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Finished it yesterday, its good but not GOTY material. Did you read(developer) their synopsis of the ending and of other things, its a great read:

My steam recommendation:

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If you dont already think the gov. uses brainwashing techniques, im not judging, but i feel sorry for you.

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Every company(Sorry to hurt your feelings, but yes Nintendo is also guilty) uses this method. Hello? Does anyone go to school and learn anything anymore. This is basic marketing 101.

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I got done playing some Borderlands 2 this morning and went to PC gamer and said, Wow!(93). PC gamer is very, very particular giving anything above a 90 so i figured it was precursor to high scores across the board, but in fact they are the outlier. Game looks good, but the full price tag is a complete turn off when Outlast was i think $20 when it released?

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Ryan Davis.

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Its been such a phenomenal year for turn base and PC it doesnt matter to me, plus its Obsidian. They can take all the time in the world and i know, in the end, it will be worth the wait.

For speculatory fun, im wondering with all of these great games that have come out, they felt POE was under wellming and saying to themselves , "Yo, we have to step up our game". Or maybe they saw somthing that inspired them to say, "Yea we could implement that into our sytem with a few more months". It just seems funny they would drop a delay just a few weeks from when J Saywer was doing the last bit of preview rounds with every site. Like i said, dont matter to me because whatever, and whenever im there.

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Didnt everyone play the beta, watch the 2 hr stream i mean what was it everyone thought they were holding back? I cancelled my pre order once i saw there was no cover, no destructibility and it just seemed, like Titanfall, just another FTP game. It will be a better game in a year when it launches with all the DLC and patches, balance fixes on the PC.

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90 minutes of our lives we will never get back.