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The games press are in a very privileged position where they generally don't have to buy a lot of the games they play, it's understandable that this might skew their view on the value of certain shorter experiences. They also don't have the time to play a lot of longer games. This disparity between critics and their audiences is always going to cause issues of perspective like this.

I don't think calling them assholes is the right way to go about starting this debate and I also haven't seen anyone sneering at us normal folk but it is a discussion worth having.

I agree with this sentiment. Would never want press types to give anything less than their true subjective opinions on a game, but not paying for titles large and small and being tasked with playing games to completion, good or bad, changes the perception of value. At the very least, labeling folks that are out to get the most bang for their buck in this hobby "part of the problem" (I've seen it) deserves to be called out. It hasn't been too prevalent, though.

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One of if not the most entertaining competitive gaming events I can remember, I'm only a casual Dota fan and I was hooked from the prelims on. Amazing production, community, and play. Valve really has something here, can't wait for next year.

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Great read, had not been following this story. It's a problem with competition on every level, from Olympic badminton to video games. The flopping comparison is apt, we all know it when we see it yet when done well it's not always easy to prove. Sounds like those with power in the FGC are taking the necessary steps to ensure their product is as honest as possible, interesting quotes and opinions from a number of folks in here.

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Great for Oculus and the future of the format in general. Carmack's intelligence is being wasted at modern day id and his passion for VR is well known. Can't wait to see where this whole thing ends up.

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So, I don't understand. What's Polytron gonna do now without Fish?

Polytron is Fish, I don't think there's people being put out of work aside from him and Disasterpeace due to this decision.

Thanks for putting out your personal take on this strange story Patrick. I still believe if this exchange happened at a bar no one would bat an eye, the magnification of all things by the internet kind of sucks sometimes. Too much drama on all sides. Hopefully we'll play another game by Fish one day, whatever road it takes.

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Good news, decent list. Valve loves their automation, seemingly to a fault when Greenlight is concerned, so the return of some aspect of curation over these past few months is most welcome. Especially when a game is on the cusp of release like DiveKick - to not have to focus time and energy into wrangling up internet votes with no guarantee it'll make top 10 by August (or at all) sounds like a big relief.

Also happy to see some longtime submissions stuck in Greenlight hell on there, another good sign. Gives hope for those that probably have given up by now, even if they deserve to be on Steam from a quality standpoint. Greenlight may still be experimental, obtuse and a pain in the ass to wade through, but at least they're being flexible with rules that don't work in practice.

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Awesome work to the folks that posted their artwork in here. Man, seeing this stuff and knowing just how deep his loss has cut the industry makes me really hopeful we see an awful lot of Mr. Davis NPC's and easter eggs in games from here on out. Dude will live forever.

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Ryan's delightfully silly Unboxening/Quick Look of Let's Tap for Wii (complete with various sized boxes for accurate testing).

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Hey stranger, c'mon over here! You look like you're new around these parts...