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It depends on the kind of bug.  A spider, I would either leave alone or sick my dogs on it.  But ants (which are a big problem in my area), I go on a raid for.  And I don't mean Raid like the product, but raid like a big effin MMO we're gonna take down this sonofa....
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Hey all!  Hope you've all been having a good summer!  It's been a while, so this one will be slightly long maybe. 


Currently playing Vanguard: Saga of Heroes on and off because I never really gave it a decent chance.  This also reminds me that I'll have to update my MMO list/reviews.   I'm not sure why I never really gave it a chance before.  It's not too bad. 
Went back to Age of Conan for a day or so after it went free to play.  Apparently if you had a subscription, and it's currently inactive, you can still go back to your old account, but you can only "unlock" 2-3 character slots, whether currently occupied or empty.  Must pay for additional. 
Tried the trial for Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising because I was really interested in that game years ago when I first heard of it, but it was... meh.  Not bad, but not great at all.  If you've read the recent Game Informer article on it, I'd have to say that sums it up nicely. 
Other than that, I guess I haven't played a whole lot.  Will get to the reasoning for that a bit later.    
*Edit*  Oh yeah... and I'm ticked about the whole Diablo 3 thing... online only, auction house with real cash.  Screw all that.

PAX! - Which is still Gaming!

So excited that PAX is under a week!  We got our passes last weekend.  Two three-day passes (for me and the hubby), and 2 Friday passes (for our daughter and housemate).  Hotel room for me and the hubby at the Sheraton Saturday night.  Will be AWESOME. 
Also, I'll be cosplaying for the first time ever this year!  Mad Moxxi!!!   I did, however, just decide to do this like... yesterday or so, so my costume is very last minute, very ghetto-ized.  But I think it will work out well.  I have the hat done, I have to the cuffs, collar, and buttons to the jacket, and it will be mostly done.  Will have to post pics!
Moxxi & Claptrap



Sure, GB isn't Screened, but I still like to share some of the shows I watch, because there are other fans out there. 
Alphas (SyFy Network) - X-Men meets X-files or something?  I have really been digging this show lately.  My favorite character has become the autistic kid. 

Suits (USA Network)

 - It's not just that I'm a law student and this is a law show.  I love the sarcasm and witty banter in this show. 

Haven (SyFy)

- A town full of Fringe/X-files stuff.  Digging it so far.  Missed the first season, but that's okay. 

True Blood (HBO)

- Yes, I'm a truebie.  Not a big one though.  But I do have to watch my show. 
Other shows that we've been watching lately almost more for hilarity factor are Legend Quest and Ancient Aliens.  I mean seriously, Giorgio Tsoukolos's hair IS an ancient alien! 


The first term of law school went well I think, but I won't know for a while, as there's a long turn-around for grades.  But it's going well.  Fall term starts on Monday.  Law school DEFINITELY puts a cramp on my gaming though.  Ah well. 
I'm still unemployed, which sucks.  I've had some interviews that went really, really well, but just never seem to pan out.  Hopefully I'll find something soon. 
As I said last time, for some reason, I never forum as much when I'm unemployed.  But I can often be found on Facebook at /melcene.  If you hit me up, let me know you're a duder. 
Finally:  Saturdays are starting to look good for Rock Band nights online for me.  I know someone from here messaged me about that on XBL, but I'm not sure who they are here.  But I'm down to do some vox for duders!
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I have to see if I can even go to any panels.  I seriously doubt my husband will be terribly interested in panels, but if we clear the Expo pretty good on Friday and most of Saturday, we'll see what Saturday evening and Sunday bring.
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For God's sakes, if you go to PAX, don't hit the Subway in the convention center!  There are at least two or three other Subways within walking distance that I guarantee won't have an hour-long line.  But yes, LOTS of good stuff to eat. 
There's a good foodery thread on the PAX official forums with all sorts of food listings.
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Howdy Folks!  Long time no type, I realize.  Life has been having its ups and downs.   Let's see... my last update was just after Memorial Day Weekend.  Ouch.  I was doing pretty good with the weekly updates too. 
And what the hell happened to the blogs?  Maybe its because my Google Chrome at home has been funny so I'm posting in IE, but damn, this lack of formatting sucks.  (By lack of formatting I simply mean that although I may select a line and press H2, it's not showing up in header format.  Sadface.)


So let's see... since that fateful day, I've played the following: 
Forsaken World 
Yes, her boobs are out there.  My husband has pointed this out several times.  Personally I kinda liked the artwork style of this game.  Anyway, this was one of the free to play MMOs that Steam put up a while back ago.  Only awesome part was, I was able to play it as a single player game if I chose.  Just a press of a button, and I could turn off seeing other players.  It was actually pretty nice.  I enjoyed Forsaken World, but because it's free to play, they are big into micro-transactions, and without paying for currency that way, it takes a while to get anywhere.  My priest/cleric/whatevertheycallhealers is 30something out of 70, and I was still enjoying myself (and that is NOT a picture of her, btw).  But my gaming ADD got to me... and although I have it on 360, I bought it on Steam..... 
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 
I don't think I have any neat screenshots to add, and you could probably find plenty anyway, but after playing the hell out of Risen, I really wanted to go back to an open world RPG.  And I never got to experience Oblivion on PC.  Ohhhh Oblivion on PC.  You are so evil.  Tilde key, you are the bane of me.  You make it so easy to give myself gold, or that really cool looking armor I want. 
Right out of the prison, I actually ended up going straight to Shivering Isles and going through all those quests.  That was actually a lot of fun.  I really dug the whole Mania/Dementia (I was totally a Mania person) thing, and I dunno... the whole thing was neat.  I suppose at this point I should interject that I am typing this blog while slightly inebriated. 
So as I've always done, once I got done with Shivering Isles, I got into the regular game, and immediately started setting up all my DLC homes.  And also per usual... lost my interest for the game nearly immediately after that.  But law school was starting up at about that time so no biggie.  But I can't go without something to play.  So as we speak, I'm alt-tabbed out of.... 
Neverwinter Nights II Platinum Edition 
What can I say... it was on sale during the Steam Summer Camp sale, and I didn't own it.  I think I got it on the last day of the sale too.  So I've been playing that the last few weeks.  But with law school, I basically only get to play on the weekends... It's an odder creature than the original NWN, and I'm ticked its not Bioware, because I have a harder time finding any mods I'm interested in.  Just a basic world chest mod.. is that too much to ask?
And while I'm thinking about it the order above is wrong.  It was Oblivion, then Forsaken World, then Neverwinter Nights 2. 

Where I've been...

Well, besides being busy with law school... I was let go from my job shortly after the Memorial Day weekend.  I was told that my "performance had declined."  Which I thought was BS.  So did one of my coworkers.  She facebooked me 2 days later asked WTF.  I explained, and she said that was bullshit, especially considering one of the secretaries had been showing up to work drunk and had only gotten suspended.  Bah, whatever.  Big firm life isn't for me.  I prefer small firms I think. 
Other than that, law school has been keeping me busy.  I start class at 6pm, but because of my commute leave at 4:30pm.  I only have one class during the summer, but they're trying to cram us full of a shit-ton of information over the course of 6 weeks.  We're there till 8:15 2 nights a week, and 9pm the other 2 nights a week.  then I spend, on average, another 3-4 hours per school day on homework and whatnot.  I can definitely say it's more work than I expected.  See, I was the type of student in high school and college that could get by with at least a B without hardly cracking a book.  Not possible in law school.  At least I don't think so... I haven't dared try.  My first law school final is in just over 2 weeks, so we'll see how things go.  Although I'm kinda stressing over it, I am also fairly confident I'll do well. 
Otherwise... PAX is coming up!!!!  Well.. next month anwyay.  I'll still be there!  Looking forward to meeting duders there. 
But because I'm currently unemployed, I don't visit my normal forum haunts as much.  I can be found on 360, Steam, Facebook, wherever as Melcene.  If you hit me up, let me know you're a duder. 
And now it's time to get back to drinking and gaming with the hubby.  Hope ya'll are well.  Take care.
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So I've been away from GB for a bit... is this on hold due to E3 coverage?
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I read the OP and breathed a sigh of relief.  Wasn't what I expected from the title.

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@skinnyman said:

The correct answer is Braveheart. "The English won't let us train with weapons, so we have to train with stones."  Also, watch Gladiator and Pirates of the Caribbean back to back while paying attention to the soundtrack. They recycled the same "epic" tracks for both movies.

And don't forget.  "It's MY island!" 
Also:  I think I would like to know how many people have actually seen all three movies and aren't just going on "Kate Winslet's tits" or "Mel Gibson blah blah."
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Titanic is crap. 
I'm having a hard time picking between Braveheart and Gladiator.  Braveheart was epic and I still listen to the score occasionally.  Gladiator was shorter, and yet somehow still came across as an epic.  And again, great music.   
I don't judge those movies by what Mel Gibson may be like offscreen.  Just as I don't judge Tom Cruise movies by his scientology and couch-jumping antics.

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Nope.  I will talk to people through the door, or I will talk to them if I'm the one on the toilet.  Don't matter.