MY Fall/Holiday 2010 To-Buy List

These are games I plan on getting between now and Christmas, whether as birthday presents, stocking stuffers, or christmas presents.

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Posted by Jolt92

Do indeed get Star Wars FU / II, so excited for the second one, and the first one is pretty awesome. Though maybe you should space them out a bit, it can get a bit tiring.

Posted by melcene

Updated list!  
So I'm down to 5 games to get... and probably not going to get Kinect for Christmas after all.  Just not enough out for it right now to make it worth it.  It'll just collect dust like the Wii or PS3.

Posted by smokemare

How are you finding warriors of rock vs RB3?
Have you tried 'pro-moding' on RB3?

Posted by melcene
@smokemare: Warriors of Rock was fun.  I liked the new quest mode.  But, as always with Guitar Hero games, it's HARD.  I haven't even tried vox or drums.  RB3 is also fun, but I have a pretty good amount of DLC for it, so that always makes it the favorite over GH games.  I've only tried pro keys so far in RB3.  I don't drum, and we don't have a pro guitar yet.  But the changes in RB3 for the most part are great.  My big complaint though is some of the vox options and issues.