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Hey errbody, just picked mine up with Luigi's Mansion. Fixing to pick up Animal Crossing as well. My friend code is 2165-5962-8966. Friend cooooodes wOOooooOoooo!!

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If it wasn't for him and this site, I don't know where I'd be... The podcast got me through a lot of hard times. You will be greatly missed you beautiful man. All of this one's thoughts and prayers go to Anna and the Crew, and to Ryan too. :[

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I think a virtual group hug is in order. (squeeeeeze)

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Coinciding with depression, are those feelings of derealization/depersonalization; the "unreality" of existence, both "internally" and "externally"; where one's inherent emptiness starts to disclose itself, so that we may comes to grips with it. This truth is of no actual use or purpose beyond its happening, and yet we still find ourselves in pain and discontent. For we are very much still engaged, subjecting ourselves to other people's notions and ideas about life and how to go about living it. It can leave one feeling apathetic and lethargic, to the point where lying on the floor and acting a corpse is a viable way to spend an evening, or even multiple years; you don't even know who you are, let alone what your story is going to be; so what use are you to anyone? and you can't help but wonder "How does anyone get anything done?"

Depression keeps one at odds with themselves, turning about-face the will; severely crippling your sense of freedom, and desire to get up(once again). To the point where you neglect your well-being, never trusting yourself to do what's right for your life, because you're terrified of not knowing what happens after you fail; after something you poured your life into, dies. So, you're left in a state of inaction, holding on instead of letting go.

I still struggle, but that's ok. It's the only way you learn. Be a fool, be kind, and keep going with what has you in love. it's all void anyways. "Life is painful, suffering is optional." Sylvia Boorstein

Once again, Patrick, another compelling read. (fist bump)

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Hahaha, these are dope. I'd buy all of these. 

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I definitely enjoy my alone time. For the past few years I've had a lot of it, and I'm fine with it; it allowed me plenty of time to hone a lot of ideas. Though, nowadays I'm definitely happy that I'm a lot more social.

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Yeah, searched every retailer in the area for copies of Ghost Trick and 999. No luck whatsoever. Even on the cusp of a new system release, the DS is still kicking, it's pretty rad, but I<ll still get a 3DS.

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Shit, I hope this works out for the best.

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My state elected a known lobbyist as governor. I'm very much concerned.