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From all that's been gathered, Sony is making a modest profit on each PS4 sold. They've said this in a few interviews. They can't afford to go into this losing money like last time, that was part of the design from the beginning.

Sony and Microsoft are anticipating that consumers will transition to buying digital over physical this gen, which eventually renders a lot of the disc discussion moot. They're both in good positions to do this, and policies regarding ownership and perks will evolve as the generation plays out in order to entice more folks towards building game libraries on the HD instead of on shelves.

Sony having consumer friendly policies when it comes to physical retail doesn't impact that long term strategy, and it's great PR in the short term (along with being the right thing to do).

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The Crew looked really impressive in scope - open world, persistent online across the entire U.S. with a detailed tweaking and upgrading system. That was the one that got me during the Ubisoft press conference.

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It's great, they have a solid core group for team continuity and jokes along with frequent guests to keep things interesting. I'm a pretty casual Dota fan and don't play too often but I'm definitely learning more about different heroes and strategy from watching, even if I'll never use it. It is kind of like hockey chess, as the Idle Thumbs guys put it, and an interesting spectator game once you get over the initial barrier of particle effects and jargon. Lots of highs, lows, and big plays.

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Steam runs holiday scavenger hunts during sale time where unique achievements pop up every day for players to complete for prizes. They make up ARG's and hide clues in old games. Many Steam games come with free unique items for TF2 - you can then hoard those items and sell them on the Steam Marketplace for $5, $20, $200, etc. If you're savvy about it you can get a steady stream of income for games just by playing the market.

Competitors can undercut Steam's storefront pricing by selling activation keys and that's OK, it'll still integrate thanks to Steamworks. Or you can just buy and play any game on your PC outside of Steam, from any point in it's history. You can create your own dream courier pet for Dota 2, upload it to the Workshop, fans will vote and comment on it and if it's popular, Valve puts it in the game.

Steam does a lot more than provide DRM for publishers and sell games at deep discounts. Valve is crazy and experimental, and I don't see Microsoft going down those roads with Xbox One.

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A request for Cave Story+, thanks for doing this!

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Except how many times a year do you think Microsoft is going to run 90% off sales like Steam does 3-4 times. If your answer is anything other than zero you are fooling yourself.

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If I have to pay a fee to play a used game I have bought from a store or anyone, then maybe xbox one isn't for me. Who are they to tell me I can't even give my game to a friend and let them play it? So if it going to be true, if I was to lend my mate a game he would have to pay to play it on his system. That would be madness.

Steam doesn't allow me to lend my games or even buy second hand games. I hear nothing but praise for Valve and Steam.

I'd love to live in this magical land where Steam runs 90% sales 3-4 times a year.

Every week on Steam and GOG there's dozens of titles on sale, some at 75% or more. Plus there's Amazon, Gamersgate - plenty of competition for full price titles, let alone during a big sale time. You save a ton of money by buying your games primarily on the PC, it's no secret.

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Making points with memes instead of thoughts and sentances is the worst. Plus the site design gives me a headache. I'm way over 4chan, don't really want to spend my time at a watered down version of it.

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Eh, I'm kind of with Jason on this. The hyper titty look is silly, overplayed in this industry and a little embarrassing. Calling them out on it = you like buff, naked dudes?

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Enjoy the time with your daughter, what a great opportunity. Sincere thanks for everything you've done to build this awesome website over the years.

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Top 3 game of 2012 for me, still strikes a chord just thinking about it. Awesome that more people will get to experience Fez now, hopefully their talk of Mac/Linux/Sony comes to fruition as well.