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Careful Ron, your buddy Tim tried that not long ago and… things got a bit weird.

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What the hell is going on at Nintendo!?

I mean, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't complain, but there were few things I could rely on in this world, and good ol' faithful Nintendo refusing to change was one of them. That's not really a good thing, but at least I never had to worry about being let down, because I knew better than to get my hopes up from the start.

Well, the days of just heaving a big sigh and saying "yeah, that would be nice" might be over. I hope Nintendo is ready and willing to commit to this whole "getting with the times" business. I can't bear to have my heard broken.

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meh… I'm really getting tired of having a hundred memberships to a hundred services with a hundred logins and a hundred passwords.

I can't hate EA for doing it, because it makes perfect sense, and it seems like a pretty decent value, but if I intend to play games that aren't published by EA at some point in the future, this sort of thing becomes an ever-increasing pain in my ass, especially if other publishers (*cough Activision and Ubisoft cough*) decide to follow suit.

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According to top anime scientists, boobs are also weightless, and girls typically go from flat chested to fully formed all at once somewhere between the age of 13 and 14.

Also, everyone becomes "old" and "jaded" once they hit the ripe age of 30.

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I'm really digging it, but the game is kicking my ass pretty hard.

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Patrick doesn't actually know what the uncanny valley is...

Is it a roguelike or a roguelike-like?

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@fawkes said:

[1/2] Also, if you're looking for "higher fidelity tech" to rescue motion control gaming, you fundamentally misunderstand physical play.

— Douglas Wilson (@doougle) May 14, 2014

This statement sounds like it is saying things are supposed to be wonky and the action on screen is supposed to be disjointed from the actions in the real world. If that is the case then I'll be glad when the Kinect is completely dead and buried. I have no interest in lowering my expectations for video game controls to a point where it doesn't matter if the game does what I want it to.

No, what he means is that the analogue between actions in the real world and actions in the game need to be better designed. The mistake that way too many developers make with motion control is they try to make the player pantomime the action their onscreen character is supposed to do, which creates an immediate disconnect the second those two things fail to line up correctly.

The reason Wii Sports works as well as it does has nothing to do with fidelity. If anything, Wii Sports benefits from having a much lower fidelity than most motion controlled games, it also does a good job of hiding the fact that it's just barely reading your movements and handling most of the action without telling you. Reduced fidelity and that slight layer of abstraction makes for a game that's considerably more playable, even if the realism is broken the minute you start thinking too hard about what you're doing.

Basically, he's saying that a lot of the problems people run into with Kinect could be solved by having it take in less complex inputs overall, and designing around not just the hardware limitations but also the real life limitations that the player is going to have to deal with in trying to use the thing in the first place. (keep in mind that this is coming from a man who designed a game where you hold a controller still, and other people try to make you shake your controller while also holding theirs still)

Unless they can make a Kinect that perfectly reads your actions 1-1 exactly 100% of the time, then making games that require precise pantomime on the part of the player are never going to work right.

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Those tweets from Doug Wilson are spot on.

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Oh the memories. I remember this game like it was last year.

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If you'd told me a week ago that I'd be totally digging the new Steel Diver game, I'd have probably slapped you. But goddammit, I don't know how it happened, but I really like the new Steel Diver game. (just feels so wrong to say that)