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Definitely excited for it, it's just a "ready when it's done" game. Apparently the dev team redid the entire beginning of the game, the part they originally showed off to the press. Taking longer than expected but I'm sure the PR will ramp up again once they have an idea of when they're actually releasing.

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Thanks for the article. I've been trying my best to stay far the fuck away from the nasty crossroads between men's rights on the internet and gamer subculture that's been throwing a temper tantrum over the last few months, but when ugly shit like this goes down I like to be informed of it. I think Giant Bomb has done a pretty decent job of not giving undue attention to petulant attention seekers without ignoring the ongoing story entirely.

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I almost didn't want to click on this article just because of the visceral response of "no, I don't want to play a game about that" but it's interesting to read where the dev is coming from. Still have no desire to visit dark personal places like that outside of life experiences, even as catharsis it sounds unappealing, but good to know projects like this are being approached thoughtfully all the same.

Games that strive to create a sense of empathy are intriguing for sure and I've loved a couple of them, but I find it's a fine line between allowing the player to organically let mechanics and systems inform the intended themes and "I want the player to feel ___, here are emotional triggers." The former can be revelatory, the latter feels manipulative. I hope developers continue to approach ideas like this but from a place of game design first, emotional button pressing second; not sure what camp Fragments of Him falls into yet.

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I like the listing underneath upcoming content but find the altert at the top of the page redundant and distracting, especially when the same piece of content is being advertised up there for days on end. Seems more appropriate for live show notifications. I get the push and I'm for it but between the side bar, top bar and headline displays, three links to the same destination seems like overkill for those that already subscribe.

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Doesn't seem like a lot of nuanced thought went into the implementation of this decision, which is a real shame when you're dealing with a medium like video games where sounds and music are a core part of the experience. To not even attempt to find a more agreeable way to partner with in-game license holders aside from preemptive muting in 30 minute chunks is a real shame for such a promising platform. If streamers choose to migrate to Hitbox or a different service I wouldn't hesitate to follow.

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I find the incredulousness towards Mr. Ryckert's life experiences crosses the line towards inappropriate or even mean spirited at times, even if it comes from a place of good fun we don't really know the guy. The staff can figure out how best to make entertaining content out of his blind spots without the community piling on.

I will say fuck mayonnaise and sour cream, though. The grossest of the condiments.

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@impossibilium: The point is that there is no non-dick path. There is no way to complete the objectives of the game without being a dick to someone somewhere. You only get to choose how much of a dick you are.

And even then, the choices range from complete dickwad to total asshole. There's no "well-meaning vigilante" here. Just a selfish cretin that threatens the lives and safety of numerous innocents to avenge a single death.

I had no interest playing Watchdogs whatsoever until this article and reading the comments.

But now I do. Very much so.

I'm tired of playing good guys, or loveable assholes, or han solos, the self defense excuses all that bullshit. People seem to be saying Aiden is a selfish dick and a piece of shit. That actually sounds 99% more interesting then your average videogame protagonist. Playing the bad guy, I want to do that.

(and not the psychopath type of stuff Infamous: SS does, or Kratos for example, but everything i've read here so far, paints a picture of a somewhat realistic and believable bad guy, a bad guy going down that road naturally)

As others have mentioned, I think you've got the wrong impression of the character based on folks having a negative reaction to his behavior. The tone is all over the place and the game doesn't treat him like a bad guy or an unlikeable person, resulting in a disconnect that makes the intended characterization of Cool Vigilante Man fall so flat. On top of that there is very little in the way of realistic or nuanced motivation in either direction, Aiden's most defining characteristics are being a video game protagonist in a silly coat with a gruff voice.

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Aiden and the people he surrounds himself with are some of the most unlikeable and unsympathetic characters (and caricatures) I've come across in a while, can't disagree with that. The decisions he makes are selfish and self defeating, plus his personality rivals that of a wet blanket. Never made it to the end partially because I was turned off by the lot, not surprised it ended up as a redemption arc that falls flat.

There is promise for the series in some of the unique gameplay elements and stealth scenarios, but as far as creating a hacker hero/anti-hero/protagonist worthy of building a franchise around Watch Dogs is a swing and a miss. Going to be interesting to see where they go from here considering the lukewarm reaction.

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I prefer this feature on Monday morning, it's something I'm more likely to browse through at the start of the week than at the end when there's recorded and live content regularly hitting on the site. Also good reading for easing back into the work week.

Most of all I just really enjoy long form pieces with multiple interview subjects that might not be about the hot topic of the day, but I understand how time consuming it can be to make happen. Thanks for trying to shake things up and look into new ways of getting news items across.

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As a casual Dota fan, newbie stream was fun today. Only watched a little but at one point they broke away from the action completely to show what wards look like, what different wards to, where to put them in pubs vs what pros do, etc. The in game spectating tools are great for this, lets the casters draw all over the screen as they explain. There was still a fair amount of Dotaspeak that might confuse newcomers but it felt like the right place for me.