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I think PK said it best in one of his, o christ, dare i quote a tweet ffffffuuu, "If you only play the games you're used to, how will you ever know what else you may fall in love with". That does not only apply to games but life itself, words to live by. Nice job PK.

So jealous of everyone jumping into D:OS, luckily i have Divinity 2 directors cut. Easily can see where the foundation was laid. The humor, voice acting and just plain personality is overflowing.

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Would Nintendo have weathered the storm if they didnt lower the price of the 3ds by close to $100 4 months after launch? One of the first rules of buiness is you react to the market opinion. Xbox one opinions stated you were too expensive and were carrying dead weight hence the lowering of price and getting rid of kinect. My opinion Microsoft is the dumbest company in games but are not going anywhere, anytime soon.

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"S" ranked KOA on 360. Everytime i try out an MMO im still waiting, and hoping for that type of action to be implemented with controller support. Thats all i could think about trying when playing Wildstar last month.

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Aarklash was so refreshing and really did things different. Also, balls hard. My recommendation:

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Left trigger, right trigger reload. this game is going to sell a ton, but unless they are keeping "suprise" content (spaceship battles?) underwraps, to me its like Mass Effect in which you enter an area, or room and shoot things. Also on the AI, i dont think its very good as they seem to just circle and strafe. Could just be me though. other than the look nothing about this to me says next gen and really why should it be as it is also releasing on 360 and ps3.

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I cant recommend Expedition Conquistadors enough. A unique setting and brutal choices await.

Also, while everyone else was playing FTL, for good reason, i got sucked into a game called Bionic Dues. Totally addicting and pretty good soundtrack.

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Watched a few matches today. The match where one of the best, Na' iv? was entertaining. All i know is Jeff hates esports, but sorry to tell ya fella that production job for this tourney is spectacular. As long as they dont flood the market with weekly tournaments, it could be around for a long time. Also cant remember the last time i heard so many, dare i say sport, commentators articulate and complete sentences like adults. Super entertaining.

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Enslaved Odyssey to the West- I had finished it twice on xbox, but this was the first time on PC still a really good game.

Magrunner Dark Pulse- Good Portal clone.

Probably will finish Scourge: Outbreak today with my buddy playing it in co op. Its a poor mans Gears Of War, but solid and damn challenging enough to keep us cursing our way through nightmare mode.

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The hot wicked smart, country girl i work closely with is married i guess.

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After having played the game for a good few hours now, and apparently reached the level cap (8?), I can't really say it's a bad game but I don't understand why people would get excited about it. My preliminary impression was that the game felt very chopped up, but then I got to the open-world part and it has some good potential. Although I bet that's the part of the game most people will like the least. The thing I just don't get is what's supposed to be the hook. For a loot game it's really lacking, for a shooter it's good but nothing special, for an open-world game it's average at best and the story is nothing to write home about.

I've yet to do any of the real multiplayer stuff though (no ps+), but I guess I'll check that out sometime before the beta ends. I'm guessing that's what's hooking people ? The good old "play game with friends, game gets good". But when compared to similar games I can't see what makes it more interesting than say Borderlands. At best I would say it's Warframe with better combat, but that's not really saying much.

I did (as mentioned) enjoy my time running around in the open world clearing missions though, but that's gonna grow old fast. The more I think about it the more I come back to my old wish of the game being completely seamless. Remove the tower (which just feels like a convoluted menu anyways), make the story missions and strikes trigger by entering the areas and have some pvp enabled battlefields you could enter. It would make the game feel more cohesive over-all and would vastly improve the "open-worldness" of it all.

This times a million. Still waiting for someone to prove me wrong though, I'd love to have my mind changed and subsequently blown by how rock-my-socks-off awesome this game is... just hasn't happened yet.

After the Alpha i jumped into Defiance which is the only thing i could find which is an MMO shooter to get a feel of what missions could be like, and of course budget and quality aside its fun but i grew bored quickly. Why? No cover, no environmental destructibility and the challenge just wasn't there(just like Destiny). It was very left trigger, right trigger reload. Destiny could be more than what its showing, but hanging onto last gen has limited itself, but made the sequel what it should be this year. Does graphic quality alone justify a full price game vs ftp, or does a high res Borderlands excite you is the question? As for me ill skip and pick it up it a year or 2 at half price.