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Well everyone I know who played Rock Band bought DLC for 360. Because of Rock Band 4 DLC migration for next gen systems I would presume that most people would wind up on Xbox One with Guitar Hero Live as well.

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EDIT: The strum bar problem is more severe than I thought. I've gone through three guitars and more and more people are having the same problem. I would probably avoid purchasing it now simply because of this.

2nd EDIT: After going through 3 guitars and moving my setup around I got my money back at gamestop.DON'T PURCHASE

I'm so surprised how well they nailed it. Aside from some weird song choices they actually made significant changes that work really well for this relaunch. I'll be putting up a review over it once I've put in enough time to know that the micro transactions don't become an issue but I'm quite pleased with everything so far.

It's worth pointing out that I along with several other people on the disgusting part of the web (Reddit, Neogaf, GameFAQs) have ran into some strum bar problems which causes intermittent double taps or missed taps. If picking up the game it's absolutely worth it to get it at a brick and mortar store so if need be, you can exchange it quickly and easily.

A couple notes:

  • The new guitar is great. Deciding to add a 6th button and lining them up into two rows is a really good choice and works wonders at easing beginners in and makes it feel better and more accurate to actually playing a guitar. It makes the higher levels of the game a bit crazier but if you typically play on expert you will move up the difficulty pretty quickly.
  • Overall the note charts feel good and accurate to how you would play on a guitar with some small exceptions. The harder the difficulty the better job it does with this.
  • I'm a big fan of stupid FMV and while it doesn't pull directly into crazy town, there are still some pretty good moments to be seen from the LIVE side of the game. The other musicians in the videos are all from real bands and while they aren't playing the music they do add a lot of character.
  • They nailed the presentation 1. The different sets in the LIVE portion of the game accurately reflect the type of music you are playing by choosing There are some times where people are too hype for the music you are currently playing like with the Portland Cloud Orchestra (Think The Lumineers or Mumford and Sons) but overall it still works really well.
  • They nailed the presentation 2. The GHTV portion is very far and away more impressive than I anticipated. The flow of getting into gameplay with the channels is very well done and presentation of the channels themselves are excellent. They have timed hour/half hour blocks of genres that between songs and blocks, have wonderfully produced channel bumpers and clips of new and available music. It really does feel like a modern music video channel. Other than very short promotions for new videos (mostly to line up the scheduling time) there's no advertisement but the cynic in me want's to point out it's still Activision.
  • GHTV has a LEVELING SYSTEM which will get you different "hero powers" (Think 2x score or auto play notes) track skins and player title cards. You level up by being grouped up with 9 other players playing the song and you fight up and down the scoreboard during the song. You then get coins and XP depending on your placement on the board. You use those coins to buy said hero powers, skins, cards and TOKENS (more later) The fact that it's Activision and that it doesn't play the RIPPING MODERN WARFARE 2 LEVEL UP GUITAR whenever you level up is a god damn shame.
  • Song choice is hit or miss. I found myself just sitting on channels playing music that I'm not super familiar with and still having a blast. The song list is out there (and officially on spotify) and it's worth looking at to know what you're getting yourself into. I have to say that the curation they did is pretty good for fun guitar music. There's some real shit choices like bangarang, some god awful eminem song and some dance/pop tracks to get more appeal but you pretty much only have to play through them once in the LIVE section. Anyone else remember how god awful Good Charlotte was? Man, rock music in the 00s really was the fucking worse.

Now for what everyone should be worried about


In the GHTV portion you can play any of the 200+ songs at any point with the use of a token. The GHTV channels have done an excellent job holding my attention so that I've only used like 5 tokens so far and have accumulated 30 tokens after 3/4 hours play. You use coins or cash to buy more tokens and it does seem like the acquisition rate of tokens is a little too low but I need more time to truly figure it out. For sure if you like to only play songs you know then you will be needing to buy tokens with cash, especially if you purchase the other things that requires coins.

In addition there is also Guitar Hero PREMIUM which at first glance seems like the worst thing every but it's actually pretty good. GHP are specific setlists that have requirements to play them. It's unfortunate that the first thing you see is UNLOCK WITH PREMIUM CURRENCY but in reality you just need to play associated songs and have X number of stars on them. For example there is a playlist with a best of Guitar Hero and so you play a certain song by an artist that was featured on an early Guitar Hero like Rush or Pantera. It's premium because you either buy access to the setlist or you indirectly have to use tokens to play the prerequisite songs to access the playlist. Once you meet the requirements you then can play the GHP setlist and then receive a special reward like a unique title card or a coin/XP multiplier for the next couple of songs you play.

Overall I don't feel like the way I want to play Guitar Hero will drive me into paying money but that will be different from person to person and who knows how it's calculated out in the long term.

Overall I really like this game. Surprised at how much I like it. I don't know when I'll write the review because the nature of the microtransactions seems purposefully cloudy. If the game was the same but without the micro transactions I would probably give it a perfect score but time will tell how deep they planted them.

This has also made me think... if they put this much effort and money into THPS5 it would be fucking nuts how different/great it could have been. I'm a fan of music games first but for the good of all people I do wish they decided to go all the way with THPS5 instead of Guitar Hero. It's not like Rock Band 4 ended up giving this game a run for it's money anyway.

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Yeah it only took me a couple hours running songs on hard with modifiers to buy everything else from the store in one sweep. The store doesn't seem balanced for longevity.

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Yeah that was my problem with it. There's so many modifiers from the store you can use to help. Try everything in addition to modifying the speed. It's easy enough to do in song.

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I think there's two ways of looking at it, one you already answered to a certain point. Just for more background on me, I've never been to Japan, I'm already not a fan of JRPGs, I've listened to a large amount of Japanese music for an American but in comparison to someone who has lived in Japan (or Weebs) it's a very small amount.

I'm an American and Japanese music is weird. At it's core, Japanese music is based off pentatonic scales where as western music is based off a heptatonic scale. Sure western music has influenced Japanese music significantly but it's only been occurring recently and the pentatonic style is still very prevalent in nearly all forms of music coming out of Japan. (Look Example!) Asian Kung-Fu Generation appear almost identical to an American pop rock band, from instrumentation to song construction, but they sound extraordinarily different to someone who's only been listening to western music. That alone has an intrinsic value that makes me want to listen to it. Now back to Persona.

Persona 4 is the one JRPG I've played the most of (Besides Metal Gear) since Earthbound. One of the attractive values of Persona is that it has a contemporary setting and of course, that extends to the soundtrack. They also did something else that I would call interesting; almost all of the lyrics are in English. Sure it's not perfect English but in comparison to most Japanese Engrish I think about it's miles ahead of the pack. So we now have a story about high school students with high school problems backed by an soundtrack that sounds, at first listen, like western music. As an American I can relate to this way more than before. Now add in the fact that there's a constant uncertain tone to the story and now that Western music sounds a little bit more foreign. The music itself is almost always upbeat in comparison to the events that are transpiring around the team so almost every single aspect of the game is relatable to my culture but in reality, it runs just slightly parallel and I think that difference is what makes the Persona series resonate so much more to the American audience then the other SMT games. That also extends to the soundtrack.

I'm gonna bring it up in my review but there's a lot of parallels between Dancing All Night and Theaterhythm (Persona v. Final Fantasy) to be made and a mark for Dancing All Night is the contemporary music chosen for the series. You can appreciate the grandeur and emotional impact of "To Zanarkand" but you sure as hell can't jam out to it.

People like to jam.

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So concerning that, I will say there's a big improvement between Medium and Hard for the notecharts. Making it easier by forcing notes to be on the downbeat instead of the 8th or 16th note (or worse triplets) is unfortunate.

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I intend to put up a user review but I don't want to put final impressions down. Because the game is so fresh I wanted to put something up for Dooders who might be looking for something.

Probably a 4 in the end. Played through all songs, part way through Story Mode, 4:19 with the game total.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a fantastic game for people who like the Persona series and/or people who like rhythm games. There are some problems I have with the design of the game itself since they changed styles (and the team) from the Project Diva style to this circular style. Call me a traditionalist but I believe charting the notes in any other way than a direct bar like DDR or Rock Band will provide an inferior gameplay experience. That holds true here but I will say that they added a bunch of options and modifiers to make it so that you can find something to help you read the weird expanding notechart of this game.

It's understandable why they would do this because while Project Diva did a better job creating a more unique gameplay style, it still has the same issue of direct bar games where you don't notice ANYTHING but the notechart. This circular style does exactly what they want by allowing/forcing the user to focus on the center of the screen for the notes but also focuses on the background animations as well. I've seen (and enjoyed) more video from this game than the 12 year's I've been playing the beatmania series. So this compromise in gameplay seems to make up for it by allowing the player to actually enjoy the visual design of the game while actually playing it.

Like all Persona games, it's soaked with style, character, and fantastic music. The characters all dance like you would believe them to. For example, Chie dances with a Kung Fu vibe while Naoto has a more precise ballet style. The remixes of the music are almost all home runs and there's a variety of musical genres that I wasn't expecting although the bulk is what you expect. Story mode is 99.9% visual novel and... It's not my cup of tea but whatever. Only a small amount of content is locked behind it's completion. The setup is kinda interesting with a view of how the business of idols work in Japan.

I would say it's not an instant purchase for most people. It took me about 4 hours to run through everything with a couple replays of favorite songs on hard. It's a good game but the notechart prevents me from just suggesting it to everyone. It's better if you are a fan of Persona than a fan of music games because of the decisions they made with the gameplay. This is 100% fan service but god damn it's great.

Also, I’m with Jeff. Miku should just say out.

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Yeah. With Tweaker it's almost just as easy to sign up and play this game than any other MMORPG.

It's also worth pointing out that the launcher handles a lot of the graphical options which you will access by clicking on the circle on the Tweeker. I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to do it in game.

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@efesell: I logged in on my phone to say that this is the best comment I've ever read on a forum.