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hope he pulls through! he always has valuable thoughts on policy, and provides a real in-the-trenches perspective that can be difficult to get elsewhere.

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Y'know what? I'm only a little bit sad at this news. He lived a great and interesting life and died at the ripe old age of 93. Well fucking done Sir Christopher Lee. You didn't end up living forever but you kicked some serious ass while you were here.

I feel about the same. He achieved a whole lot in his long life. May he rest in peace.

x3. tremendous man and actor- i'll miss that commanding voice, but we're fortunate to have his body of work committed to celluloid.

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Most of the GB membership don't remember why this site was started.

i mean- i think only the co-founders truly understand that. everything else is conjecture.

but it definitely sounds like you have a finite conception of what giant bomb "is supposed to be." and i think @jeff would be the first to tell you this thing is designed and intended to grow into new areas. @austin_walker's hire is proof-positive of that.

just because things change and people try new things doesn't mean the old thing turns to ash, ceases to exist completely, and prior work is invalidated.

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I've always been curious why anime gets a free pass when it comes to the video game level of criticism.

i don't think anything gets a free pass- critical critique is still relatively nascent in games, and i think it can be difficult to have perspective given the website we're posting on. it can feel like it's a dogpile on games- but rest assured all forms of popular media are CONSTANTLYbeing critiqued along the same lines.

i guarantee there's reams of ivory tower paper riffing on anime- you just aren't exposed to it on a regular basis because anime doesn't have the same level of cultural penetration as vidya games in the western world.

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fantastic piece austin! you have a wonderful way of organizing your thoughts and reasoning. LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE OPPRESSIVE HEGEMONY OF THE ONTARIO LIQUOR BOARD; OR- FUCK THE BEER STORE.

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this is probably moot at this point as i believe OP has already made a purchase, but here's my 2 centz for posterity:

-the heck with bluetooth (although being untethered is nice)! sound quality (while good and always improving) doesn't justify the high cost and necessary recharging.

-for home listening drop $100-150ish on a set of proven high quality monitors (Senns HD 280/380 Pro, Sony MDR7506, Audio-Technica ATH-M50x). you get passive isolation which is good for your ears, won't bother your neighbors, and the quality to cost ratio is in your favour. if you don't like a flat response, an EQ can make up a lot of the difference.

-for the gym- get some cheap but high quality buds (i've been using Sennheiser CX 300 II for years) and get some comply foam tips to keep the things in your ears and dampen external sound. if the cable is a concern, run it under your shirt and you're good. you'd be surprised at how good some cheap buds sound, and they always will break due to wear and tear, so no need to break the bank. also- i simply cannot justify getting expensive headphones sweaty at the gym.

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this is certainly a complex issue- there's merit coming from many opposing angles on this.

but at the very least- i do deeply appreciate moosa's piece on polygon, as well as austin's personal take. these issues- the implicit 'whiteness' of a product like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and it's greater context within the global marketplace of modern video games- NEED to be considered on a regular basis if games are going to progress to new, exciting places. and the very nature of race-and-representation-issues is so pernicious or elusive- we need voices drawing attention to the culture we're knowingly-or-unknowingly contributing to. anti-image is still an image- saying nothing is still saying SOMETHING.

i get that the witcher series might seem like the wrong bone to pick- and no one's calling to crucify cdprojekt red. but a fantasy fan (myself included) can't help but take a moment and think, "jeez- these things really are homogeneous as fuck." and personally for me, homogeneity is stifling.

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to answer your question: no they don't.

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No surprises there.

yep. taking preorders is indicative of NOTHING aside from intent to release a product named fallout 4.

pro tip: a $59.99 preorder on a all-digital platform with no bonuses is neither worth your time nor money.

also- part of their store copy reads "Coming soon: TBD" which is both conceptually nebulous and syntactically awkward. so don't reward that AT THE VERY LEAST.