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Ive been going hard at Avernum Escape from the Pit(103hrs) for the past 2 weeks. No real fast travel in that game is murder and im just about dungeond out but real close to the end. Also still grinding at Ghost Recon Online which i guess is my comfort food at the moment. Im not great and ive been on since inception, but its cool to see a game continually change. All i want from that game is more maps. Ridiculos none have been released yet. Once i finish(hopefully this week) been wanting to jump into Starpoint Gemini 2 for some space time.

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Closing comments from a review has the best line ever:

In combining the compulsion of match-three puzzlers with a certain other compulsion we don’t talk about in polite company, HuniePop offers a refreshing and dangerously addictive take on the classic dating sim. At first glance it might remind you of the 18+ Bejeweled knockoffs that litter Newgrounds’ adult section, but it has them beat handily in terms of both mechanical intricacy and production values. HuniePop is pornography – darn fine pornography at that – but it’s also a shockingly good puzzle game. Occasionally those two identities feel at odds with each other, but for the most part they work in concert to show you a good time.

Thats pretty cool. Also there needs to be a quick look of this pronto.

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Is this version 1.2, or 2.0 conversation? I swear this is a monthly post.

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so, will each episode be exactly the same with except with better graphics?

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2014 had Divinity, Persona Q, Grimrock 2, and arguably Wasteland 2 and Dragon Age Inquisition. That is not a wet fart year for RPG'S.

South Park, Shadowrun:Dragonfall, Xenonaughts, DeadState, etc....... dozens of good rpgs are released every year to narrow it to a few is impossible.

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Here? Easy, its not anime or Nintendo.

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@handlas said:



Trippy movie about time travel and not being able to alter the future (maybe?) as the title suggests. Directors/writers of Daybreakers. Seems odd to go from an okay but mediocre vampire movie to this movie. I would say it is similar to a Nolan movie like Memento.

Yep saw that last night and couldnt agree more. Still creeped out by the whole premous but damn good movie.

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Never really paid too much attention to the battery as it seems fine, i guess 4-5 max? I use them primarily on PC but used them a long time ago on PS3 and they were great. The range also is incredible as i can go 2 rooms away and its still clear. I have had 3 friends buy on my recommendation and no regrets. The way i always put it is if this is one, or is, your favorite hobby, wouldn't you want the best? Also if they last 3 yrs, thats $100 investment for ea. year rather than buy a cheaper pair or 2 in the same time frame. All i know is it changed everything i thought i knew about sound in games.

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Wireless Astro A50. Ive had them over a year and 1/2 now and easily one of the best electronic purchases iv ever made. While sound wise they are amazing, the plastic shell that surrounds the cups are BS. Especially for the $$$.

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Played a lot of puzzle/adventure games last year and not only is it special, it was easily the best looking game and after thinking about it for a while was probably my personal GOTY. Every room, angle, moment can be a screenshot and the heights were sometimes dizzying. Another overlooked diamond, but not for those who get to enjoy.