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I've been playing the game since October 2011 and it's amazing. My favorite Sim in a LOONNNGG Time.

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@corevi: Well... It is Kotaku we're talking about here.

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@corevi said:
@patrickklepek said:

hey wait a second

Shouldn't you be writing up an article about this for Kotaku?

He already did

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@alex: Hmm you don't have the Staff flag anymore?

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Those requirements are insanity. Who wrote this up? haha

A company who already has somebody for the job but is legally obligated to publish the position publicly. So they create a super specific position that fits 100% the person they want and then hire that person. That kind of stuff happens all the time.

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Okay, I'll ask. Is this impressive or unimpressive? Every reaction I've seen has been some smug "Metallica is playing Blizzcon. *yeah*" instead of people actually saying what they mean.

Sorry, not a metal fan.

Metallica is the biggest Metal band in the world and one of the biggest band in the world...period. So yeah it's a big thing.

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I'm actually tempted of getting the virtual ticket just for the show.... Don't care about Blizz games.

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@spankmealotus: They had a couple of bad years in the late 00' but they've been great live for the last 5 years or so.

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Yeah, what really sucks is the other developper working with him (who has a 2y old kid apparently) who is now out of work because his partner went all crazy on Twitter. Hopefully he'll be able to fall back on his feet quickly and find another job.