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Jeff's hell continues.

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Season 1, up until the Winter Soldier crossover episode, was good but not great. I enjoyed Clark Gregg a lot but that was mostly it. After that event is where the show finally found it's identity and became a great ride to watch. I feel Season 2 continues to deliver on that identity and I can't wait to see what happens next.

P.S: The way Bill Paxton's character goes out in the Season 1 finale had me laughing my ass off.

P.P.S: You guys should watch Agent Carter, if you aren't doing so now. That show is also really good.

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Last night's episode was pretty great. I enjoy watching a good Dennis melt-down.


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Based on super accurate scientific calculations, (okay... just Wikipedia,) I'm going to guess $21.7 million.

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I've got a Turtle Beach headset and it's really good.

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I knew it was coming and today, it finally came. Day 10 is the paperwork that states that I own 1 square foot of CAH's private island, Hawaii 2. They even included a flag I can plant on my land if I ever visit it.

This is the best kind of dumb.

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Under the Dome season 2 was way worse then the Following this year. I actually watched all of The Following and stopped watching Under the Dome 3 episodes into the season because it sucked so much.

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On Christmas Eve CAH gave me Day 3, a 10 card pack called The Ghost of Kwanzaa Past. (Fun fact: The ancient Romans used urine for mouthwash.)

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Today's trip to the mailbox ended with me getting Day 9, which is a report from the Sunlight Foundation on the money that senators received from organizations for endorsement purposes. Each state gets a different report. Being Canadian, I was interested on who we get. Turns out we got Mitch McConnell.

Here are some interesting facts from this report:

- Pepsico gave him $7,500. Coca-Cola gives him $0

- A bunch of nice unemployed people each gave $5,200

- Sony Pictures donated $4,000. Maybe they should have used that money to beef up their firewall or something instead of giving it away.

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Today I recieved Day 8. It's an "informational pamphlet" about this thing called miracle berries that "turns sour food sweet." They, of course sent 3 of these berries for us to try.