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I've dabbled in all previous Souls games. The furthest I got was with Demons Soul. Defeated a bunch of bosses, and then i lost interest. I think that was because I was reading through the guide and the world tendencies and needing to upgrade weapons a certain way and finding certain shields seemed daunting at the time. That was partly my fault I guess, but I wouldn't have gotten that far without a guide. Tried Dark Souls, and the framerate was off putting. Tried Dark Souls 2, and found the environments to be kinda bland and the enemy designs to be not so interesting. All 3 souls game, I really tried to understand the gameplay, tried to get good with the parrying, rolling and what have you, and it just did not seem to work for me. Also experimented with different classes but didn't manage to get into it.

I played Bloodborne last night for 2 hours and the game clicked like none of the previous 3 did. I was dodging all over the place at the start but by the end of my 2 hours I started to wait and dodge according to enemy movements. The overall world seemed much more alive and interesting to explore. The game is hard but I was compelled to play more and start again after each death. Mind you I haven't gotten to a boss yet but so far I'm just having fun exploring and learning how to play better.

TLDR - The best From Software game I've played thus far and looking forward to play more.

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More remasters?? Really?! Where are the new games? Sigh.

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Bought a PS4 late last year, and it was okay. I was happy with the games that I've played. I've only had 2 PS4 exclusives thus far, being Infamous Second Son and The Order 1886. Both were okay games. Nothing spectacular to be honest. Honestly, the main reason I stuck with Sony was because of the Uncharted series and hopefully they'll be continuing more of last gen's series like Ratchet and Clank. Eventually, I would like to own an Xbox One. Sunset Overdrive seems like one hell of a game.

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Thought it was pretty great actually.

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Played Demon Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, but never managed to finish any of them. Those games rewarded persistence and a more methodical approach to combat, which evidently I do not have much of. However Bloodborne seems to be somewhat more aggressive and faster paced, which rather appeals to me. So I'm definitely more excited for Bloodborne compared to the other Souls games.

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For me, my issue with this game is not the length but more of the content. It just doesn't seem to have enough content for me to justify a $60 purchase. But that doesn't make it a bad game though.

Reading through player impressions, there doesn't seem to be enough of the actual playing of the game, which is a shame to be honest. But again, that is really a matter of how one defines "playing" the game. For me its the third person shooting, not the QTE's or walking down walkways soaking up the atmosphere and inspecting items. I really was looking forward to this game...still am really. Maybe after a price drop, or maybe DLC.

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Favorite short game of all time? Zone of the Enders 2. Played that game countless times. Could be completed in 3-4 hours i think? Still was a blast to play every single time.

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I really want it to be good. I love third person shooters, but the bit about a ton of cutscenes, however interactive they may be, have me a little worried, especially a game that is single player only. From what I've read / seen so far, there doesn't seem to be a lot of gameplay variety and replayablity, albeit the gameplay which looks pretty solid so far. If it had RPG-esque elements ala Tomb Raider where you could upgrade weapons and stuff, I would've been more excited. As it is now, I'm waiting for reviews to make up my mind.

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Two months ago, I watched Morning Glory (starring Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton) -- has anyone seen it? It was as expected: awful in almost every way. But the reason why I'm asking is the ending. It was so unbelievably cliched and happy, that I was genuinely creeped out. Anyone else felt the same way?

I actually just watched it last 2 weeks. Yea it was cliched as heck, but I needed a happy movie I guess. So I liked it.

Also, jupiter ascending. 2 flying reptiles out of 5. Crap script, crap pacing, hated Mila Kunis in this movie, found Channing Tatum hilarious in most parts. But I loved the concept behind it. It hinted at a really interesting lore but execution fell flat.

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I really enjoyed red dead redemption.