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I'm sure it's been mentioned plenty but insulting, threatening or trying to get a rise out of strangers via Twitter is terrible, cowardly behavior. Even just engaging to start a dialogue with good intentions is probably wishful thinking at best for that medium. There's just so many thoughts you can fit into that character limit, so much can be misinterpreted, generalizations run rampant and the desire to come out on top with a concise quip overrides human decency time and time again.

I saw some really rude stuff posted yesterday, both directed at the community I've enjoyed since day 1 and those making the criticisms. Made me sad to see intelligent folks disrespect what Jeff and co. have built over the years, made me angrier seeing not so intelligent folks crawl out of the woodwork to make them feel hurt or scared for voicing their opinion. Any discussion over hiring practices to me are secondary to fans of this site acting like reasonable people on the internet, especially when someone says things you don't like hearing. Less anonymous confrontation, more backing away from the keyboard and letting it go.

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Substantial list of stuff to go through this week, really enjoyed Cara's E3 recap/travelogue. She writes words good. Also still get a kick out of Mega64, Derrick killed the end of that bit.

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Well if he's not joining Giant Bomb that must mean he's going to work for Oculus. I hear that's a thing people are doing these days. We'll hear more from John Drake soon enough I bet.

Hope Harmonix can land on their feet during this transition period. Rhythm games are still good and Harmonix makes good rhythm games.

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Check out the High Line walkway for views, Chelsea Market for groceries/food items and the Frying Pan to hang out on a docked boat and drink when the weather is nice.

Pizza anywhere is pretty good to great, skip the .99 cent slices though. Pastrami on rye at 2nd Ave Deli or Katz's, Ippudo for ramen if you get there early, the Wafels & Dinges truck - lots of good food to stumble upon.

One touristy thing I'd recommend is a bit of a hike so most don't make it - take a trip up to Fort Tryon Park and The Cloisters Medieval museum. It's a castle by the cliffs at the edge of the city, one of my favorite spots.

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Once Psychonauts gets going around 2-3 levels in it's really amazing stuff, would be great to see the GB crew experience that for the first time.

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@counterclockwork87: I'm from NYC and I've never heard or seen this Doighnut Plant. There's a Dunkin Donuts around like every corner though and they make decent stuff on the go. You just need to go to a larger one cause the small ones like right next to union square are terrible and always have old donuts and burnt coffee.

You should try Doughnut Plant, they're really good for fancy handmade doughnuts with ice cream sounding flavors. There's one in Chelsea and LES. It's a little tacky and I don't make a habit of it, but worth having at some point.

Dunkin won't ever be mistaken for fine dining but it's fast and dependable for breakfast on the go, and yes they're everywhere in NYC. Not surprised they're expanding to other countries, interested to hear what the regional menu is like over there.

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Will keep subscribing for the foreseeable future, I get hours of entertainment from them each week and I like the clean, ad free site.

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Why did it have to be Yen Sid

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Should be Premium content

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I thought the thing people mostly upset about is the possibility of the Rift becoming something else. A big corporation doesn't pay 2 billion dollars for something because they thought: "hey, that's cool." And I highly doubt Facebook would make a profit if they marketed the Rift as a gaming device.

But, apparently, according to the article that's not the case, so I must be wrong.

Oculus as a company, and VR in general, was always about more than gaming - it's potential is so much greater. Even the games we do play on it will likely be fairly untraditional, or at least experiences built around the platform itself. I think that's pretty exciting, not upsetting.

Thanks Patrick for articulating the emotional reaction lots of folks had to this news, including myself. Part of me thinks this deal cements VR as a viable platform for the future on a grand scale. The emotional part of me is lamenting over the fact that the next potential Apple and Steve Jobs just sold their brilliant product to today's equivalent of IBM, distorted and co-opted by big business before ever leaving the homebrew phase. Lots of what ifs when you consider our history if Jobs and Woz didn't have the chutzpah to do it themselves. I sincerely hope it all works out in the long run, and in a slightly less dystopian manner than Mr. Fish surmises if at all possible. VR is still really cool, no matter who is bankrolling it.