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Pretty cool. But I really think you should reverse the arrow directions. I constantly hit the left arrow expecting to go left, but instead it goes right. Is the mansion supposed to be rotating when you hit the arrows?

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I bought it from so it should work. What do the tickets do anyways? Are they unique familiars or can you get them regularly in the game?

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Im in canada and it said "you are not eligible for this." I also got a code from amazon for a free familiar ticket but the code wont work! I just want some more little bastards to love!

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I don't know why people say there is no character progression in monster hunter, that's what the whole game is about. Its all in the gear that you make(very similar to how you upgrade your gear in DS but 10 times more complicated and varied). The "problem" is you can't just keep killing the base enemy 10000 times to get better. The other problem is all the negative press it gets, so many people are misinformed. I urge anyone who loves DS to just give it a try... for more than 3-4 hours.

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skyrim with mods
skyrim again

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I often mash the a (or x) button during loading screens... oddly enough it don't help.
Also when i play monster hunter, a game where you can go from full health to stunned with your back turned to a massive dragon who is about to shoot a fire laser at you, profanity is waranted.

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All monster hunter is is boss battles. With adequate rewards and a massive sense of accomplishment. Once again no story driven need to kill them other than your own greed for the most part.

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once i lent my xbox to a friend for his ps2, a week later he gave it to my other friend. That friends brother then stole it and sold it for drugs, he then went to jail for other reasons. So none of my friends will take responsibility for this.

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All you water haters should try it, you might be surprised. Think of it this way, there is dark chocolate, and milk chocolate. Dark chocolate tastes more like chocolate, while milk chocolate tastes more like... milk.

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I once ended an essay with "Over all, Hamlet was a pretty gangstalicious play."