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Even if they're going for a similar approach to coverage I wholeheartedly respect that they're looking to build something independent on their own. I don't think there's as much overlap between audiences as it might seem. Sounds like an exciting venture, best of luck to those guys.

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I do wish the position description wasn't so heavily focused on news. GB East needs on camera and podcast talent to interact with Vinny and Alex and create content more than they need a hot written take on the news of the day. The hire will likely have to juggle both hats, just wish it was more heavily weighted towards the former than latter.

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It's a move that makes sense for his current situation and frees up a spot for the NYC office to grow, could be good in the long term for both parties. Still feels like a key player bolting from your favorite team to join up with a rival in free agency, thought he had bigger goals in mind. Not every employer would have been down with a permanent move to Chicago but GB tried to make it work. No loyalty in sports so certainly can't expect there to be any in the gaming press, wish him the best but a bit disappointed all the same.

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Can't say this is a good surprise, the heady Whiskey Media days of Giant Bomb seem farther and farther away with each major change or departure. Thanks for everything and best of luck in future endeavors.

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Great picks to kick things off. Really need to get on Act 2-3 of Kentucky Route Zero ASAP, will probably just start from the beginning to take it all in at once.

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Talent and hustle are a big part of it. Both those actors put in the work building their reputations way before their names were known, they have range beyond the everyman/action hero role. And by all accounts they're both pros that studios can depend on to understand the medium, get involved in the process and turn in quality performances.

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This video of Ralph Baer and Bill Harrison showing off "video ping-pong" is a must watch - history in the making. RIP.

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I can see people who participated in the KS being upset about this and the earlier delays. As a person who bought it on steam in February I liked part 1 and am looking forward to part 2.

I actually think most of the snark is from folks that didn't back the game or have issues with Kickstarter in general. Double Fine has been almost painfully open with the process of developing this game to backers and it's been enlightening to watch unfold through good and bad. Even if I end up just liking Broken Age after all is said and done instead of loving it I'm glad to have contributed to the project.

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Not sure this is enough to win the coveted Apology of the Year award but probably good for a nomination at least.

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Given all the leaked screenshots of F2P microtransaction components in this...I'm worried.

I saw those too. Timers, currencies, best deals galore. Just Cause is a great series but increasingly concerned about the trend towards full priced games with freemium mechanics built in from the ground up.