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Whoever it is will probably have to be shown the fire exits and the onsite catering first (not necessarily in that order).

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Vinny brought this in as a game to play in a recent UPF and I thought it looked fun. I picked it up but stopped playing when I encountered a deserted town because I realised that the game wasn't finalised and I didn't want to spoil anything for myself at that point.

Does anyone have an estimate on how long the game takes to complete for someone who likes to explore the world a bit rather than head straight for the exit, also bearing in mind oxygen limitations and you might have to cut some stuff short?

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Reading, UK

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Nope. Don't want to be last out, but if it was a lone Zombie vs Me challenge I'd run it over / set it on fire or something.

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This is on my smaller display, but higher res versions of this are available from the project's website.

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@minivan @alternate Ok I got a couple of comment attributions confused before.I think it's sufficient to say that GB have been through a lot over this last 30 months or so, and staff numbers are shorter than they should be. I'm not sure I'd look to them to work on weekends though unless there was something very big upcoming, GDC itself was important last week.

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@minivan said:

@alternate: most big sites have people that work weekends.

Bear in mind that GB's site and GameSpot's site processing and uploading processes are still likely to differ technically (where else would the resource come from), and Giant Bomb are their own brand, so personally I would prefer to wait for their take on how it's produced. Not being able to upload content from a fucked video feed has to register for them in terms of what-if scenarios I guess, but if the tech let them down and it can't be fixed satisfactorily, then I wouldn't post it at all and do a weekday "special" instead. Also they are hiring.

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There's too much something, probably sugar, in McD food that on the occasions I've had it - burger/chicken burger/big mac - I haven't felt well afterward almost every time (usually on a social evening out as a stop gap between finishing work and meeting up for the occasion at 20:00). BK and KFC food is marginally better, but in the UK if you spend a small amount extra you can get real food in a pub with better everything - atmosphere, a better menu, fewer noisy kids, a better choice of drinks and service to the table according to which table area you sit in. A lot of pubs are doing deals for two meals at a price which is really cost effective, and you don't feel that you're eating in a room made of lego pieces with windows. If the target is to go to McD for the most basic burger then obviously that can't be beaten on price, but if I didn't want to sit down I'd head for Subways and spend a little bit more.