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I'm sticking with XBOX 720, because frig the man.

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It's been running smoothly for me for the 3 hours or so I've played. I've been going at it solo though, if you're playing with a friend or something maybe it's related to that? Assuming of course your system requirements are good for the settings you're playing on (not that this game requires too much).

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Maybe switch the two "T" blocks? I think it matters which one is where in the word.

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@Jeust said:

@Megalon said:

Did you register your preorder code? That's the only way you can play before release, right?

I have. Still that doesn't help. I contacted costumer service, but I'm not a very happy panda right now. :p

Bummer. With the crazy amount of people playing I assumed that they were just letting everyone in who preordered.

Be sure to join one of the GB guilds when you do get in.

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Did you register your preorder code? That's the only way you can play before release, right?

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I never thought I'd say it, but I am so incredibly sick of dragons. There seems to be at least one almost every time I fast travel, and it's driving me bananas. The first couple of times I encountered a dragon I was amazed and really enjoyed the experience. After killing a gazillion...not so much.

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Board/trivia games have had the most appeal with m'lady, but haven't really been the gateway drug I thought they would be. I think the closet thing to "traditional" gaming that she has liked is Little Big Planet.

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If only Giant Bomb were a boy band from the late 90's.

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Well, they both have faces. So there's that similarity.

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I've seen power-saving surge protectors that kill power to all attached devices when a designated one is turned off - you don't happen to have one of those, do you? (here's an example:

That wouldn't account for it also turning off when you switch inputs I guess. It's worth noting that the 360 (at least the older models) is supposed to be plugged directly into the wall, and not into any kind of power strip, as it's quite hungry for juice. You could try that, if you're not already.