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@Wuddel I did all 15 Daedric Quests on one character, and received 15 actual items from doing so. You have to be quite careful when doing said quests though, because there are ways to finish without receiving an artifact at all.
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Will be applying shortly.


I Megido I

those are i's

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Well, interestingly enough, I received a call from an EA representative.

Had a really good conversation, I explained my situation, and the frustration therein. He was quite frank when I asked what the issue was, especially after I had explained that I was possibly returning the item back to Amazon.

He informed me that the issue was not only with the Xbox version of the game, but that Xbox was the most prominent multiplayer issue for the moment. He also mentioned that customers located on the West Coast (where I live) were experiencing more issues than anywhere else. He also explained that they are having a huge influx of server traffic during peak hours, and that by all accounts it is exceeding all forecasted sales expectations meaning that they were not necessarily prepared for the amount of traffic going through the pipeline.

I also asked him if switching to the PC version would help combat the issue, and he chuckled stating that Origin was causing its own set of separate issues.

All in all, I may still return the game, but it is extremely nice that someone was willing to be open and frank about the issues EA is currently facing.

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@Sackmanjones: Yeah, I would typically play through one round, and then sometime near the beginning of the next round would be kicked, only to find that I had no connection left to EA's servers.

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Forget it, I spoke with an representative (where I ordered it from), and they will be giving me a full refund for the game.

Reason: Electronic Arts, the creator of the product (BF3), has failed to support the multiplayer viability of this product with constant server issues.

And this my friends, is why I love Amazon.

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This is getting ridiculous. Since release, the EA servers for the 360 have been consistently crashing on a 30-45 minute basis while playing multiplayer.

EA has stated numerous times on their Twitter that the issue has been resolved only to see a tweet minutes later stating the opposite.

I even tried to contact EA's customer support team via chat, only to be promptly disconnected by one of their service representatives.


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@matt_wickstrom: I sent you a pm as well. I will send you over any information you would like as soon as I arrive home from work.

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@HerbieBug said:

I have to finish both Dark Souls and Batmans before this comes out. I don't think i'm going to make it.

I sincerely doubt that either of these will happen, but the best of luck to you good sir.

That being said, Bethesda, take my money already...

I am looking forward to this more than any other fall release.

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To those currently in the GB Club or externally for that matter:

I have been toying with quite a few tuning variants for the drifters out there and currently have three setups for the following vehicles:

-Toyota Trueno S-604

-Nissan 240SX S-621

-Mazda RX-7 FD S-638

Keep in mind there are specific modifications required to ensure these setups work as intended, but I would be more than willing to share all of this information if it was requested.

These tuning setups are not yet in my storefront, and will not be until I feel that they are ready. I will also not be placing these cars in the Club Garage due to the fact that they are all production cars available for purchase.

If anyone is interested, let me know either in game or here. I will also be taking tuning requests for those interested.

GT: I Megido I

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