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You know these games are done right? I bet they have a new Metroid, HD versions of Wind Waker and Galaxy just sitting on a shelf in the office. When you can release a 20 year old mod at full price and sell a million copies, why rush. Its not like they are creating new characters, worlds, story or game play. Nintendo has it MADE.

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Vinny is an all-star who could start his own Lets Play site and garner millions of hits. Alex, as with a lot of game site persona's, not so much.

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How about that dumbass one in RE6. I dont remember his name, but i do remember yelling Enough, just fucking die already.

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I know right, isnt that the genius of this franchise your own self discovery?

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I still remember there was an actual Amiga demonstration at my school at the time and nothing came close when we saw Larry Bird vs Dr J One on One. Commodore ruled in its day.

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No one. Its a a game that take longer than 3 hours and cheat engine wont work.

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“We’re remastering God of War III!” is an announcement that would be merely odd, were it not emblematic of a greater trend of desperation. Alex N.

So what you are saying is Nintendo's buiness model should be called desperation?

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Im playing the wait til it patches class. Huge Obsidian fan and of CRPGs but lets be realistic some of the game will need fixed for an overall better experience. This will be easily a +100hr adventure that i can wait a few more months.

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@hollitz said:

I always stop watching before the audience questions. The whole affair is just usually much to awkward.

Agree. Stopped watching probably after the first PAX. Actually any of these panels to me have become boring. i know i am in the minority but i dont know if any of them are having fun anymore, except Dan who is benefiting the most.