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Shrug and move on. Especially if it's just a matter of taste. No review site or magazine has a person who enjoys each genre, and sometimes, the person chosen to review something is the person most likely to hate it.

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To clarify, are/were the two of you dating, or was this just a crush? Because I've been in the situation where I got jealous of platonic friends when I was dating someone, and I was jealous of potential romantic partners when I knew they'd never be interested in me. Either way, simply talking is harmless. Don't suspect anything unless you get very strong hints that something is actually going on. Especially if you're only friends-- just because you like her, doesn't mean she can't choose to date someone else.

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All I ask from a game is that it stimulates me mentally in some way, and is interactive. It doesn't have to be "fun". If gaming wants to be considered an art form, we're going to have games that discuss social issues, games that intentionally make us reconsider things, make us uncomfortable to prove a point. But a game can be both socially conscious and fun. My favorite example is The Binding of Isaac. It's a fun game, yes, but it also has a lot of commentary about when religion is used for negative purposes, as well as the psychological effects of child abuse. Katamari Damacy is another example. Not only is it weird and abstract while not being unrelatable and pretentious, but also makes the player think about consumerism, and mankind's desire to own everything. But you can easily enjoy them without even realizing the commentary, or not caring about it.

I personally enjoy artsy-fartsy, abstract games without guns or violence in them (while simultaneously adoring shallow, violent games, and games with a little of both), but I can see why some people wouldn't have the patience for them.

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  • First games I bought: Portal (which was free at that point), TF2 (which eventually went F2P), Left4Dead bundle
  • First game I was gifted: Half-Life 2
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It seems like a lot of people are running into this problem, OP. It's not uncommon for a Kickstarter to throw in their previous product for free, as thanks/incentive to back, but with games, you end up with a lot of Europeans who bought Mighty No. 9 for their Playstation, being the kind of person who only plays Playstation games, only to get a code for an America-only 3DS game they can't use.

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He might like something really dumb and silly, too. I watched the videos where he played Muscle March and Katamari Forever with his dad, and he seemed to get more of a kick out of them than his dad did.

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Don't feel ashamed. You are under no obligation to play or like any game, no matter how much hype or how many positive reviews it gets. It's all a matter of taste.

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  • Opinions similar to mine, with a lot of thought put into why they liked a certain game.
  • Opinions different to mine, opinions I disagree with, but with valid reasoning to back it up. Let's say T has put out a critique of a game, and the journalist's gut reaction, upon hearing about the critique, is to disagree with T. But the journalist reads or watches T's argument with an open mind before saying anything, and then discusses why they did or didn't agree, what parts are valid, and what parts T might have changed their mind on. This also extends to not discussing how crappy a game is or might be until actually playing it.
  • A group of journalists and commenters that understand that critique is not personal (you didn't work on the game, after all, it's not your fault it's flawed, if it is), that if you consider games to be art, you have to analyze and critique it like any other artwork. Issues like bug fixing, gameplay, writing, social context, that's all important. As well as encouraging people to play games that may be flawed, because that's totally okay, flaws don't make a game not worth playing. (Likewise, if there's nothing wrong with a game other than "it's not my thing," saying, "hey, if it is your thing, enjoy".)
  • Journalists who do not resort to attacking or harassing people they disagree with. No matter what anyone says or does, it's a really immature, shitty thing to do, to encourage others to harm them.
  • Good chemistry with the journalists when they pair up to do videos or podcasts. A good sense of humor, people who are relaxed with each other, people who can disagree in a civil way.
  • Charity streams for Child's Play and other important causes.
  • Reviews of older games alongside recent releases. Nobody has played everything, I love when a reviewer admits they haven't played a popular series, and then plays it, discussing how they feel about it, what's different playing it today, etc.
  • Reviews of tabletop and pinball games, because that's cool, and I know very little about that area. Import games, too. LP's of games I won't get to play myself.

So basically, mostly what GB does already.

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@monkeyking1969: I know it's a very small amount of people, but there are those who are interested in games despite not being able to afford any, or those who are in a I'm-young-and-my-parents-won't-let-me-buy-games situation, where other people (friends, other family) buy them games. I figure those are the people who aren't Premium. I'm in a similar situation myself.

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Part of me wants to watch the Persona playthroughs, part of me wants to wait until I play the games myself before looking through them. But I haven't bought the Persona games for the same reason I don't have a Premium account: I literally do not have a single cent of spending money right now. Once I can land a job, and once I pay off my college loans, we'll see.

For the record, I love Patrick and will watch anything he's remotely involved in. Don't understand the hate for him. He's never done anything I found remotely annoying, or made me remotely angry.