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I really hope VR doesn't catch on. A lot of gamers are nearsighted, and you can't wear your glasses when you have a VR helmet on. So the effect doesn't even work.

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While it sucks when a game gets released, updates for a bit, and then gets canned, I do respect developers who go "Yeah, this isn't going out like I planned." We have to accept that just because something works out in theory, doesn't mean it works in execution. I just wish they'd apologize to the fans instead of just going "effective immediately, we are discontinuing service, bye".

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@notnert427: Any advice on how to talk to people better (instead of small talk, that is)? I describe myself as an extrovert who became an introvert (by trying, politely, to talk to others, and being told to fuck off one too many times), and I don't know any other way of getting to know someone other than asking about their day, their interests, their job, that kind of stuff.

@believer258: Correct. The actual psychological definition of antisocial behavior is being callous, manipulative, superficial, having an inflated self-worth, being unsympathetic to the desires of anyone else but yourself, being impulsive, irritable/aggressive, breaking the law repeatedly, that sort of thing. Not caring about total strangers who appear to have nothing in common with you? Totally normal, even for extroverts.

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I was on /r/TF2 when a similar topic came up the other day ("The best rocket jumper in the world is probably someone we don't even know about.") And I think that's totally plausible. In the arts, or in gaming, there are always three types of talented people: those who aren't famous yet, but want to be, those who are famous and relish it, and those who either have something standing in the way of becoming famous, or just simply don't care.

With that last group, I figure they're either oblivious to competitive gaming, don't have any interest in it, or don't have any way of flying/driving out to a professional LAN tournament. Or they may not speak English/Russian/any other language where there's enough of a fanbase of that game to even justify a YouTube gaming channel.

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@believer258: Since a lot of the actors who worked on Borderlands 2 also work for Funimation, I'm surprised there's never been a "Dragonball Zed" joke in the series.

As for spelling or grammar, I take it from everywhere. I lived in several states with different dialects, and also subconsciously picked up British English from reading so many British novels, so I don't really know where I sound like where I'm from.

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I want Patrick to return to GB, because he fits in better with the personalities of the hosts here. GB has personality. The hosts at GB disagree with each other, debate each other's points, create special sub-shows on areas of expertise that are unique to them and them alone. Kotaku always struck me as nameless, faceless contributors all speaking with the same voice.

And I kind of like the whole social justice angle he brought, I think more sites should try to do, or even be required to supply content like that.

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I always figured "don't be your child's friend" was meant in a way that meant "don't act like you're the same age as your children, lest they think they don't have to listen to you, or that you won't reprimand them if they do something wrong." I had a friend in the past who lived with his single mother, who was away a lot of the time, and never punished him for anything. He ended up dropping out of school, because he was simply too bored to keep attending.

My mom was the exact opposite, which I also don't approve of (and in some respects, consider to be way worse). She's told me she doesn't believe in offering me sympathy, and only offers advice that amounts to "Grow up and get over it." Her and my dad have told me that they exist for the bare minimum financial support I need, and nothing more.

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@mezmero: Holy crap, did Masamune Shirow (of Ghost in The Shell fame) illustrate Trap Gunner? That looks like either his work, or someone trying to rip off Motoko Kusanagi.

As for the games I remember, but have never met other fans of:

A pretty decent action RPG, and the closest I think Playstation's ever gotten to their own version of Zelda, albeit with so much more (Diablo-style augmentation stones that helped build resistances to, say, Beast or Mimic-type enemies), and a world-building function. Overshadowed by its almost entirely unrelated sequel.

I also liked how the two playable female characters were very unique (at least, compared to each other). Ruby is a busty, Indian (as in, from India) or Middle Eastern genie who fires magic from elemental rings, while Xiao is a little Latin American-inspired catgirl who appears to be Elementary School-aged, and fires a slingshot.

Also, there's a talking slingshot named Steve. He's snarky. It's awesome.

Most people I knew didn't give a rat's ass about the anime or card game, but the instrumental, jazzy 80's music is pretty relaxing to listen to, and the animations/graphics are quite good for their time.

I only assume this series is obscure because I keep running into people who think Mr. Game & Watch originated in Super Smash Bros., which makes me sad.

I know this franchise (and its musically-oriented cousin, Rhythm Heaven) both have a fanbase, I just don't know where to find them.


There was also a Winnie The Pooh Gameboy Color game (that GB doesn't seem to even have an article on) that was like, some kind of single-player Mario Party clone? I just remember Rabbit being incredibly difficult to beat.

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Retweeted it to help you out. I haven't played Persona, nor have I watched any LP's of it, but I still love your work.

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I've had anxiety and depression for over 10 years now. I was going to therapy and taking medication off and on for awhile, but my parents didn't believe it was working, or worth the money. They (and my siblings) haven't offered to help me, either. They just said "Stop being so sad, nothing's wrong, nothing's ever wrong, stop being a baby."

We moved around a lot as a kid, and I never really had friends, or close friends. I was bullied by teachers and classmates, and now at work, my customers and co-workers are doing the same thing. I don't bother to date, because I worry that people will only react negatively towards me. I do possess the desire to fix myself, though.