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He is getting stuff handed on a silver platter just because he is famous, despite being able to stand on his own feet.

well- that says it all i suppose.

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He actually forgot the most crucial fact that is getting people riled up in the first place. The only reason people are crowd-funding this is because he happens to be famous on the internet because of his job.

no- people are donating because he was robbed.

side question: how do you possibly deal with political campaign financing? or more appropriately- someone like brad muir running a kickstarter? and neither of those involve personal misfortune, and yet people willingly give in far greater amounts all the time.

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this is pretty hard to beat, at least to me (dan ryckert story):

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Hey! How about you all give me that money for a $30,000 surgery that insurance only covers half of!

I'm being serious here. I have a $30,000 surgery I need soon to keep me alive and people are giving money to a guy to buy consoles.

if that's the case, first of all good luck!, and secondly maybe you should reach out the staff and see if you can organize a fundraiser? the only reason dan's getting the attention is because he, a public figure, announced the robbery. maybe you should let other duders know? you'd probably be surprised at the generosity of the community.

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@face15 said:

I really like Dan and think he probably has the moral compass to realise that there are far more deserving causes to direct this generosity

i'd wholeheartedly agree that there are people out there in a much tougher spot than dan- but i think you should recognize the implicit test of "[dan's] moral compass" you're imposing is pretty shitty- not to mention presumptive. it's like showing up to a birthday party and then asking, "yeah- but do you really deserve those gifts?" how do we know what people do and don't deserve?

besides- if you follow that line of reasoning to it's conclusion, essentially anyone born in a first-world country should be morally obligated to deny unsolicited and 'undeserved' gifts of kindness.

that's a fine ideological stance to take- but i think you'll find it impossible to adhere to in any meaningful way.

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the sheer volume of individuals checking in to moralise on what's essentially an unsolicited passing around of a hat is legitimately confounding me.

haven't you ever participated in a non-charitable fundraiser (like a filmmaker soliciting $$ for a project)?

just the other week a coworker's mother suddenly died. this coworker has a good job, and most likely doesn't 'need' a hand. but because she's such a integral piece of our lives, we had an unsolicited collection to help with the funeral costs.

does that make us morally reprehensible? if so- when did the giantbomb community get so god damned puritanical?

a bad thing happened- some have chosen to help. that's a problem? you must be a delight at dinner conversation.

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i understand your perspective, and it's admirable to try and represent the underprivileged- but i think you'll find an ideological stance that pure and unrelenting will be impossible to maintain. i mean- based on your avatar, you're a subscriber- why didn't you feed the starving with that excess money?

also- you might want to choose your battles with a higher degree of scrutiny- drawing attention to the excess of western wealth is fine. but in a thread where a dude just got all his shit jacked? poor taste, and almost definitely inappropriate. not to mention the message will probably fall on unreceptive ears.

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yeah maybe we could use a little less holier-than-thou, judgemental opinionating up in here, eh gang?

this is a video game website, after all. where we routinely spend money to watch grown men play pogs. 10 bucks here and there to help a guy who got a raw deal doesn't signify the moral demise of humanity. besides, it's kinda shitty to decry a nice thing by essentially saying 'YEAH WELL YOU COULD DO A NICER THING!' or 'SOMEONE ELSE DESERVES THAT NICE THING.'

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i had a rough day, but not this bad! MY TENNER IS YOURS, DANIEL. NEVER SURRENDER!

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it's a silly opinion piece, for sure. and if DICE want to make a game that romanticizes law enforcement, that's their prerogative.

but i do agree with the writer's general sentiment that perhaps we should be examining how art imitates life, and vice versa.

and besides- i can't think of anything less cool than playing as law enforcement individual. might as well call it BATTLEFIELD: THE MAN, MAN

edit: i also sincerely hope people aren't getting their blood up about this. it does say 'OPINION' in bold letters, and i generally avoid that sort of 'journalism' (i'd argue it's not in fact, but rather simply 'writing') as it is almost hyperbolic by definition- no matter the field.

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that title isn't meant to imply the boys had lost their spark (sorry)- just a thinly veiled reference to this meisterwerk.

if the internet would be so kind as to pardon my positivity for just 5 minutes- i want to take a brief moment to express how thrilled i am at the site's recent developments, and to recognize all the hard work it took to get there. this might have been better suited as an email or PM, but i thought it might be worthwhile to allow those of a similar mind to chime in.

finally, giantbomb- all of your labours are bearing fruit. and this is precisely the sort of cookie trap i RELISH. game respect game.

i first came on-board towards the end of the whiskey-media era...late 2011. and while countless would surely refer to this time as a golden age- i think we're on the verge of new greatness. i don't need to remind the userbase of the trials the crew has faced since that time- and that turmoil has exacted a cost. BUT- and i'm speaking to you now, giantbomb staff- you've emerged seasoned, hardened, perhaps admittedly world-wearier- but irrefutably resolute.

we now have an embarrassment of content to enjoy each week- the bomb has expanded into TWO new cities, and perhaps most importantly, we have the boys taking on new roles and succeeding with aplomb- to name a few examples:

-brad- you've stepped up huge in hosting the 'cast. it doesn't go unnoticed, and while you could never replace those colourful new balances- you're doing right by the big man.

-drew- everyone always wanted more drew, and it's heartwarming to have your presence felt in all corners of the site now. since we're going into space this year, i hope that means we'll be seeing even more of you.

-patick, vinny, and alex- you're expanding the bomb in ways that show huge potential, and it takes a certain brand of courage to try these untested ideas. it's early still, but between an established morning show and unique content coming from giantbomb east- it's safe to presume glory is just around the corner.

-jeff- how you've managed to steer this madness for this long is unfathomable. but you've kept it alive and thriving. that's no small feat, and your leadership is a quality that often goes unrecognized. NOT TODAY.

-rorie- you're the first one in and the last one out when it comes to putting out the forum fires and addressing userbase concerns. thank you for fighting the good fight- and thank you for wading through that muck so the rest of us don't have to. you literally make this site a better, happier place on a daily basis, and it wouldn't have felt right without you returning to the fold when you did.

-and to the new guys- dan and jason: the highest compliment i can pay in this specific circumstance- you make it look like you've been with the crew since the beginning. tune out the nonsensical noise, and keep doing what you're doing. you've already enriched the site in a very brief period of time, so i'm sincerely excited to see what you're up to once you're fully acclimated.

i think we, collectively as a cyber-society, are so used to the internet's propensity towards negatively-charged feedback that we overlook the merit of positive encouragement. so although i know the boys don't need it- i think y'all are on killing it. thanks.