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I don't think he's going to win either, since the winner is usually picked from the last two teams, but he at least deserves a nomination. I'm personally rooting for Müller and hopefully he can get the 7 goals too.

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Howard and Ochoa definitely deserved to be nominated, but neither of them are the winners. That one will no doubt go to Neuer.

Is Robben nominated for best player? Because he really deserves that one. He fought till the end and he has been the biggest reason Netherlands made it this far.

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I'm not denying that he dives a lot and that he goes down a bit too easy, but throughout the whole World Cup people has been going at him the whole time. That's the biggest reason as for why he was down 16 times. They're afraid of him and what he can do, so they're rougher on him. You'll see the same thing with Neymar in some of the World Cup matches and in La Liga.

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Wow, being whistled and yelled at by their own people, their own country. Must be an horrible feeling.

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The ref thought he dived and was intentionally running into Blind, hoping he could get the PK. I'm somewhat undecided on that one, but that is definitely one of those moments where I'm glad I am not the ref.

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Are we watching the same match? You do know that everytime he is being tackled, he is not necessarily diving?

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@obcdexter It's pretty crazy how many stupid decisions/calls the ref has made so far, especially because he has been pretty consistent during the World Cup..

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@i_stay_puft: MonstersUp is pretty much a clone of Doodle Jump and for the most part you just see the same environments.

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Congratulations to Argentina. They were definitely the better team today, but Netherlands has without a doubt been the better team throughout the tournament. Sort of bummed out, since Germany v. Netherlands would have been a very intense match. Oh well, I truly believe that Germany will win over Argentina.