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I don't know how I'm going to make up my mind about the Sunday panels. Whoever scheduled them at the same time is a bad person.

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My mail has been stupidly slow, but a friend of mine has been getting her envelopes pretty quickly. I'll let you duders know if there's anything interesting.

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Catch an Oddish and use Sweet Scent to always encounter a horde. They're still rare but it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to find.

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After sadly seeing the past two community GB games fall apart, this sounds like a pretty great idea. The scope of this seems totally reasonable too, so hopefully the other users who were working on those past projects will show some interest here as well. Unity is pretty easy to program and knock out prototypes in, so I definitely recommend that. I'm more of a 3D artist, but I can try to help out if this gets off the ground.

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I had a similar issue and ended up just having to resubscribe using the "Change Plan" option. There's a known bug with updating your payment information.

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Well, I just learned that the next Professor Layton game is out in Europe a lot earlier than the US...

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I imported both Ouendans years ago, and I just played a bit of 2 again a few weeks ago. I love these games so much, I ended up writing a term paper about them for my Japanese Popular Culture course in college, haha.

I envy you being able to beat Ready Steady Go on Normal. The circle drawing in Ouendan is very unforgiving, and that combined with not being able to skip the long intro forced me to give up. I was so glad it was tweaked for EBA and Ouendan 2, and finishing Sekai wa Sore o Ai to Yobundaze on Hard was incredibly satisfying. I have hand tremors so it increases the challenge for me quite a bit.

There are so many good levels that it's hard to pick favorites. I'd probably add Monkey Magic, VISTA, and Glamorous Sky.

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I'm torn that I don't have time to play it right now while juggling Pokemon, but I bought it anyway to show my support.

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@mrfluke said:

@marino: geez, i mean is pax east worth it for friday and sunday alone?

id rather take a shot at securing a 3 day pass for pax prime then, whether it is the 3 day pass itself or buying the 3 passes individually, cause with hotel and travel costs already, id prefer to go for all 3 days of a pax event.

Prime is infinitely more difficult. Last year they sold out of 4-Days before I got through the queue, and I had clicked the link about a minute after it went out on Twitter.

Edit: Individual day passes are still doable, but you'll need to be ready to hop in the queue the second the link goes out. It's also going to be a 4-day event again in 2014 FYI. If they pre-announce the start time, then I'd expect it to go even quicker as it did with East today.