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Considering 3D is dying as a format: no surprise.

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I always figured the only way Call of Duty will be dethroned is if another big, huge FPS game comes along and changes everything again.  Much like how Half-Life came along after a few years of Doom clones and, BAM, everything changed.  Call of Duty won't go away.  As mentioned in that memo, FPS games have been around for 20+ years in their current form (I consider Doom to be the foundation of the genre) while music games had nowhere to go creatively after World Tour and Rock Band 2.

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Tapout shirts are just tacky at this point, we are still free to make comments about the shirts without discussing the person wearing them, right? 
Though I will say wannabe-toughguy douchebags who just-so-happen to be wearing TapOut shirts are the worst.  Usually they can't fight worth a shit either and would completely fall apart in a real fight.
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@DarthOniXVIII said:
" I just realized how absolutely little I know about Canadian politics. Time to do some research. "
It's worth it: if only to break the stupid minority government trend that has plagued Canadian politics since the PC/Alliance merger.  Get more people out to vote, maybe we'll have a majority government one day and put an end to this stupid "will the government fall this year?!" trend.
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Every game includes a forced tutorial anyways so it's not like they will be missed.  The only manuals I ever read were for wrestling games due to constantly changing control schemes.

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I'm actually shocked the fat kid got off so lightly.  Back when I was in junior high (late '90s), if you fought back you pretty much got into just as much trouble as your attacker did.  It really killed any incentive to resist because the administration just flat-out did not give a shit who was the bully and who threw the first punch. 
If I would have known that, by resisting a bully, I would get off much easier then I might have resisted a lot more (though I wouldn't be powerslamming people through tables or anything).

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Prey was actually a pretty decent game, nothing spectacular, but a sequel could be worth a weekend rental.

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I haven't played Ocarina of Time in almost 10 years, since I last beat it.  Maybe I might as well get a 3DS just for this.

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Yeah, you get access via the code that EA packs with every new copy.  Once you redeem it, the Gears 3 beta option appears on the main menu (not selectable right now, obviously) so you will need your Bulletstorm disc once the beta is released.

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Twisted Metal 3 was buggy, rushed and pretty damn flawed.  But I spend so much time playing it because it's just cheap, pulpy fun.  TM4 can go to hell though and Black is the highlight of the series thus far.

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