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About 6 months ago i was sure this was going to be the game that was going to make me go out and buy a PS4. I jumped into Defiance at the time, it went FTP, and really had a lot of fun. There are not a lot of MMO shooters to try and compare Destiny, but at its core both are wrapped in the same package. Now its not fair to compare a supposed $500 million game to a ftp experience, but i know i enjoyed about 2 weeks of Defiance(free), enjoyed the story, co op missions and (i think they are called instances) where 50 players just keep going battle to battle but it continued to become easy. I watched a lot of the previews for Destiny and outside the significant art and FPS shooting it was basically the same as Defiance. I even grew bored watching whomever basically go into each section shoot terrible A.I. and then move on. The beta really was helpful in it made my decision to continue and wait to buy a PS4 easier. Also when watching the Beta i knew with no cover, no levelution plus its hanging onto last gen and effing the pc it sealed its fate as nothing but a basic shooter wrapped in a pretty bow. All i know is you can put a lipstick on a pig, but its still just a pig. I have no doubts next year, as with D3, this game will be a lot better with patches, DLC, etc. but in its current state, from a PC gamer perspective, its a FTP game that they are charging $60+.

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Considering how much difficulty they had putting together their own top 10's last year, if this thread is any indication, then this year's GOTY is gonna be rough.

It was difficult because most didnt play anything except for Alex and PK which made last years discussions a snooze fest. This year at least they all have played a lot of games which will make for livelier discussions and a whole lot of difference of opinions.

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Seriously help me out, i have over 30 hours in the game(+played all the MP mission twice) and never once had a feeling i was some rich (oh no! white) guy saving the less fortunate. Someone enlighten me please as the gaming community seems to know all and are the shining light everyone should follow.

Hell, i cant even write that without laughing.

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I am so sick of the entire shit show. Over 30 years playing video games and I have never been so down on what used to be a fun hobby.

We are in the few and totally agree. The generation of "do as i say" and "dont say that" has brought our country to a level of a spit tail. Congrats.

Also, freedom of spee....Oh yea, not here or anywhere lately. Except from your hosts see "retards".

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Enjoy Bikinis and Umbrella drinks it's well deserved.

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I dont know the answer, but i am interested in Shane Satterfield, Marcus beer and other former GT staff are building a new game site.

Also on polygon, though i do not agree at all with any of their political agendas(waste of space), their writing about other parts of gaming are absolutely terrific(What happened to John marston, Polygon goes to poland, Jessica Chobot stepping into the daylight) to name just a few.

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Ill just stick to what im currently playing and say far Cry 3. I can understand why it seems to be a favorite for a lot of people but even playing it on the hardest difficulty presents zero challenge which seems to raise positive reaction from press and casual players(see also titanfall). Its a beautiful world and its fun but I can only play it briefly as it just is boring. And as for the whole 'race' card that was thrown around, i have no idea what the hell anyone is talking about. Its a game, shoot stuff have fun.

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Here, and what a lot of other people are tired of is how this is a one way street. Why no unrest when a white person is innocently killed by a black person? You know this is nothing more than for liberals to maintain their majority support from the poor. I feel bad for everyone involved because no one wants to help the poor, black or white, and they are used as nothing more than pawns when it comes to election. The US is nothing but country of sheep continually walking blind. I really dont care and know it will only grow worse as white become the minority in this country. Thats not a racist view, its just a fact.

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I dint know FPS needed saving. Nintendo on the other hand is an entirely different discussion.

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"Ive never heard of this", "Ive never played this", "I remember this, but never played it" his usual comment outside anything made from Nintendo at the start of most games.