It's Alive! and surprise, it's awesome.

Giant Bomb, eh? Not bad, not bad at all. In fact, this has the potential to be a pretty amazing gaming website when all is said and done, whenever that may be. Which is to say never, and the concept behind a site like this is very appealing to me and the main reason I see myself sticking around for the long haul. Start with the proven wiki format for generating massive databases of stuff, fuel it with the zealot enthusiasm that a lifetime of gaming induces from as many users as possible, celebrate everything from the historical to the most inconsequential minutiae, add in a few dashes of social interaction, a fun layout, quality editorial content, stir forever. An army of rabid, internet savvy geeks, rolling the proverbial katamari around, gaining hints of satisfaction as we watch our small contributions combine and give shape to this giant, wonderful hobby that we all have in common.

Not that this is a completely new idea, and as it stands Wikipedia and Google are fine resources for most things that will probably end up here. They serve as a solid reference point for fleshing out Giant Bomb as it is. But once things start to slow down, after the games have been cataloged and the connections established, that's when things will start to get really interesting. Personally I can't wait to write entertaining, in depth articles on here, to the point that I wouldn't dare throw up any old slop without some research and the time to do a topic justice. What I do know is this already feels like a worthwhile place to write about games, learn about games, review my games and hopefully talk about games (as it stands, the forums are wait and see for me. Got to let things cool off a bit, see what kind of community takes shape.)

A bit about me I suppose, I'm a long time Gamespot user (I know there seems to be lots of us floating around, but don't hold it against me! Take my wife, please!), I used to go by the name Viberooni around those parts. Still do, and I always enjoy browsing the GGD over there. But times change and so do websites, and now here I am. I've been gaming since the mid 80's, I owned a Sega Master System instead of an NES, I love early 90's PC games and I like to think I've become a reasonably intelligent adult at this point, so those are the kind of folks I like chatting up games with. Feel free to add me as a friend if you recognize me or feel the same, I'll do my best to keep this blog interesting if not constantly updated.

Time to edit a few small things, fix up my user page a bit and get some sleep. Here's to the launch of Giant Bomb, may you become the bottomless well of procrastination and general nerdetry that we all see the shining potential for.