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Ubisoft thanks you for being a day one purchaser as do all other gaming distributors.

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@kishinfoulux: No, not really. If PC were starving for it why didnt FF7, the greatest, from what i have heard, at <$20 barley make the front page. Why didnt the latest FF at half price was barley visible? its great these titles are available ONLY AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE. They are not special. If released at full price they would be like most new titles barley visible for a week and then no longer to be seen. Im not trying to sound negative this article is just not truthful.

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I have said this before, MS is the dumbest gaming company in existence. Yes, their PC and gaming divisions are split, but when you are identified as a PC company you should be also reaching out to that audience as well. Especially at this point in time and for the future. I know, its not rocket science, but if MS would drop Halo on PC(with mod support) it would probably give CS and TF a run for its money. Also, how they did not introduce cross play with the xbox one and PC is just ludicrous. i guess all those master and Doctorate degrees in engineering and science cant give them intelligence into simple marketing and mathematics.

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Its ultimately the buyers responsibility. If they want to embargo til next week, who cares. Again, i have said it a thousand times now, day one is for suckers. The game will be patched, it will get more content and in 6 months will not only be a better game it will be half price. Thats my buiness plan and probably why i have had no debt for over a decade now. You have to adjust to what the industry, all industry has been feeding, and that is nothing but hype for mediocrity. The problem, too many stupid people will ignore the facts and buy day one. Nothing will change, mark it down. If reviews were really an measurement, though i know they are, why do movies review poorly and exceed expectations more times than not?

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I think i read it on IGN where they said it was noon when both Unity and Rouge will be posted due to embargo. Yea, that frame rate could be an issue that at least can be patched on PC, as for consoles, when they have stated they were pushed to the breaking point, could be bad.

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Huge release today(Unity) but the review embargo is noon. Thats weird cant remember when a game comes out a week later could steal its thunder and if its it mediocre(it wont be) sales. Sucks to hear they dumbed down the AI controlled party members in DA:I but still psyched.

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So they downsized high payroll in order to hire for less, though getting talent. Quality business move instituted when the so called crash happened.

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Just saw a live action video advertisement for Sunset overdrive that was like 8 minutes long and was hilarious. One of the few games, huge Insomniac fan, that has me interested in buying a new console but ill continue to wait.

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funny how this is "leaked" the same week HMC collection arrives. Marketing is so calculated these days when millions upon millions of dollars is at stake.

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I agree with you to an extent becasue last year was abysmal. Other than PK and Alex no one played anything. Now this year they have all played a lot and finished a lot(mostly mainstream) but i fear a lot of the discussion will sound really familiar. I actually could do without any form of best of blah blah blah and just go with their personal list. That will at least keep the show upbeat and positive as opposed to the negativity that surrounded last years show. Its been another great year and those who built these experiences for us to enjoy should be applauded not ridiculed. Its an old act that needs to die quickly.