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Can't believe how much this is affecting me, to lose someone I haven't even met. I have followed Ryan ever since the old Gamespot days an enjoyed every piece of content he has been in. Still can't believe this is happening. You were truly one of the greats, Ryan! You will be missed.

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that was great, just enough wobble. A little bit more and it would have been ridiculous.

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After yesterday's total overdose of Elder Scrolls I find it funny that they are doing a Quick Look of Skyrim. I understand that their main staff wasn't included in the Kassavin show but funny that they felt that they needed more videos of people playing Skyrim. That said, I CAN'T WAIT :)

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What about the communist symbols then, why aren't they banned? Because they "won" the war and that makes it ok? Obviously the people doing the banning weren't occupied by Soviet Union for 50 years and then's of thousands of their people weren't deported to die in Siberia. To me it's very offensive if I see a  hammer and sickle. That's why it's illegal in some European countries to publicly wear or present nazi and communist symbols.

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I finished it yesterday and also hoped it would include a bit more of Morrigan. As I slept with her numerous times during the main story :D I choose to go with her through the portal. It left me feeling good to get some closure.
Three and a half stars

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Can't imagine Bungie doing any other game than Halo.

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Makes me want to preorder Reach

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In the video game industry they most certanly are.
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I think not. Too soon.
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