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You know, keep it going just to make the naysayers and sensitive /overanalytical types squirm. This is some kaufmann-esque shit right here.

next week brad and dan break up and then it's oh god MARIO FIST FIGHT.

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I'm going to have take some prozac, or get drunk, or something if they do any more of these to enjoy it. I get the point, Dan beats the shit out of them in a game they don't even like and brags about it in the most grating way. If someone acted like that towards me I would break his or her nose.

Well unfortunately that's who Dan is. Although, the GB crew certainly doesn't help by letting his ego run rampant with these types of videos. From the custom t-shirt with his name and Rocky imagery on it, constantly shilling his novels, and now this new podcast about life advice I just can't stand his antics. He's the definition of 'that guy' who ruins everything with his self-absorption mixed in equal parts to his stupidity and arrogance. In comparison, Jason is an amazing addition to the team and gels so well with the overall attitude of the crew through his genuinely thoughtful and nice demeanor. Going forward I hope that Jason subs out Dan for a chunk of content because he damn well deserves it more than that blathering fool.

whoah. you guys are so right- let's break that guy's nose because he's just a blathering fool who's equal parts stupid and arrogant.

(with that sort of attitude, you'll NEVER invited to any mario parties! just saying).

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Hoping Dan sits this one out, unless he's willing to dial his shtick way down.


i, for one, eagerly await the arrival of master-brawler Ryckert Fortyhand...slayer of dorks and champion of fastfood bullshit.

edit: can't you hear his battlecry? LAAAAAAAA-LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...

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The result is that, for something like a blizzard, the city is woefully underprepared, and so they worry a lot about service disruptions (especially for transit). So instead of taking the chance that they won't be able to deal with the weather, they shut everything down.

to be fair- they totally got it wrong with this one. the head of US National Weather Service admitted they forecasted incorrectly.

and for the record, this is the 3rd time EVER the subway has been completely offline. so it's not as if new yorkers head for the hills at the first sight of flurries.

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You should see some of the subway stations, subway trains and buses. They are relics. Shit hasn't changed here since the 70s or 80s in a lot of cases. And the subways can be disrupted easily.

it's true, the stations are dirty and falling apart. but the tradeoff is, you have one of the largest and most-pervasive subway systems in north america that costs a paltry $2.50 for unlimited distance in one direction.

don't get me wrong, i'd rather live in toronto than nyc. but don't pretend that there's anything close to the MTA (by any metric) operating in canada. have a look:

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whoah, tough guy here.

lived in toronto, lived in nyc. they kinda both freak out based on my experience.

and uh, fwiw- sandy was kinda a big deal.

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more wrestling talk. only because it drives y'all cray.

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i'm interested in learning and expanding my personal horizons, and that's only achieved through new experiences and perspectives.

diversity is essential to that. otherwise there's just atrophy.

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i played on 360 and had characters stuck in walls all the time. sometimes they'd get stuck in combat as well, which was a real bummer.

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real talk- for a half a second i thought you had rigged a fight stick to cooler.

the reality is much cooler. looking forward to seeing the end result!