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Just won a $50 dollar bet. No talent easy to identify true motives.

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One of my favorite things to do in games is exploring and reading the jargon that someone, somewhere took the time to create. Whether its splattered graffitti, magazines, art, movies, vending machines, im at awe of the detail and time that is spent for what is only noticed by less than 5% of the audience.(GTA, Fallout, Saints Row, Bioshoch series as examples). I think Dave Lang told a great story about a designer who took 6 months to build, i believe, a safe cracking mini game which was perceived as nothing special. When the guy received a complement in a game review he ran up and down the office yelling, "Someone cared, someone cared". Some people have been gifted with talent while most of us only can offer an opinion. I for one will always side with the talented people who build and create the worlds in which i enjoy escaping.

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The developers arent shying away from the comparison, and in fact they welcome it and have said so many times. they are huge fans of the series and from the changes they are implementing into their game it could be very interesting.

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Been on my wish list forever. Probably will still wait, get the kinks out and patch, but glad it seems good. it gave me a R6 vibe but from top-down view and why has there not been any successful turn based modern military games? I know Breach and Clear was probably the most recent success, but ARMA put out a terrible game, and ??? How about a Battlefield top down turn based, i would play that.

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I like the feature a lot, from a player who likes a lot of different genres, it gives me more visibility to games outside the mainstream, which i continue to find more interesting. As an example would i have known about Cosmonautica, Depths of fear: Knossos, or Expedition Conquistadors(As examples) without the guy who i watch lets Play, no way. I like that there are others who are excited about playing and talking about games like me.

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One of the good guys.

Agree he was a class act. Never can recall a time when he acted like he was better than the creators. Always presented flaws with respect. A LOT of others could learn from his professionalism.

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Recently just crawling out of my month long Xcom Enenmy Unknown obsession i wanted to play something less stressful, as i tend to maintain a balance within my hobbey, so i started playing Warhammer DoW 2 and Borderlands 2 DLC. Both are excactly what the doctor ordered, great games with littel or no stress, just fun.

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If anything props to the developers for basically saying yea its Dark Souls, but with 2 really unique changes to the formula:

1. The stages for boss fights in which they will change their pattern. This is not new or anything but seeing it marked on the health bar and if you die you start at that start.

2. Gathering souls (when you die) actually decrease over time once you respawn. Then the option is to pick them up, or leave them as they provide a boost to your health as you fight.

looks good.

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My only disappointment, years ago i sent a couple of emails to mods and such, since this was such a community driven site it would have been great for more interaction in the forums from the GB staff. And this is the subject they feel vested to communicate and take the time. {shakes head}

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I havent played it yet, waiting for patches and mods to fix the letterbox, but how did that piece of information (letterbox) remain hidden all this time? I watched previous demos and it never was shown in that way, nor when anyone was discussing. It had to be done for performance at the last minute, would love to know that story.