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Angry American Kirby is still one of the funniest and most depressing things. At first it hurts a bit... like, gee Nintendo is that really how you see us? We love our wars and our guns but I wasn't aware of the "hot American temper" stereotype. Then you realize a marketing move like that comes after focus testing and there's probably data indicating American kids responded in favor of the angry eyes... Wouldn't know a good character design when they saw one.

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@jddrewes: Absolutely. I've said it before but it bears repeating... Over the past couple years Drew has gone from the quiet but lovable guy on the production end to one of the funniest active members on the team... He has really settled into things in a way that works well for everyone.

Also on topic, Brad kicks ass as host!

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Now listening:

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Sounds like a lot of fun for us, and a lot of work for you guys... thanks for doing what you do! Enjoy your well-deserved vacation @rorie!

As a Long Islander (GBEeast represent) I can't make it to PAX but I know it'll be a blast for those lucky enough. One day... one day.

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The new design makes me feel patriotic.

I dunno, there's something very "amber waves of grain" about it.

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Somewhere in the Neo Old West, the canon of oral tradition and "tall tales" grows by one.

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lets all just hope that the story is better than the last one.

Yeahhhh... Man, Far Cry 3 had so much going for it, and 80%+ of the time the shit I was having a blast playing it. But the characters and contexts for the missions were draining, so much that I'd be excited to do the next story mission but dread the exposition and general plot development... There was some alright stuff, but it was generally handled pretty poorly. The twists that result in major gameplay enhancements are awesome in action, but the plot justifications are so clumsy and stilted.

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Having never been a huge fan of Kenny I really relished his return in the last episode and this one.

He's somehow a bigger dickbag than before, but to be honest I vastly prefer him to all the other freaks. In a way I feel like he's the only one I can REALLY trust... we been through some shit me and him. It's crazy because he's definitely as self-destructive and caustic as ever, dead-set on dream-like plans with fuzzy details if any. But I forgive him for that terrible character trait, because I'm finding it less terrible than all the other asshats Clem's witih. Let's say when he parted ways and went AWOL/died at the end of Season 1 I was giddy. But they generally do a pretty good job of making that reunion meaningful. A familiar face goes a long way. I hugged him every chance I got.

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@gamer_152: This seems like the right approach for spam of that nature, where the messaging can be inherently harmful if someone doesn't immediately "get" it.

I'm also a frequent viewer of the YOGScast, and around a year ago they disabled Youtube comments for a couple months. People were angry and confused that this network of generally friendly and welcoming popular personalities no longer wanted that line of interfacing with their fans. Ultimately, it came out that a very small number of accounts had been spamming high numbers of false comments about how "Simon is dead," often involving a brief detailed explanation of when and how he died, and often posted by people impersonating members of the network. If you're not familiar with those guys, he's kind of a fan favorite, big redheaded guy who says some damn funny stuff and brings a lot to the table generally speaking as well. Don't know why he reminds me of a certain someone from GB.. huh... Having not even seen the hateful spam, I immediately understood why they'd clamp down on that sort of message.

It happened right around the time we lost one of our own over here, making it especially sore to me that (Ryan said it best...) DICKS out there would go to such lengths for such a potentially harmful stunt.

I've seen some nasty stuff, but I haven't seen the barrage that apparently happened and I chalk that up to you guys doing some fine work in terms of judging what is and isn't harmful spam, etc... Thanks! Keep this place pleasant (or the illusion at least!)