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1. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
2. 2001: A Space Odyssey
3. Heat (1995)

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Are there any good adventure style games for PSN excluding Telltale's output?

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I was playing WWE 13 and I was wondering, what's the greatest wrestling game of all time? Is it a Fire Pro game? One of the WWE games? Or even that WCW/NWO game Alex did the video on? What do you duders think?

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Saints Row: The Third

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Unless someone else convinces me otherwise

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@Triumvir said:

Just Cause 2 is bombastic and crazy, but it's basically just a big sandbox with not a whole lot to do aside from doing outrageous stunts and blowing shit up. Granted, Just Cause 2 does those things spectacularly well, but you have to be totally on board with sandbox games --- the story and mission variety will not keep you interested if you're not. Personally, I lost interest 5-6 hours in. I've been hammering away at it off and on, and still haven't beaten it, six months after the fact. It makes a great first impression though.

Consider a PS+ account, if you want to check it out (like Catarrhal, I think it's free on there). You'll get that and a bunch of other games for free and some discounts etc.

There's something about Darksiders that grabbed me, though, and it didn't let go. I marathoned the campaign to 100% and then immediately started an NG+. If you asked me specifically what's so great about it, I couldn't give you a singular answer: it's one of those games that is greater than the sum of its lovingly stolen parts. Also, the sequel is out, so if you want more after playing you can just dive right into Darksiders II.

That's the one you want to pick up, unless you dislike awesome. Why do you hate awesome so much? Seriously.

Based on my preference for story this post has convinced me to get Darksiders.

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@1DER: Nah PS3

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Max Payne 3, starts strong but eventually made me not want to play another shooter for a long time