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I played the first one and it sucked. I skipped the rest and just did the campaign stuff.

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I really liked it. I saw it in the 70mm roadshow format about a week ago and it was a cool experience. The first half (before the intermission,) also reminded me of the Tarantino of old while the second half did have more of a Inglorious Basterds / Django Unchained vibe in terms of its level of violence. Pulp Fiction is my personal favorite Tarantino movie so I preferred the first half a bit more then the second half.

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I recently got a Wii U and the game for Christmas so I decided to make a level that may or may not be complete garbage, depending on your progress:


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Jenks, Gortys, and, bonus Tales From the Borderlands character, Loaderbot.

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5 episodes in and I think it's much better then Daredevil. That's high praise from me because I really enjoyed Daredevil.

Also, David Tennent deserves an Emmy.

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Tales From the Borderlands.

I know Austin played the first episode on his Extra Life stream but I want to see both Alex and Vinny experience it, if they haven't already.

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Nope. Still broken.

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Just in time for GOTY!

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I really liked this episode. The way they implemented your choices during the "pick your team" part was clever. Every story and character arc wrapped up in a satisfying way. The funny moments were funny, (Rhys flipping off digi-Jack as he's running for the escape pod cracked me up a lot,) the emotional moments hit me in the feels, (Sasha and Loader Bot's deaths-but-not-really seems cliched and ridiculous on paper but worked somehow,) and the action moments were exciting as always.

This series is definitely going on my Game of the Year list come December.

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Despite some bad dialogue writing, this was a great ending. Unlike the 12 year olds bitching on the Steam forums, I quite liked the fact that the only choice that matters was the final one. All of the other "major" choices (minus the Kate one in episode 2,) in the previous episodes all had the hook that you could rewind time and pick the other one if you didn't like the outcome.