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I"m currently about 72 hrs in, only completed 1 major storyline quest after arriving at Skyhold. Been spending my time exploring areas and completing side quests between the various zones. Once in a while, the fatigue will set in and I'd want to rush through the story missions. But then I'd stumble across cool things while exploring like a small opening between rocks that has bear heads pinned to the wall or a haunted mansion in a forest complete with controller vibrations to set in the suspense.

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It would be up to the artist no? If he/she wants to charge for his work, its well within his/her rights.

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Juggling between DA:Inquisition, Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition and Advanced Warfare. Playing too much of DA:I is starting to take a toll on me, regardless of how amazing I think the world is. Guacamelee turned out to be pretty sweet. Advanced Warfare definitely scratched my FPS itch and its also my first time getting into Multiplayer with real people. I gotta say, its an extremely satisfying experience thus far.

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Reading through the posts, it seems like I'm missing some underlying issue on the game's theme? I came to comment on how it might be just another generic shooter but it looks fun and am quite curious on the game.

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Teh Tarik...but the closest poll option is Tea.

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It was working for me since yesterday, downloaded Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris from PSN. Didn't try any multiplayer tho.

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Absolutely not...that would be very disrespectful. Not sure about other cultures around the world, but where I live, I'm pretty sure I'd get a slap on the face for doing so.

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I still would like to know where those fucking goats came from. Also ... what was the fifth armie supposed to be?

[edit:] Also ... War of the five armies ... more like "Medium sized skirmish of the five armies".

Men, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins+ Orcs and....Eagles?

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Was a massive let down for me. the first 2 Hobbit movies were fine, but I felt the third one was really unnecessary. Too much battle scenes to the point it just feels saturated and had no point. CG looked awful to me. It wasn't epic, if that was what the movie intended to be.