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funny how this is "leaked" the same week HMC collection arrives. Marketing is so calculated these days when millions upon millions of dollars is at stake.

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I agree with you to an extent becasue last year was abysmal. Other than PK and Alex no one played anything. Now this year they have all played a lot and finished a lot(mostly mainstream) but i fear a lot of the discussion will sound really familiar. I actually could do without any form of best of blah blah blah and just go with their personal list. That will at least keep the show upbeat and positive as opposed to the negativity that surrounded last years show. Its been another great year and those who built these experiences for us to enjoy should be applauded not ridiculed. Its an old act that needs to die quickly.

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Been watching a couple of lets plays this weekend and it looks so GD impressive. Their ability to do crowds is = to how COD pulls off the 60 FPS like its nothing. They should share those secrets because no one does it better. As for day one im still on the fence, but damn as i am on vacation this week i may do it.

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Im at 300+ and dont regret a single purchase. Its just more jealousy from console owners who have to pay out full price for every mod that is labeled New.

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Was this some kind of writer retailation because COD was good this year? This is like the 5th article i have seen written about a moment that is irrelevant to the whole experience. Video games people, seek out real life where they are lot more problems than pushing a button.

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At least they arent making figurines or baby toys, or whatever you call them.

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Yep, but as with everything all good things will come to an end.

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Just won a $50 dollar bet. No talent easy to identify true motives.

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One of my favorite things to do in games is exploring and reading the jargon that someone, somewhere took the time to create. Whether its splattered graffitti, magazines, art, movies, vending machines, im at awe of the detail and time that is spent for what is only noticed by less than 5% of the audience.(GTA, Fallout, Saints Row, Bioshoch series as examples). I think Dave Lang told a great story about a designer who took 6 months to build, i believe, a safe cracking mini game which was perceived as nothing special. When the guy received a complement in a game review he ran up and down the office yelling, "Someone cared, someone cared". Some people have been gifted with talent while most of us only can offer an opinion. I for one will always side with the talented people who build and create the worlds in which i enjoy escaping.

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The developers arent shying away from the comparison, and in fact they welcome it and have said so many times. they are huge fans of the series and from the changes they are implementing into their game it could be very interesting.