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Again, I think if anything significant is to come from this, it's going to be a "New 7 days" added to the iOS port of the game and not some fully fledged sequel.

This is probably what I fear the most, because I wouldn't even be able to play it. I still don't understand why Solo Remix can't run on a 4th gen iPod Touch.

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I shot the girl in the street. Just leaving her would have been fucked up.

I abandoned Lilly because she's a crazy fucking bitch and killed one of my favorite characters.

I managed to talk Kenny down. I don't really have anything against the guy.

I did make him shoot Duck, which is probably the choice I regret the most. I have a feeling he's gonna start unwinding just like Lilly did.

And no, I didn't help Omid. Kinda wish I had, though. That other chick is kind of a bitch.

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The World Ends With Two

I was thinking that's be a good title if the sequel had duel protagonists.

As for this teaser though, I'm really not sure how I feel about it. It does seem to hint at a sequel, but if that sequel ends up being an iPhone/iPad exclusive like Remix was then I'm gonna be straight-up pissed.

Hopefully whatever this thing actually is ends up on the 3DS. I was planning on getting one soon anyway. But right now, I'm just not going to get my hopes up.

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@Class_A_Ninja: WELL FUCK

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I was as pissed off about the reveal as everyone else, but I'm still gonna end up buying the damn Remix. My favorite game ever with improved graphics right on my iPod? Gotta get me some of that, even though I would have obviously preferred a sequel.

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I'll probably end up buying the iOS version out of blind loyalty to the franchise. And I really wonder how they'll make the combat work with both characters on the same screen, with no D-pad to control your partner.

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I hope to god this ends up being more than just an iOS port. I've waited 4 years for a sequel, dammit.

And you know what? I've been replaying TWEWY recently, wondering if it really still holds up. That game has only gotten BETTER with age. Seriously, it may be my favorite game ever. I would buy a 3DS in a heartbeat if it meant I'd get to play another one.

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Rise's my navigator because I haven't unlocked anyone else yet.

Completely forgot you could change the ring caller :P