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i like vinyl because it forces you to physically engage with the art-

the track list, the liner notes, the design and cover art- this shit matters!

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@milkman said:

I expect them to give me their opinions about video games.

exactly. games "journalism" really doesn't exist. its a perceptive form of media. outside of a few undisputed technical things its all opinion based.

thirded! and that extends to all entertainment "journalism" - be it film, music, or games...shoot from the heart, that's all that matters. i honestly don't care who you know are what your relation is to them- give me a reason to doubt your motives, and i'll move on. but a sure as shit don't expect you to be a conduit for the unfettered 'truth,' whatever the fuck that is.

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my first reaction was to dismiss this as a useless celebration of angst.

but the more i think of it, the more i realise this astoundingly creative idea seems like a TREMENDOUS opportunity for the mod community. how amazing would it be to subvert the subversive by making it a dating sim or text-heavy love-fest.

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and then there's this sort of horseshit:

tl;dr- people selling anti-ebola supplements. i.e. snakeoil.

and before anyone chimes in with 'free market' haberdashery- health is one venue where the public really should be protected from their own ignorance.

it might sound naive, but i still find it highly disturbing that people could find this human-tragedy-in-progress as an opportunity to swindle.

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well, some developer(s) is(are) starved for attention.

and in other news, controversial game is controversial.

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well- i'm not worried about catching it, because ebola remains statistically a drop in the ocean compared to the other various ailments that kill thousands daily. but if it does get out into the general population in a significant way, i'm pretty much fucked as i work at a major nyc hospital and take 2 forms of mass transit everyday.

it is depressing though to see how manageable this thing should be, and how we (wealthy nations) are failing africa and failing at shutting it down in the USA.

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An Ebola epidemic would be a really surefire way to get the general public freaking out, so FEMA and Obama can swoop in and save the day.

to be honest man, i think this issue is more toxic than beneficial for obama. people who politicize this thing are out of their minds, but seeing as how the dallas response has been less-than-stellar, i think this can only (rightly or wrongly) hurt him. as soon as this thing got to US soil, it was radioactive for his administration. which is insane, because it was always destined to show up here.

i think the only ones that TRULY benefit from a freaked-out-on-virus population are Purell (and other big pharmas) and the daily news cycle (suddenly every outlet has a go-to story that plays on peoples ignorance and fear).

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why read any criticism if it doesn't reflect the views of the author? i read reviews and critiques to get thoughtful opinions, not examination results.

granted- there will always be a basic implicit inquiry of is-this-thing-any-good to criticism- but i think that importance is frequently overblown. and it goes without saying- writers who use criticism primarily as a platform for their own egos and thereby drift astray of the work in question are undeniably obnoxious. but i'd almost rather that than a completely sterile 'report.' because as annoying as it maybe, i think it's more honest than pretending you're the objective truth incarnate.

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appreciate the article @patrickklepek. we all have to do better.

additionally (although this was more appropriate weeks ago):

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can we all grow up now?

here's hoping they track some IPs/MAC addresses and hold those responsible as accountable. enough is enough- either that, or we burn twitter to the ground. as a society, we clearly can't handle it. as it turns out a few shithead cretins DO ruin it for everyone else.

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Your problem is listening to Maroon 5. Don't ever listen to Maroon 5.