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Jeff shaking his head at 45:30 on the unarchived stream made my day.

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To follow on from what @themanwithnoplan said, I had some surgery on my leg a while ago. So that meant I was drugged up stuck on a bed for a couple of hours waiting for the all clear to leave. I still managed to get through about 100 pages which I thought was quite something, I guess it proves that having a book around can be useful (especially where there's no signal).

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I can vouch for Isaac Asimov (a prolific writer, lots of short and long stories) and Terry Pratchett as per the post by @believer258

I enjoyed Dune but there's a lot to remember about the characters whilst reading, and they're long books. The premise of living on a sand planet avoiding sand worms is interesting, as I recall there's a fair bit of politics in there.

I did a quick search here and no-one's mentioned Douglas Adams, he had a very sideways perception of life, a bit like P.K. Dick without the drugs (as far as I know, but you might like P.K. DIck anyway who did Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep which was the setup script for Blade Runner amongst other things). Adams did the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Dirk Gently pair of novels, and a few other books such as The Meaning Of Liff. I've read the former two sets of books, getting around to the others.

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One of the original creators of Giants: Citizen Kabuto, MDK and some other stuff is behind a KickStarter for a game called First Wonder which seems to be a reboot of Giants. Looking at the forum rules, I should say I'm not involved at all (other than backing it) but I loved the original game, I only mention this for those that might be interested, since we can't have what we don't ask for. MODS: If I'm a naughty person please delete this post.

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I caught the second half of the Japan/South Africa match, and it was a joy to watch the crowd backing Japan. You could see it unfold before their eyes and some of them were getting emotional. South Africa played well, but Japan last won in 1991 and this year they seemed determined it wasn't going to be 25 years without a win. No draw at the end, just win or lose. I can't think of a better way to do that than against a strong team like South Africa. Commiserations to SA, but Japan worked hard.

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@sergio: I know what you're saying, but some materials don't work for me.

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I live in a rented property which has a light colour carpet everywhere, and new socks tend to shed black threads whether I like it or not. That makes for a lot of work with a vacuum cleaner.

So I'm voting those out. Besides it's much easier to feel the new material of a new t-shirt, and smell the freshness of it. It's a bit like a brand new duvet cover/bedding sheets, mmmmm. I would live in hotels if I could afford it and they wouldn't think I was weird.

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@mister_v: Thanks for reminding me, I told other people it was on but forgot to watch it myself. Turns out it's still on iPlayer for download.

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Jerry Holkins (Tycho) at Penny Arcade liked it enough for it to draw a bit of ire from him about the review score systems used by sites and their inconsistencies:

Not having played the game myself I can't say what I think it plays like. PA do have some following though, so my guess is that it could work in their favour when they start to discount/publisher themed sale/bundle it. (Yes Steam, I'm looking at you)

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Depending on your lifestyle, include a universal remote control (or think of the equivalent if it's internet based). Over time the original remotes will be lost/hard to find, sat on and broken, or out of batteries. Unhappy "but I wanted to watch <XYZ>" conversation avoided.