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Well Crysis 3 is one of the August game on PS3 for PS+ members.

Also I think it's a dumb reasoning from Sony if that's really the reason they are not offering the service (I doubt it's just that). The customers are smart enough to decide themselves if a service is a good value or not.

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@rorie said:

Guys, just keep in mind that while we welcome criticism on stories like this, please keep it constructive, civil, and, preferably, actionable. And, for what it's worth:

It's perfectly reasonable to be critical over new ways of doing things, but if you can't be civil your comments will be deleted.

Allrigt, I guess we have a different definition of civil. Good to know.

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Amazing job on the app. Works great on my iPad.

The only thing I would add is a random button for each categories. I love watching old random quicklooks while siting on the throne lol.

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Not sure how this is news considering it happens almost every day in the gaming industry.

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Yeah, ads are not annoying at all...

Wow Giantbomb bought ad space on the Sprint website? That's great! Weird ad tho to just put a banner of the front page on the Sprint Website.

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1-The Mercedes has a bad track record since the beginning of the season so starting first for them means that the win is still far from a done deal. Also I think that the first place starts on the wrong side of the track for the first turn in Hungary? Can't remember

2-I don't remember exactly but what probably happened is that he qualified to participate in Q3 (the top 10 qualifier) but didn't actually participate in it. That means he starts last of the Top 10 but he didn't waste tires running the qualification (and he can choose what tire type he want to start the race with).

3-They have a set of rules to follow (size restrictions, engine restrictions, etc) and some of the parts are standard for every cars (mostly electronics). The R&D done by the time has a HUGE impact on the performances. For your analogy however, I would say that Ferrari is closer to the Yankees. They are the one throwing an infinite amount of money at the sport (even if they don't win most of the time)­.

4-You are allowed to do 1 trajectory change to defend your position. So for example, you see the guy behind you is trying to pass you on the right, you can go right to block him. Once your moved right however, the only thing you can do from now on is go back to the normal racing line.

5-You can only activate DRS if you are whittin 1 sec of the car in front of you (note that it works even if the guy in front of you is not actually racing in front of you... for example it will activate if you're about to lap another car). It is blocked and unlocks when the sensors detects that you can do it. Most of the cars also have a light on the steering and an alarm in the driver's radio to tell him he can push the button. This caused some issues to Alonso in the last race since the team forgot to switch the DRS from Qual mode to Race mode so that meant he had the beep in his radio everytime he was in a straight line (you can use DRS anytime you want in Qual).

6-If the race is in the dry, they NEED to use both type of tires during the race, it's mendatory. Since most of the top ten always start on the soft tires (they use the same set of tires they used to set their best time during qualif). See point #2 about Webber being able to choose any tires he wants since he didn't set a time in Q3.

7-Dunno about the specs on the mics but Sky/BBC get their audio feed directly from the FOM (the company that owns the F1 championship)

8-You are penalized if you gain an advantage from cutting/going outside the track. Of course if you keep cutting, even if you don't get an advantage, they will still end up penalizing him.

9-Nobody knows hehe. Since they radios are not encrypted, the teams have to use codes to talk to their drivers during the race.


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@megasoum: Just to check, does HTML5 still work for you in Chrome?

Yup it works fine in Chrome. So basically, in Firefox, if I leave the flag to enabled I see HTML 5 in the choices but it doesn't work (and no other HTML 5 videos work) but if I disable the flag I can watch HTML5 videos on other site while the option completely disappear on GB.

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  • OS: Windows 7
  • Browser: Firefox
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Type Of Player: HTML5
  • Adblock: Off
  • Specific Problem: this might be as designed, I'm not sure. So I haven't been able to watch HTML5 videos on the site (or even Vine videos) in Firefox since I switched from Chrome 3-4 months ago. I finally searched on Google and found a solution about the Vine issue where I had to disable the flag "" in about:config. I did that and Vine videos started working perfectly right away. Now however, I won't even see the HTML5 option in the video player on GB. It used to be there but not work but not it's just not there at all. Is this a normal consequence of me changing the flag? Considering that Youtube is the only option that actually works for me on the site, I was hoping that I had finally fixed the HTML5 issue and I could watch something on GB.
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Too bad they don't have the videos, maybe it would work better than on here.