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Now that's some bullshit.

Liam from the Super Best Friends has lambasted mobile often on their podcast, and has gone on record as saying the format isn't just a negative section of the market but is KILLING GAMES. I've sometimes felt like he's responding more emotionally than with any real basis, but stuff like this really makes you wonder.

I seriously hope there is a movement away from mobile in the near future though. It just seems stagnant.

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When did I enter an alternate dimension where otherwise reasonable people try to say 3 isn't a complete waste?

This is freaking me out.

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Even in my imagination of what the next Lego game would be, I wouldn't guess Jurassic Park. But it's easy to see why this might work really well... cool!

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Great write-up as always!

I'm a bit curious about you guys' take on the recent "Freemium Isn't Free" episode of South Park though. I've fallen off from watching every week, but that episode was spot-on with its criticisms and got a few really good laughs out of me.

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@rustafur said:

OH CRAP, how'd I miss this??? I just put money down to reserve. I hope it gets re-ran!

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You never know with stuff like that. The fact that a significant number of people have posted threats on social media and then made good on them sets a dangerous precedent.

The "clearly a joke" defense does not cut it when you consider seemingly jocular remarks about committing violence that turned into real world tragedies. I get it, from a rational, detached perspective it's easy to look at comments like that and think "that's too outlandish to actually happen." But enraged passions and abnormal behavior go hand in hand.

On top of that, even a purely hyperbolic or facetious threat can have a debilitating psychological impact. Celebrities are famous (see what I did) for people having difficulty conceptualizing them as actual human beings. Super-stars like Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, and Gabe Newell seem to accentuate that notion. Have you ever seen them in the same room together? Think about it... With the internet's dehumanizing tendencies layered on top of that, and the soapbox windtunnel that is social media, I think it can be argued that it's "easy" to go one step too far and say something you don't mean and might later regret. But that's no reason not to clamp down on that behavior.

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Awww... I didn't get an email from Rorie...

*kicks dirt*

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I have my eye on you, potentially amazing topic...

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Big respect for the write-up. I'm sick of the bullshit and hate, and I can't imagine how someone who is forced to confront it on the daily feels.

I'm a fan of games and GB through and through, and I know you guys are awesome. I want to believe most of the users are above this stuff too... And hopefully soon what's broken in the larger community gets fixed.