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I clicked the i still want one button, hope to your chagrin it doesn't come back to the life like the last one. But i need it >:)

But if it's gone for good i totally understand and it's my own damn fault for waiting... *sniff*

Well I just ordered and 2 more shirts are required to make it happen....

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It would be useful for Steam sales, and I value the GB staff for being known persons behind recommendations. They've previously made their strengths and preferences for games known, and I'd be less inclined to trust someone random from the internet who could benefit in some way unless I agreed with them on other things. That said, I think Jeff was bemused once by the fact that a developer had quoted a positive statement by GB from a review on their promotional material without asking first.

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Black - you know the tests at the start of games where they ask you to move the slider so that one of the images is barely visible? The less I see of the writing on my walls the better. It is crayon though, so I should just wash it off.

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That was funny, I wonder which creed the protestors(? I'd like to be cheered on for something by that Imperial tune) registered themselves as on the most recent census, not that it's something that will impact the result hopefully. Unfortunately I have the same level of cynicism for both sides at the moment. I don't have a vote so I'll be dragging out the deckchair (lawnchair) and popcorn after the results are in to watch the aftermath. Referendum/election results are a lot of dead air time in the media.

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I have to pay a small bridge toll to go to Wales (from where I live in England) of about £6.40, about US $10.40, on the way there every time (but not back). It seems a fair price to travel about one mile (1.6km), since travelling upstream of the river Severn to avoid that would involve a lot of time and fuel. I don't need a passport to do that, and I've only done it once in almost 20 years because it was necessary.

There would obviously be a contingency put in place for the immediate future in the event of a Yes vote i.e. honouring existing passports and there is an emergency system in place, but looking at current costs, the minimum price for a UK passport is £72.50, almost US $118 and needs to be renewed every 10 years. That's a "no emergency" option which might be sent back to you for resubmission if you screw up. To get the pre-checked version is US $132. If Scotland does become independent I'm wary of the idea that "fixes" put in place won't evaporate and a charge or requirement for a passport or a Scottish passport will be mandated. This probably sounds a bit odd, but one in ten people (currently including Scots) who have a passport will have it expire next year. As a UK citizen (currently without a passport, no need) I could go to Scotland today and do many things, visit a town or drive on any road that I wanted to, these are important things for me and UK business. A passport would be required at some point in the future to deliver Tunnock's (BITCHES) chocolate cakes to me which might make them more expensive. This must not happen.

Besides which I think Alex Salmond is only in this for himself:

a) make a name for himself in Scottish history, succeed or fail

b) increase his own earnings

c) GTFO very quickly when things go wrong

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I thought that The Devil Inside would be a candidate, since no one I knew ever said they'd played it. Turns out there's a GB wiki page for it, so obviously not and I'm just throwing it on the table to give it a mention. It's a 3rd person zombie reality TV show shooter, with devils as characters that you can switch between. My PC was fine for most games but maybe I had audio driver issues, because there was a set piece where the character would say the word Hurricane, and it always stuttered as "Hu-Hu-Hu-Hurricane" which is why it always sits in my memory as "that weird PC game".

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A black background is so much easier on the eyes, thank you. I think I've been stupidly lazy at not checking the options since the redesign. It's on the front page as well, FFS.

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It's not AI, but I thought Claptrap could be a bit annoying at some points - "over here!" - but that was surely to give newcomers a clue where to go. To illustrate my example and for anyone who doesn't know (like there's anyone left) there's some loot in the initial area where you leave the bus in Borderlands 1, but you have to look up and around for it. It does give a slight advantage to someone who's been through the start before and knows what to look for and where. Similar thing with the start of Borderlands 2, although I was already tuned into the idea of ignoring the robot.

I just think it helps make a game more replayable in that scenario for new players..

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Yes at least once that I remember, it was on a weekend at work and only security were in the buildings (mostly). The pink & white box on the wall gave it away pretty quickly as I walked in.

On the other hand, I went to the men's toilet at a gig in Wembley Stadium (London), and there were women walking in and having a good giggle at how naughty they were being. To be fair the queue for the women's toilets was horrendous, the stadium has been rebuilt since then so it might have a better balance for all I know.

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We need a third option because as Danny O'Dwyer would say of the other two "that right there's a turd option".