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Just incredible!

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I'm gonna echo the impression that it was probably a fox or other wildlife. Bear in mind that fox vocalizations can still sound more varied than what's exactly recorded in those low-fi clips. The fact remains that probably millions of people have heard this very sound or something similar, and gone to the internet to express how unnerving it is. If you are personally convinced, all the more reason to call the cops. I'll say, having personally camped for a month in the wilderness of Maine, it was VERY disturbing when I heard foxes the first time, until a friend immediately identified them, and it was still weird to fall asleep in a tent still hearing it.

Owls, too, can sound remarkably like a woman, especially in flight. Only one owl in the world really "hoots" the stereotypical way, and many have surprising vocalizations. This contributes to cultural associations with death and their importance as a bad omen in cultures worldwide, ancient and modern. A fox is a distant sound that moves over time, an owl is suddenly this loud and weird sound, that might fly directly overhead very fast, continuously making this sound that makes you think you're about to die, and then quickly fade away again as it continues flying.

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I still forget that Suikoden 2 became one of those sought-after rare games that appreciated in value.

Almost makes me feel bad that I still have a copy that I "borrowed" from my good friend many years ago.

Almost. He has like my entire SNES cartridge collection, so I'll call it even.

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I agree it's annoying, but the state of the modern internet means he could plausibly have been completely earnest. To him, that wasn't just regurgitating a meme, it was his learned response to something actually touching.

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@thesoutherndandy: Nah, it's no problem if a Shoemaker falls asleep on the job.

Elves just show up and finish his work for him.

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It staggers and humbles me how influential one person can be.


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2 is undeniably a richer, better game, but I've always found it a bit sad and puzzling that the praise seems to overlook or even overshadow the original. They are mechanically and artistically similar, and one of the most appealing tenets of the series, its characters, are in full force and as likable in the first as they are in any other.

I'm a huge fan of the series overall, seriously even the latter games remain some of the best JRPGs ever made in my opinion. They are sometimes very progressive and provocative for the genre, featuring very diverse characters and tackling surprisingly complex social and political issues, albeit in a fantasy setting. I think they're all worth at least a look, and to completely skip the first one (which might even be my favorite) seems like such a weirdly common disservice.