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On one hand, I get the frustration, because I've never really wanted a Microsoft for a very small handful of exclusive games. These games are not, I believe, enough motivation to get a whole other console, and to pay for XBOX Live, if I'm barely going to use it.

On the other, I think exclusives give a console more "personality". I could barely tell the PS3 and the 360 apart, they had so many games in common. Meanwhile, with the XBOX and the PS2, you knew exactly why you got which console. They were aimed at different groups of people.

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I've only played Sonic Advance 2, which I liked. I'd like to play more, but I don't know which ones to play, and which to avoid (besides avoiding 2006 and Sonic Boom).

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@sessh: Americans have saunas, but they're basically indoor heated rooms where people sit, wearing towels, or small, warm, bubbly pools. And they're mostly only found in gyms or hotels.

No personal experience with hearing video game music in other places, but I read once that some of the Medal of Honor music showed up in Battlestar Galactica or something, because they shared a composer.

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I was never planning on getting Spacebase DF9 or Hack & Slash, so I admittedly never paid attention to those, and thus, do not have the right to comment on them. But I like what I have of Broken Age, and I enjoyed the other DF games I already own, so as long as I get the finished product I paid for eventually, I'm complacent.

I never pay attention to release dates anyways, just as a rule of thumb. They're never generous enough, no matter who or what you're talking about.

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@zevvion: @fredchuckdave: I prefer promoting people who need the promotion. Most people already know Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Game Grumps, etc. They have way over 10x the viewers these two do.

And I'll consider it, but I've got my hands full with the LP'ers I'm already watching.

@bollard: It also requires $10 to post. I don't have $10 right now, or else I'd rather put it into getting a GB premium account.

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Specifically, two female LP'ers that I believe are very entertaining, but aren't well known/well promoted yet. They both release high quality videos on a very regular basis. Most of the gaming sites I know are against spamming promotional links, so I want to be careful.

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@cloudymusic: I got lectured once on Twitter because I referred to Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat (a Jewish Marvel Comics character) as "a Jew". She is a Jew. She wears a Star of David around her neck. She's been canonically Jewish for ages. I'm Jewish, and I never knew that was offensive to some people.

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I haven't been to Pizza Hut in years, but I remember preferring their pizza over other brands-- although I don't think I've had Papa John's or Domino's more than once.

I admit to being sort of trashy, and preferring culturally inaccurate chains over, say, real, legit Italian pizzerias. Even as a New Yorker, I could never stand flat-crust pizza.

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I'm not familiar with most of these artists-- who should I listen to first?

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@scarycrayons: One of my favorite things about Video Games Awesome is that the women are NEVER the ones scantily-clad. It's always the dudes.

@forkboy said:

There goes my plan for doing livestreams of Crusader Kings II while featuring me, a pasty white fat nerd does a striptease. And it was bound to make me millions, damn you Twitch.

You'd be surprised how many people are legitimately into that.