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Tetris for me, and has been for decades.

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I wasn't overly hyped for Splatoon, but the beta really won me over.

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I like to try for no-death runs. I don't usually succeed, but it's fun to try.

Also, I'm in the middle of trying to work out a no-coin run of SMB1... it's harder than it looks.

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@claude: I have to admit, the games I'm playing on my WiiU are certainly not anything I would have bought a system for, but since I already have one, I've not had a lot of trouble finding things to play on it.

But I also haven't taken the plunge on either a PS4 or Xbox1, so there's that.

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Let's be honest, no one actually thought this was going to be a 2015 release did they?

I've mentioned a couple of time on social media I personally don't think this will EVER be released on WiiU. Nintendo's next console maybe but, not WiiU. It's not like they haven't done this before? Think about it, would you release this on a console that doesn't have the user base or, do you make this the launch title for a new Nintendo Console? kind of a no-brainer really!!

But the last time they did this, the console in question already had a Zelda game for it, they just pushed the follow-up to the next console... and still released it on both systems. Albeit in limited numbers on the former, but still.

It'd be playing with fire for Nintendo to have a console generation go by where the only Zelda game on the market is a remake of a ten year old game. They can't afford to have their most diehard fans lose confidence in them.

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I feel the same way about Bayonetta 2, though now that I've got both games for WiiU, and can compare and contrast on the fly, I do think there is some tangible change they made to the combat.

I can't quite articulate what it is, because I'm not super well versed in the genre, but something about the timing on your combos and the overall fluidity of movement.

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@the_ruckus said:

weird often see him marked as the inventor of video games i always thought alan turning or some other people technically invented video games and ralph invented usage of tv connected video games

google search inventor of video games and its always ralph seems incorrect

but still doesnt take away from fact that had massive impact on how video games are today

A lot of people who had access to computers back in the day would find ways to have fun with them, so barring a very strict definition of what is and isn't a video game, we'll probably never pin it down to a single person.

Baer definitely deserves to be remembered as one of the founding fathers of video games, along with guys like Nolan Bushnel, and the MIT Tech Model Railroad Club.

This site gives a pretty good overview of the history, for anyone who's interested.

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Careful Ron, your buddy Tim tried that not long ago and… things got a bit weird.

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What the hell is going on at Nintendo!?

I mean, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't complain, but there were few things I could rely on in this world, and good ol' faithful Nintendo refusing to change was one of them. That's not really a good thing, but at least I never had to worry about being let down, because I knew better than to get my hopes up from the start.

Well, the days of just heaving a big sigh and saying "yeah, that would be nice" might be over. I hope Nintendo is ready and willing to commit to this whole "getting with the times" business. I can't bear to have my heard broken.

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meh… I'm really getting tired of having a hundred memberships to a hundred services with a hundred logins and a hundred passwords.

I can't hate EA for doing it, because it makes perfect sense, and it seems like a pretty decent value, but if I intend to play games that aren't published by EA at some point in the future, this sort of thing becomes an ever-increasing pain in my ass, especially if other publishers (*cough Activision and Ubisoft cough*) decide to follow suit.