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From the sound of it, the matchmaking is only one problem. What both Brad and Jeff both seemed to have issues with is the lack of context to help motivate them through the grind. Jeff's biggest argument is that he can put in minimum effort to see the content most easily available, quit, and Bungie will reliably give him a way to see the content he wasn't able to see by instantly leveling him with new gear in the newest expansion. Why bother grinding at that point?

Brad's focuses more on the philosophical why. Why should he continue to grind for gear? He goes through a raid, gets nothing, and then has to wait to continue to grind for that missing gear. Meanwhile, the game offers him no other reason to do so other than the fact that he'll eventually grab some shiny new loot.

Sure, matchmaking seems important but how does it help the game feel less hollow?

Here's the thing: I don't get why this is a big deal. Brad and Jeff don't want to play Destiny every day. So what? Destiny has the hooks for some people to enjoy returning to the game every day, and others aren't going to be interested. Is that really such a big deal? I really appreciate that Destiny is a game that you can either play short term or long term, personally, and I've flipped between both since its release in September - playing it daily for weeks or months, or just occasionally. I've really enjoyed the game both ways.

If you're not interested in the drip-feed of loot and levelling I think it's really nice that you can jump in at the major release points, level up, experience and enjoy some of the game's better content and then move on.

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Can we all agree that the only good part of Raw last night was Seth Rollins owning that childish Justin Bieber insult?

Naw, Rusev and Lana took a fucking horrible angle and made it an awesome segment. So there's at least that too.

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Maybe this is a dumb question to ask cause it's destiny, but what is the general story for this expansion? I know the last one was about trying to kill that one hive guy. What's this new one about?

The Fallen under The Queen of the reef's rule have betrayed her and she is sending guardians after them. You take missions/bounties from Petra Venj of the Queen's Guard, primarily about tracking The Fallen Wolves' leader, Skolas. You also regularly hear from one of the only (if not the only?) Fallen to remain loyal, Variks. The story might actually be the best stuff in the game by Destiny's standards. Petra is a really likeable character, as is Variks, and Skolas is an enemy that you get to know a little better than your regular Destiny target thanks to Variks translating his chatter for you.

I've been really enjoying the new content, it's faaaaaar better than The Dark Below.

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I'm sure this is a good game, but that review reads like a long winded bullet point description of the game. It lacks any thoughtful discussion.

  • Hey there's a main Story! (NO WAY!)
  • Hey its open world.
  • Hey loot is a big part, in this open world rpg! (NO WAY!)
  • Hey we promise our side quests aren't boring, but they are repetitive, just a little.
  • Hey the combat is OK it's kinda like Witcher 2 but we made it easier instead of designing a proper combat system.

But putting that aside, how in good conscience can you give a CDP game 10/10 before release on their word that the day one patch will fix everything? On top of not seeing the PC or X1 version? If a studio with their track record doesn't show you all three versions working flawlessly before release, its shameful for a review publication to faint ignorance. Have you seen CDP's track record? Both of their last games were wrecks on release, and underwent huge design changes on top of bug fixes.

Again its probably a good game, but nothing in that review reads 10/10. I feel like the review reads more accurately as an 8, otherwise the reviewer fails to show why this is a 10/10.

It probably has something to do with the fact that they played the game, thought it was fantastic and any flaws they ran into in their experience were minor enough that they felt comfortable giving the game a 10/10. But maybe they're just not rage-filled enough.

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I forgot a game for my list. Metroid Prime, particularly the Metroid Prime Trilogy version and its Wii controls. That is one of the greatest games of all time.

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I liked it enough to play it for 120 hours before finishing it. Really enjoyed the game.

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So weeks I play a couple of hours here and there others I invest more than I should. It comes and it goes like any hobby or interest case point last night I watched the second Matrix film rather than play a game because that's what I felt like doing.

Wow, you must really hate videogames if you'd rather watch the second Matrix film! ;P

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A bunch of games I would totally give 5/5:

  • Super Mario Bros 3
  • A Link to the Past
  • Ocarina of Time
  • Skyward Sword
  • Super Mario Galaxy 1/2
  • Persona 4
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Portal 2
  • Mario Kart 8
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Resident Evil 4
  • The Last of Us
  • Jak & Daxter
  • Mark of the Ninja
  • Batman Arkham Asylum/City
  • Bayonetta 2

Generally feel more comfortable with 5/5 over 10/10 so there are probably a bunch more games I'd say are 5 star worthy. 10/10s would probably go to SMB3, ALttP, OoT, Super Mario Galaxy 1/2, Persona 4, ME2, Portal 2, The Last of Us and RDR.

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I watched the first couple of seasons and loved it, but never really got around to watching any more than that. I think it's a super fun show.

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Yup, I still really enjoy Assassin's Creed, even Unity. I really enjoy the AC open world formula and their settings. The series is like a guilty pleasure, if guess. Even when the games are heavily flawed I find myself really enjoying them.