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This was really interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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Warhawk, Valkryia Chronicles. King of Fighters XIII if you like fighting games.

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@kteven said:

I have been playing for most of the day (early beta shit yo), and I'm loving it. I know I shouldn't like being a level 7 fisherman but I do. I find it super weird though that I am on Ultros (NA) and have no lag. Being in England I expected shit to be lagged to fucked, but it works! Best day off in a while.

Oh, that's good to hear! I was about to make my character in Ultros yesterday and only realised then that it's NA. Thought it would be really laggy.

Pity about not being able to make new characters in Ultros, but if it opens up again I'll jump in for sure.

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@patrickklepek It's cool that you're taking an interest in the fighting game community! Good on you. I agree with those tweets about fighting game execution. Many of my fighting game friends are stuck on that weird low-intermediate level, where they can pull off combos but can't actually play the rest of the game (the parts people tend to overlook: footsies, mindgames, looking for the opponent's habits and patterns, pressuring the opponent to react in a certain way, etc). When they play or watch others play, all they focus on is the combos and ignore all the other aspects; with a lot of these people equating the neutral game to rock paper scissors instead of actually paying attention to what's going on during that time.

From this point (in my experience, at least) a lot of people end up quitting, give up on improving altogether, or end up sitting in training mode all the time and not playing the core game. It's sad to see people put in such effort and not get to the most rewarding part of fighting games!

It'd be great to see fighting games make a real effort to teach players how to play, and understand what's going on. In their current state, it feels like FGs hide these mechanics / concepts behind a veil, and I honestly don't know why they do it. They may have gotten away with it before, but now that the competitive side of FGs has blown up from 2009 and continues to do so, hopefully they'll feel pressured enough to make an attempt.

I thought I knew where I was going with this, but I guess I don't. My point's in there somewhere lol. Sorry for the ramble!

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Chocolate and Honeycomb. That's two favourites but I wrote them anyway. So there!

Also, vanilla sucks :(

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I would say caffeine/sugar, and procrastination. For a few years I was drinking around 8 cans of coke daily, not even counting coffee or tea. I've cut it down to 3 a day thankfully, although that amount of sugar is still probably not a good thing.

The real sucker for me though is doing NOTHING, regardless of whether I'd like to do something or not. Although these are clearly petty compared to some of the real addictions people are bringing up here.

@everyones_a_critic that sounds horrible man, good on you for getting through that awful experience

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Naga Siren is my favourite, Vengeful Spirit is who I use most

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@49th: I enjoyed this more than I should have

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Doesn't your body type affect this a lot?

Luckily I'm a mesomorph, maybe slight lean towards ectomorph. Never had problems with gaining weight regardless of what I ate growing up and am fairly toned despite little exercise (only swim). Despite this I've been trying to eat a lot healthier for the last year or two as I imagine my insides are horrible lol

Good luck to all the people in here looking to get fitter! I know very little about fitness, but I've found swimming regularly to be a lot more fun than other exercises. Maybe finding an exercise you enjoy will help keep you motivated in the long run.

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Would love to join this, never really played MMOs before but I had fun in phase 3 of the closed beta. Not too sure on my name / class yet as it'll be a new character, thanks