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I liked it even though it's an obvious placeholder until Infinity War part 1 comes out. The action scenes were fun, the dialogue was as Whedon-y as I wanted it to be, and James Spader Spader-ed it up. I still think Avengers 1 was better but I did have as good of a time here as I did seeing that.

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After playing this, I feel like I understand Dan way more now. I also can't wait for Commander Ryckert 2 where instead of chicken, he throws out nacho cheese Oreos.

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I got to play a couple of Halo 4 multiplayer games when they did that for TNT. It was a real good time.

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$119.5 million.

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I liked what I played up until that harbor level, Dead Ahead.

Fuck Dead Ahead.

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Now that the 2nd episode has been released, it's time to discuss it.

I thought it was pretty good but it didn't quite hit the highs that the first episode had. It still has fun action moments and the humor is still there, but there are many bits between action sequences where nothing really happens and you're just walking around interacting with stuff. It does do a good job in fleshing out most of the supporting characters and giving them a more 3 dimensional personality and, by the end, I grew to care about this ragtag group of idiots and worried about the life-or-death circumstance they find themselves in by this episode's end. Episode 2 hasn't wavered my enjoyment of this series one bit. I'm looking forward to episode 3 to see what next.

Also, the best part of this episode is the amazing opening credits sequence.

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Pulp Fiction is my vote mainly because we get to see Sam Jackson epically mis-quote the Bible as he's about to kill a guy.

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The bundle updated a few days ago and I now have a Steam key for the game Startopia I'm looking to give away. PM me if you want it.

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The video works on the Giant Bomb Video Buddy app. I'm watching it right now.

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Pre-orders are up on the Steam game page.

Oh happy day!