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I agree with all of these things.

I would also add that there should be one set form of currency for all items and not 3 different currencies you have to collect.

Also, fix the engram system and have them actually unlock useful gear. I got a legendary engram and all I got was a mote of light out of it.

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@mb said:

@vahleticar said:

Anybody know when I can expect the archive to go up? I finish work in about 10 hours and would love to watch it

Twitch archive -



I don't know if there is going to be any kind of produced video on the site, this stuff was streamed from their PS4s at home, complete with all of the limitations that entails.

If Twitch is being a piece of shit, the Giant Bomb Unarchived channel has both Jeff and Brad's streams:



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If you want striaght mystery then L.A. Noire is the way to go. If you want something more horror-related I guess you could jump into Bioshock 1 since you like Infinite.

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They are usually a little bit over an hour each. Except for Part 4 which is 2 hours (which is explained due to the fact that Drew ran into some trouble that part.)

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I already have Reach. I might download Monaco.

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I thought this season overall was a good followup to the fantastic first season. I`m glad there`s a third season coming and I`ll gladly play it.

Also, I`ll post this gif here summarizing my state of mind after I`ve finished each episode:

Now Telltale needs to release Tales from the Borderlands soon. I need to feel some kind of joy in my life again.

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It's a bad movie but I enjoyed how bad it was. The bad acting made me laugh and parts of the climax had me in stitches.


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Almost every word Dan said on this past UPF should be on this tumblr.

Also, that header gif makes my day.

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Sands of Time is a fantastic game. I played it so much that I could end up beating it in under 4 hours.

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Neither. I'm playing it on the 360 because I'm too poor to afford either a PS4 or an XBone.