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Talent and hustle are a big part of it. Both those actors put in the work building their reputations way before their names were known, they have range beyond the everyman/action hero role. And by all accounts they're both pros that studios can depend on to understand the medium, get involved in the process and turn in quality performances.

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This video of Ralph Baer and Bill Harrison showing off "video ping-pong" is a must watch - history in the making. RIP.

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I can see people who participated in the KS being upset about this and the earlier delays. As a person who bought it on steam in February I liked part 1 and am looking forward to part 2.

I actually think most of the snark is from folks that didn't back the game or have issues with Kickstarter in general. Double Fine has been almost painfully open with the process of developing this game to backers and it's been enlightening to watch unfold through good and bad. Even if I end up just liking Broken Age after all is said and done instead of loving it I'm glad to have contributed to the project.

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Not sure this is enough to win the coveted Apology of the Year award but probably good for a nomination at least.

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Given all the leaked screenshots of F2P microtransaction components in this...I'm worried.

I saw those too. Timers, currencies, best deals galore. Just Cause is a great series but increasingly concerned about the trend towards full priced games with freemium mechanics built in from the ground up.

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The Giant Bomb Video Buddy on iOS and Luchadeer app on Android have Chromecast capabilities as well.

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Definitely excited for it, it's just a "ready when it's done" game. Apparently the dev team redid the entire beginning of the game, the part they originally showed off to the press. Taking longer than expected but I'm sure the PR will ramp up again once they have an idea of when they're actually releasing.

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Thanks for the article. I've been trying my best to stay far the fuck away from the nasty crossroads between men's rights on the internet and gamer subculture that's been throwing a temper tantrum over the last few months, but when ugly shit like this goes down I like to be informed of it. I think Giant Bomb has done a pretty decent job of not giving undue attention to petulant attention seekers without ignoring the ongoing story entirely.

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I almost didn't want to click on this article just because of the visceral response of "no, I don't want to play a game about that" but it's interesting to read where the dev is coming from. Still have no desire to visit dark personal places like that outside of life experiences, even as catharsis it sounds unappealing, but good to know projects like this are being approached thoughtfully all the same.

Games that strive to create a sense of empathy are intriguing for sure and I've loved a couple of them, but I find it's a fine line between allowing the player to organically let mechanics and systems inform the intended themes and "I want the player to feel ___, here are emotional triggers." The former can be revelatory, the latter feels manipulative. I hope developers continue to approach ideas like this but from a place of game design first, emotional button pressing second; not sure what camp Fragments of Him falls into yet.

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I like the listing underneath upcoming content but find the altert at the top of the page redundant and distracting, especially when the same piece of content is being advertised up there for days on end. Seems more appropriate for live show notifications. I get the push and I'm for it but between the side bar, top bar and headline displays, three links to the same destination seems like overkill for those that already subscribe.