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Here? Easy, its not anime or Nintendo.

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Trippy movie about time travel and not being able to alter the future (maybe?) as the title suggests. Directors/writers of Daybreakers. Seems odd to go from an okay but mediocre vampire movie to this movie. I would say it is similar to a Nolan movie like Memento.

Yep saw that last night and couldnt agree more. Still creeped out by the whole premous but damn good movie.

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Never really paid too much attention to the battery as it seems fine, i guess 4-5 max? I use them primarily on PC but used them a long time ago on PS3 and they were great. The range also is incredible as i can go 2 rooms away and its still clear. I have had 3 friends buy on my recommendation and no regrets. The way i always put it is if this is one, or is, your favorite hobby, wouldn't you want the best? Also if they last 3 yrs, thats $100 investment for ea. year rather than buy a cheaper pair or 2 in the same time frame. All i know is it changed everything i thought i knew about sound in games.

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Wireless Astro A50. Ive had them over a year and 1/2 now and easily one of the best electronic purchases iv ever made. While sound wise they are amazing, the plastic shell that surrounds the cups are BS. Especially for the $$$.

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Played a lot of puzzle/adventure games last year and not only is it special, it was easily the best looking game and after thinking about it for a while was probably my personal GOTY. Every room, angle, moment can be a screenshot and the heights were sometimes dizzying. Another overlooked diamond, but not for those who get to enjoy.

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Some people are funny, i for one am not and neither is Greg or Colin. Bad idea all around ill give it 6-12 months unless they do some crazy hire everyone follows. And i dont think Vinny is going anywhere anytime soon.

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Nice seguia. Im currently trying to finish Lichdom Battlemage. Its a one trick pony, but i could spend 10 minutes easily on why its as much a game changer(for the future) as the nemisis system from SOM, and Divinitys approach to freedom. Also playing in spurts one of my favorite casual games this(last year) Letter Quest: Grimms Journey. Super smart game that has a nice balance of casual, rpg and challenge. And the last game im playing right now is Halfway. Im hooked with the story, but mixed on the combat.

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i gave up on them paying a lot of good PC titles last year when Enemy Within was all but ignored. It was proclaimed they didnt have enough time and it was basically the same game. These are your VG professionals. Too many lame excuses ignoring great titles and wasting a lot of time on broken games or titles we see every year. TRY SOMETHING NEW,maybe you'll find out there is more out there than Nintendo, Sony and MS.

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Microsoft backing away from their DRM-policies on the Xbox One back in the summer of 2013.

And what in all honesty did that mean other than for PK being the first to report? They would have announced it(MS), i guess the next day? Was it really great, i still havnt bought one.