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I bought this game immediately after both videos. I've played a bit further then where they stopped and it gets even more insane.

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Jai Courtney's only good movie was Jack Reacher where he played a meathead that Tom Cruise had to beat up. Perfect casting.

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I thought it was pretty good. I liked this change of pace from the allegorical nature of the first season where everything meant something. This season is more of a well-produced crime drama. Maybe having every character talk like Rust wasn't the best move, but if the story going forward is interesting enough, I'll still watch.

Also, Colin Farrell beating the fuck out of that kid's dad in front of him was godlike.

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As far as GameSpot's 7.... I think it's important for different opinions and point of views in gaming. We can't all agree on everything all the time. Also as much as I love Giant Bomb and rarely go to GameSpot IMO Kieth VanOrd is the best reviewer in the business. He's very eloquent, fair, and has a distinct voice. I love reading and watching his reviews, even on games I have no interest in.

Kieth VanOrd.

Brett Gerstmann.

Donald O'Dwyer.

Alan Navarro.

Brian Shoemaker.

Daniel Ryckert.

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I bought D4 yesterday. It's going to be my first time playing through SWERY-created madness. I can't wait.

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1. AC2

2. AC1

Haven't played the other games yet, but I've got Black Flag waiting for me thanks to Games with Gold and the other games sitting here waiting to be played.

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I liked this episode a bit less than the other two, mainly because I kind of wanted more information over Rachel's disappearance. There was some but it felt like I still knew nothing after this episode ended.

But holy shit, that ending. The best one yet. I'm now eagerly anticipating episode 4.

Has Max not seen Back to the Future? If you fuck with the past, the present gets fucked too.

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I saw it this morning and, holy balls is it good! It's the 80's action film the 80's forgot to make.

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I still play it with friends on a regular basis. We all have a good time. The expansions are a good way to keep the game fresh and new and not grow stale.

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I liked it even though it's an obvious placeholder until Infinity War part 1 comes out. The action scenes were fun, the dialogue was as Whedon-y as I wanted it to be, and James Spader Spader-ed it up. I still think Avengers 1 was better but I did have as good of a time here as I did seeing that.