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This video is hilarious, and so is this thread! Well done.

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Bugs. Bugs in places they shouldn't be, like clothes or ears. Bugs are the worst.

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Space 103.2, Non Stop Pop, Radio Mirror Park, Lowdown FM and West Coast Classics are my favorites, with Space at the top. Love that Boogie Funk, only wish there was more of it.

A little let down by the talk radio in GTA V, feels like it loops pretty quickly and gets old too fast. JB Smoove is hilarious on it, though.

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Looking forward to Phaedrus: Origins

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Oh wow, that last question. Enjoyed Brothers, especially the final act, but had no idea it was that personal. Looking forward to whatever they come up with next.

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@truthtellah said:

I think they can do better with trying to do something else. I hope they attempt to do a big live show like that again, but it's understandable that they'd see it as very unlikely after the loss of Ryan. They're just going to have to come up with something even better that they can handle, and I'm confident they'll figure something out.

I agree. And with two new consoles launching, I'd be willing to bet we'll have multiple all day live streams in the near future anyway. That, coupled with Ryan's passing (and the concept itself getting a bit stale IMO) makes the decision understandable.

And on that note, can't agree with rumblings that they need to "step it up." Not that I want less videos or anything, but lately I've had a big backlog of Giant Bomb stuff to pour over on weekends because I can't keep up with everything they've been putting out. Maybe I've just been busy at work, maybe it's all relative, but as far as I'm concerned it's been all good on that front.

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That's awesome, quests were a fun incentive to browse around the wiki. Looking forward to it.

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Wonderful game, interesting article/interview/post-mortem. Makes me want to dive back into Adventure Game Studio and seriously devote some time towards learning it, at least for a weekend or two. Can't hurt to try.

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@ramone said:

The games press are in a very privileged position where they generally don't have to buy a lot of the games they play, it's understandable that this might skew their view on the value of certain shorter experiences. They also don't have the time to play a lot of longer games. This disparity between critics and their audiences is always going to cause issues of perspective like this.

I don't think calling them assholes is the right way to go about starting this debate and I also haven't seen anyone sneering at us normal folk but it is a discussion worth having.

I agree with this sentiment. Would never want press types to give anything less than their true subjective opinions on a game, but not paying for titles large and small and being tasked with playing games to completion, good or bad, changes the perception of value. At the very least, labeling folks that are out to get the most bang for their buck in this hobby "part of the problem" (I've seen it) deserves to be called out. It hasn't been too prevalent, though.

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One of if not the most entertaining competitive gaming events I can remember, I'm only a casual Dota fan and I was hooked from the prelims on. Amazing production, community, and play. Valve really has something here, can't wait for next year.