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It's significantly better if you play a ranged class. Aiming is much better with a 2nd stick.

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I'd love to trade a code for a steam game I have in my library.

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Thanks for everything.

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The hottest garbage.

But it might be in disguise...

Has anyone thought that there might be an influx of shitty indie games actually selling because people it might think it's Frog Fractions 2?

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GT = megabite10164

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@pandabear: So I wrote a review up on what I think of it. I feel that the RPG elements are represented much better than they were in the first game. Also they have options for you to change the sound effects for when you hit notes.

It's still not to a normal amounts see in Final Fantasy but I feel that they made those elements way more prevalent than they were in the original.

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So I couldn't find anything definitive about a stream for the Hunger Games event but since it's hosted by Gamespot if anything happens along the lines of a stream it would be posted here.

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I'll be playing USF4 and KI.

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I haven't but due to how the 6 cabs are split up I have to presume that it's somewhere in the 3rd mission. It doesn't seem like Zenny is ever a problem. Seems arbitrary since you make so much from each playthough.

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At it's core there are 4 missions each taking place on one quarter of the map. There are 5 parts to each mission which include objectives ranging from Killing zombies and destroying points to finding and returning vehicles and rescuing humans. Don't worry. You just have to reach them for them to be qualified as saved.

Doing so will earn you Zenny which you can use to unlock new character skins for the 4 characters. This is the main pull of the game is to unlock all these different characters because they have different ultra moves which you use to extravagantly dispatch zombies and tickle your video game private parts because your're dressed as Sigma from Mega Man X or Felica from Darkstalkers and the special moves reflects who you are dressed as. Even if you are playing with a default costume and use guns your special move is Dante's Million Dollars move from UMVC3. It's down on it's knees fan service and don't mistake it for anything other than pure pandering. But it 100% works. I'm enjoying this mini part of the game way more than the rest of the main game.

Multiplayer focused and shallow overall, it may not be for everyone overall but for me it works.