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If anything answered the question, anything new with the new people, nope.

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Wow, never thought Eternal Sunshine. I think that movie, to me, is brilliant in every way. It strikes an emotional chord, but not near what i was thinking.

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As i was surfing around the WWW I saw a discussion on films you only want to watch one time(depressing, violent, emotional, etc). It had a picture of Viggo Mortenson in The Road which i would confirm and highly agree is one of those for me is a one and done. Others that i thought i would include were The Deer Hunter and Blue Valentine as all of them are so depressing for me and are disturbing in their brilliance. I thought it was a good discussion so does anyone here have any movies they have watched that one time was enough.

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Pure genius and one of the few that 'walked away' for his own reasons and didnt just take the money like now a days. Great he is back in the spotlight, hope he hasnt lost that aura that makes him a rare and special talent ala Richard Pryor.

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Probably the most underrated and influential game of the past 8 years. As a huge fan of the series and been active in the community forever, this could get ugly. Well, it already has and its too bad.

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You have recently made some comments i highly agree with so game On! Steam ID: CitizenX3639

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Any game is worth <$5. I played it this year and its pretty good. I thought it was a really good challenge on Hard difficulty, it looked great and the story, especially the ending, was surprising. Solid game with some flaws but good time. Just a few of the screenshots i took in game.

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If there ever was a VG that was tailor made for a GB QL featuring Vinny, Drew and Dave it has to be Spintires. Alas it wont happen and that kind of makes me sad. I mean where else could you get a truck driving simulation set in Russia where the only point is to get place to place? I watched a couple of other videos of the game and couldnt help but reminisce of the good times those 3 have provided over the years.

Also, just another game on steam that spent $0 dollars on marketing and is outselling AAA titles.

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Why do you think every Nintendo game is praised? No one, and i mean no one has the balls to talk about Nintendo the way they talk about EA, Activison, or other companies. Fact.