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Forums, gamesites, reviewers in general. Everyone either negative, or trying to push their laughable agendas. Its been a great year all around as always, if you like games.

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I just finished Enemy Front(like minutes ago). Its a nice showcase for the Cryengine and easily the best lookingWW2 game to date, but the AI sucks and the friggin protagonist is a writer...a fucking WRITER. They should have shot him when he said he as there for a"front page story". Hell, i would have rather played as an accountant at least they make an honest living. An American writer at that. Fuck.

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I would normally say pretty much anything Nintendo, they are way to over praised for what they are, but for somthing new i will say Far Cry 3. Holy crap. As someone who finishes 99% of games i start i didnt finish FC 3 becasue it is balls easy. I never have been so bored with a game in a long time as FC. I know a lot of people feed of of these types of games but without any challenge, why play. Oh, probably to review it.

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I think the cards are a cool idea and i like the art, but there is nothing the make me want to pursue them. However, tie a deck into an item, or weapon, or something for the game now we have something.

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As an observation, would you say thats like being into golf, but not playing and hanging out in the clubhouse? To me that's weird, but whatever you want to do it's YOUR life. I NEVER tell others, no matter how obscure, how to LIVE THEIR lives. Its YOUR LIFE and time do as you want. Its all good, enjoy.

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Who? Where they significant?

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Hey look,the next Mario and Zelda game has been leaked. Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnx10.

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EVE, DAYZ, Arma3 the stories are so far beyond the mainstream its sick. And probably why those groups that are involved dont give 2 shits about a GOTY award.