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I haven't been to Pizza Hut in years, but I remember preferring their pizza over other brands-- although I don't think I've had Papa John's or Domino's more than once.

I admit to being sort of trashy, and preferring culturally inaccurate chains over, say, real, legit Italian pizzerias. Even as a New Yorker, I could never stand flat-crust pizza.

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I'm not familiar with most of these artists-- who should I listen to first?

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@scarycrayons: One of my favorite things about Video Games Awesome is that the women are NEVER the ones scantily-clad. It's always the dudes.

@forkboy said:

There goes my plan for doing livestreams of Crusader Kings II while featuring me, a pasty white fat nerd does a striptease. And it was bound to make me millions, damn you Twitch.

You'd be surprised how many people are legitimately into that.

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No. I've never owned a record player, and to be honest, after listening to the same song on several different media, they all sound the same to me, regardless. I do still buy CD's, though. I like having a physical copy to someday perhaps get signed, or to read through the lyric booklet (especially when they thank the fans, it always warms my heart).

CD's, I feel, are easier if you're going to, I don't know, a comic book convention or large concert to get things signed. I've never held a vinyl without being terrified I was going to break it, or thought, "yeah, I could sandwich this into a backpack with a lot of other convention swag, and it'll be fine."

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"Gamergate" was, to me, never about games journalism at all. It was 100% about the idea that a bunch of anonymous idiots on the internet got offended that someone had a different opinion than they did, and instead of respectfully debating it, like adults should be doing, they bullied and threatened people they'd never even met, instead of, you know, either asking the developer why they felt this way, or boycotting their games, or not giving them any attention, if they felt they didn't deserve any. I have a zero-tolerance policy on any sort of threat to someone's life or property. This includes leaking any sort of personal information. I don't care why someone felt it was okay or justified to do this. It wasn't. You wouldn't want someone lying about who you've slept with, or why you slept with them, or threatening your life or home, why do it to someone else? People who have "journalistic integrity" don't disrespect others like that, no matter what their opinion is.

Video games are art, and should be treated as such. They should be analyzed, critiqued, and compared to other media. Not every game needs to have social commentary, or be super serious, but if they choose to go down that route, then the message needs to be discussed. There's room for goofy, lighthearted shoot-em-ups and serious, abstract, avant-garde indie epics. I want unbiased, honest opinions. I want games journalists to go outside of their comfort zone. Give the reviewer who knows nothing about wrestling the latest WWE game, or the reviewer who denounced all indie games as "pretentious garbage" the most artsy indie game you can find, and then see if their opinion changes. Have them write why or why not. Write about games you never got to play until now, games from 20 years ago, alongside the newest AAA hit. Compare notes from both a professional journalist, and a person who reviews games as a hobby. That's what I want from games journalism.

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No. As long as the art direction is good, the game doesn't run like I'm jogging through maple syrup, and nothing's blurry, I'm fine with it. Most of the games I play are a few years old by the time I first play them, anyways.

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I always end up seeing movies super late, and often have them already spoiled for me, but I think having had Fight Club spoiled for me actually made it a lot better.

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I'd rather not have DLC altogether. At least, not important, story-related DLC, items, level cap increases, or anything that penalizes people who either can't afford it, or outside a region lock. Cosmetics are fine, though. I almost never like 100% of the cosmetic DLC for any game.

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Social interactions are complicated for me. I was either totally ignored or the most popular bullying target in school, and although I learned not to take it personally, it still makes talking to people difficult.

I don't get invited to parties, I don't really know what I'd do if I did. I don't go to clubs, either-- I have friends, but they all live long-distance, so we don't hang out in person. I guess if I went, I wouldn't do drugs (no interest), and I'd probably only flirt with someone who I thought I had a chance of scoring a few dates with, before we really did anything.

I have gone to concerts, though, and comic book conventions. I feel a little nervous at those, but I can stand or sit somewhere in a sea of people, and not really feel like I'm in the spotlight, so it's okay. I don't think I'm afraid of people, I just don't like having more attention on myself than I'm comfortable with.

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Shrug and move on. Especially if it's just a matter of taste. No review site or magazine has a person who enjoys each genre, and sometimes, the person chosen to review something is the person most likely to hate it.