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Here, and what a lot of other people are tired of is how this is a one way street. Why no unrest when a white person is innocently killed by a black person? You know this is nothing more than for liberals to maintain their majority support from the poor. I feel bad for everyone involved because no one wants to help the poor, black or white, and they are used as nothing more than pawns when it comes to election. The US is nothing but country of sheep continually walking blind. I really dont care and know it will only grow worse as white become the minority in this country. Thats not a racist view, its just a fact.

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I dint know FPS needed saving. Nintendo on the other hand is an entirely different discussion.

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"Ive never heard of this", "Ive never played this", "I remember this, but never played it" his usual comment outside anything made from Nintendo at the start of most games.

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So was Ryse, so was Dead Rising 3 and they are now on PC. Microsoft finally understanding the gaming business, bout time. Next step is a Sony model, 2 for 1 buy. Buy Xbox one game but also that gets you a digital code for PC.

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My PC just started to sweat.

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Like a lot comedians, RW has battled demons from the start of his career and even most recently. And as we have seen, a lot in our lives, demons win. I was really young when i first saw Mork and Mindy, but it was watching his HBO stand up special, A night at The Met, i knew this guy was awesome. Surprised yes, but not shocked.

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One of the worst representations from a quick look is for "Remember Me". If you played the game there are 2 ways, one is the reviewer way in which you play on easy and hit buttons. If you play the game from a gamers perspective on hard you actually have to learn the combos just as in a fighting game. Watching seasoned players talk about games from the perspective of "Normal" difficulty to me is hilarious. The whole "its how the developer intended you to play" is just laziness of reviewers.

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R/ Misery mod. There is no substitute.

Almost forgot Fallout New Vegas Jsawyer or Realism mod.

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No way its work $50 bones, however when its<20 ill pick it up. If you are a fan of the Sacred series may want to check out some reviews. So far the ones i have read this game is a major departure from previous titles.

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Quantity does not equal quality. I think a lot of the quick looks are being done as filler content in hopes they are funny or at least entertaining but some of been really bad from a sense of the game themselves and the lack of enthusiasm for doing so. Thats from the SF crew. As for vinny and Alex, i didnt know if i was going to like them together but they gel perfectly. Though, i think Vinny can make everyone more interesting. My advice, just because you make a video doesn't mean you have to post it.