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Just complete, all-out, maniacal fun 0

Bulletstorm is quite possible the most immature game in recent memory.  Yet, I honestly felt compelled to keep playing it.  Here is a game that honestly just doesn't give a fuck and just goes for it.  The dialogue sounds like it was written by an angry 12-year old, the game just dumps you into insanity right away and waves of mutants pounce on your from every direction.  It’s just a damn exciting and exhilarating game to play even if it is really shallow experience aside from the Skillshot sys...

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Dead Space 2 expands on some areas but not all 0

Dead Space 2 feels like Visceral Games is very adamant about making a universe out of their survival horror series.  Dead Space 2 is interlinked with not only the original but the XBLA game and the DTV movies that have come out in the last two years.  The game is very much as spooky, tense and filled with awesome setpieces and sound design that made the original stand out.  The only real negatives I can think of is the dank spaceship from the original I found to be a more interesting location (s...

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