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Nope. Don't want to be last out, but if it was a lone Zombie vs Me challenge I'd run it over / set it on fire or something.

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This is on my smaller display, but higher res versions of this are available from the project's website.

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@minivan @alternate Ok I got a couple of comment attributions confused before.I think it's sufficient to say that GB have been through a lot over this last 30 months or so, and staff numbers are shorter than they should be. I'm not sure I'd look to them to work on weekends though unless there was something very big upcoming, GDC itself was important last week.

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@alternate: most big sites have people that work weekends.

Bear in mind that GB's site and GameSpot's site processing and uploading processes are still likely to differ technically (where else would the resource come from), and Giant Bomb are their own brand, so personally I would prefer to wait for their take on how it's produced. Not being able to upload content from a fucked video feed has to register for them in terms of what-if scenarios I guess, but if the tech let them down and it can't be fixed satisfactorily, then I wouldn't post it at all and do a weekday "special" instead. Also they are hiring.

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There's too much something, probably sugar, in McD food that on the occasions I've had it - burger/chicken burger/big mac - I haven't felt well afterward almost every time (usually on a social evening out as a stop gap between finishing work and meeting up for the occasion at 20:00). BK and KFC food is marginally better, but in the UK if you spend a small amount extra you can get real food in a pub with better everything - atmosphere, a better menu, fewer noisy kids, a better choice of drinks and service to the table according to which table area you sit in. A lot of pubs are doing deals for two meals at a price which is really cost effective, and you don't feel that you're eating in a room made of lego pieces with windows. If the target is to go to McD for the most basic burger then obviously that can't be beaten on price, but if I didn't want to sit down I'd head for Subways and spend a little bit more.

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Donkey Kong on Game & Watch was one of the first things I ever played. When Super Mario Kart was released I was a student with not so much money to spend, and I would've spent money on it but I was lucky enough to share a house which had a SNES and the game. And later Super Monkey Ball on Gamecube. I think I like those games when I want to collapse in a chair because they're easy to get in to and don't require a lot of upfront practice to be fun (especially co-op for SMK). So no, I've never really bought much Nintendo stuff, but my friends did.

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A lot of salary for a sports licence asset manager. Also I looked at the prices for the reboot of Syndicate today, Asda in the UK (effectively Walmart in the US) were selling it for £11.25, EA's Origin service wanted £14.99. Amazon got my money at £3.84 since Jeff seemed impressed with the game overall, and the cost's ok for single player missions and a chance at multiplayer. It's idiotic that they want Origin to compete with Steam, but can't beat a brick and mortar store or the like of Amazon with their own product.

It is possible that he's had his hands tied on improving EA's sale strategy until now, but I can't see success for Origin unless he's committed to compete.

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Sign me up. I think it would be best to talk to GB about it, they'll know how to set this up.

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I did a search here on this (since there are so many useful answers) but couldn't find this mentioned for question 2 - rubber marbles typically get thrown to the outside of the track surface, so on race day there's the consideration of which side of the track you start the race on. The first corner is usually a bit tense for all teams - it may have been dirtied by a lower profile event, which direction the first corner is in will decide the clean side, and the direction the course is driven in - clockwise or anticlockwise, to a lesser extent perhaps because that is more about the long term car setup for the race.

If your team thinks it's marginal as to whether you'll be in 9th or 10th, it could also be worthwhile throwing the qualifying session to start in 10th place, and gain both the clean side of the track and better tyres. That may require some work with the pit team readying the car to give the impression that you're on your way out to track for the last qualifying session (pretending you're looking for 8th). The other team can be fooled into putting at least a lap's worth of wear into a set of tyres, and maybe not setting a flying lap.