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Maybe back when i was younger, but anything i start i always finish, on hard difficulty. The REAL minority in games today.

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The answer always and will be Dungeons and Dragons.

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I like more content, but most of it feels like filler. IF they would actually take interest in what they are showing, thats different, but i would guess a majority will never be played beyond the QL.

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Agree. Nicely said. I ve been pretty much playing a ton of Ghost recon Phantoms, and its all strategy . I usually lay down and watch the flank or ill jump ahead. Its about position and team, and most of all fun.

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Hard. I dont know the reason to play if there isnt any difficulty.

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I will give Lebron this, and only this he as at least been an athlete in these days that has carried himself with class on and off the court. As for his move back to cleveland, it more of just about him trying to reach that MJ love he so elusively tries to get every day. That is always going to get in the way of reaching that legend status. A great player, but not a leader.

Just thought about something else, this will also show how mediocre Spoelstra is as a coach. Guess he and Riley wont look so "genius" after this year. There is nothing more overrated in sports than exec and coaches.

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All i know is when i saw the price on steam for pre orders, i was befuddled. I thought this was a kick-starter indie game? I guess not, but ill still wait until its in my $$$ wheelhouse of 15-20.

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I just listened to the bombcast that had the email from a contractor who made the claim fortnite was nothing more than a demo. One of the best bombcast with the whole crew sitting in for once but the assumption was no way accurate. I dont think GI would put a demo on their cover or have such an extensive look, but all in all at that moment it was somthing.

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If you want to talk bias, point me to an article, comment or rage against Nintendo(outside sales), comparable to when discussing Activations, EA, Ubisoft, etc and then we can talk about bias. As for LoL vs Dota, it depends on the site. It is evenly loved or hated from the multiple of sites i frequent.