usually much to awkward.

Agree. Stopped watching probably after the first PAX. Actually any of these panels to me have become boring. i know i am in the minority but i dont know if any of them are having fun anymore, except Dan who is benefiting the most.

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Ive been preaching this forever. However, it may be too little, too late and until i see halo(including the new one) and gears all released on PC its just more filler.

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"Fuck you, what a piece of shit" "This game sucks" "Fuckin EA". Oh, sorry hope you all find jobs soon. Now where did i put that most excellent 100th Mario game.

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2 games that come to mind for me are at least breathing in a sense they may see a release? Who knows but i want them both.

1. Van Buren- The code name for Fallout 3 before Interplay sold the rights to Bethesda. Some super fans of course are resurrecting the game and are receiving both input and help from the original developers. Heres a small interview and screenshots from the upcoming game.

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2. Nuclear Union was announced in 2012 but due to war in the region a lot of the developers are just trying to survive. Its Metro, Fallout and Stalker and anything like that ill follow.

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@ames: To be even more crazy we just went through what 7-8 years where vampires are "It". You had true Blood(Hbo), Twilight(movies), Underworld(movies) and now the originals(WB?) I cant believe there was never another Vampire RPG. How is that possible? seems to me a world that would be easy to build. Not easy to make, but the concepts and ideas are there to expand.

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Pretty much anything reviewed over the last 10 years. If it got a 6 (out of 10) its probably pretty good. Pussy, i mean expert reviewer, difficulty seems to skew a lot of results.