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I still would like to know where those fucking goats came from. Also ... what was the fifth armie supposed to be?

[edit:] Also ... War of the five armies ... more like "Medium sized skirmish of the five armies".

Men, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins+ Orcs and....Eagles?

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Was a massive let down for me. the first 2 Hobbit movies were fine, but I felt the third one was really unnecessary. Too much battle scenes to the point it just feels saturated and had no point. CG looked awful to me. It wasn't epic, if that was what the movie intended to be.

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Can't stand her. Picked her up but didn't even bother putting her in my all. Been talking to her on and off, but never a party member. With Bioware games, I usually try to do every member's sidequest.

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I used to do both. When i was younger i consider myself as an artist, more of an anime/manga artist. In my uni years, i used to write a whole lot, about a lot of random things and my personal views on everyday occurrences.

Now I do neither.

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With reference to the song...when I first heard it i was going "Hey isn't that the song Pippin sang in Return of the King?". Anybody felt the same way?

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Hi guys...Just a question for those who have the PS4 copy, would it be possible to play private matches without a PS Plus membership? I usually play multiplayer with bots. Also, does playing private matches earn you Supply Drops as well?

Thanks in advance.

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Ehh, not really concerned if a game I like isn't acknowledged by someone else. Sure its good feeling to have validation for the time/money/resources spent for the game, but honestly, as long as I'm having fun I couldn't care less. Is it my GOTY? Hell yeah, it seems to be that way. Does it matter to anybody else? Hell no.

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Had a glitch last night when I wanted to start a conversation with Vivienne at Haven, pressed X to start the conversation but instead had the character jump first before starting the conversation. This had the effect of the character stuck in a falling animation while talking to Vivienne. Even after the conversation ended the falling animation was still there, so I had my main character essentially floating around. Kinda creepy lookin. It was funny. resolved it by pressing X again to jump.

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Re-watched Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park: The Lost World because of the recent release of he trailer of Jurassic World.

I gotta say, Jurassic Park still holds up to this day. I loved the plot and how it manages not to be a typical monster movie, particularly on how its more about people would survive among Dinosaurs.

JP The Lost I understand why people don't like it so much. Its more like an action movie and some parts were just plain stupid. The scene how gymnastics killed a raptor is just plain horrible. I guess I used to like The Lost World as a kid, now not so much.

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I'm not really liking the vibe from this trailer. The new park scene was fine, with the apparent throwback to the first Jurassic Park (Gallimimus and Brachiosaurus scene) but didn't really have the impact of the first movie. As soon as the mention of the "hybrid" dinosaur, it just went sour for me. I hate the idea of creating a dinosaur monstrosity, it just seems like a lazy plot. Probably going to watch this when it comes out because I freakin love dinosaurs, but man I hope this movie turns out good.