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Congratulations duder!

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I didnt like it that much. I still can't stomach how using 100% of your brain would turn you into, basically, God. I get that its supposed to be science fiction and I'm all for that, but the idea just seems too out there.

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If you have connecting flights, make sure there is ample time between flights so that you dont have to run from one gate to another. Sometimes airports are fairly large that distance between gates is quite far and require busses/trains to get there e.g. Singapore airport, Frankfurt airport, etc. I would usually check the airport layout to get a general idea.

That was the only thing on top of my head. Sprinting across gates to reach yours is not fun.

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Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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I used to try and put real cool names for my characters, but they turn out shit. These days I roll with Tahi for any character.

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Same thoughts here duder. For me, Blizzard games have always had the best cutscenes out there, be it the Warcraft series, Starcraft or Diablo. It was really something to look forward to apart from the gameplay of course. Heck, I'd even go so far to say that I look forward to the cutscenes more than the gameplay. Diablo 2's Expansion opening cutscene which had Baal on the gates of Mount Arreat is still one of my favorites.

I felt that Diablo 3 was really lacking in terms of the story and cutscenes. The CGI looks impeccable as always, but they just dont carry the same weight, most notably the ending cutscene.

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4th year design project for chemical engineering course...had to design an ethanol plant, reactors, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, etc. Spent sleepless nights for the entirety of the course...only to get a passing grade for that project. That sucked real bad.

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I like the first one better. I appreciate the details that went into the ghouls/demons that are reaching out to the warrior dude. The 2nd one looks nice is well, but those details were lost in making it white and red.

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Truly sorry for your loss man. Todd sounds like a wonderful human being.

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My first exposure to any form of video review for games was x-play. After that I continued to search for any reviews by The Sess, be it on G4 or Rev3. Nowadays, I watch video reviews from a lot of sources i.e. IGN, Gamespot, CGR, Machinima, but mainly to just see more video game footage, rather than listen to the actual review. The only video review I actually give a damn listening to the content is by Whitty a.k.a UltimateChance Youtube as most of the time I find his reviews informative and unbiased...sometimes.