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@laika: I don't know what I'm experiencing has anything to do with what happened in this thread, but I just noticed that I don't have my profile picture in the chat. I just have the default profile picture. I have no idea when I changed it. I've tried clearing my cache, using different browsers, but it did nothing.

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Indiana Jones gets pretty absurd for a movie that starts out that realistically. I mean, inflatable boat parachute, ripping out hearts, the lost ark, the holy grail, ALIENS. Yeah..

What aliens? There were no aliens in Raiders, Temple or Crusade.

There's that awful fourth movie you know.

There's no fourth movie, dude..

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Definitely one of the best hip hop releases of the year, holy fuck these songs can knock people out! El-P and Killer M goes hard on every single track. I can't decide if I find it better than Piñata, but it is without a doubt up there!

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Kill List is definitely something else and I'm saying that in the best way possible.

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If you still have Gone Home, I wouldn't mind getting it, thanks!

Steam ID is IIAI

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I don't have a PlayStation 4 and the last Assassin's Creed game I played was Brotherhood, so I could imagine that I would pick up Rogue if the reviews aren't totally dismissing it. .

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I don't think he's going to win either, since the winner is usually picked from the last two teams, but he at least deserves a nomination. I'm personally rooting for Müller and hopefully he can get the 7 goals too.

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Howard and Ochoa definitely deserved to be nominated, but neither of them are the winners. That one will no doubt go to Neuer.

Is Robben nominated for best player? Because he really deserves that one. He fought till the end and he has been the biggest reason Netherlands made it this far.

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I'm not denying that he dives a lot and that he goes down a bit too easy, but throughout the whole World Cup people has been going at him the whole time. That's the biggest reason as for why he was down 16 times. They're afraid of him and what he can do, so they're rougher on him. You'll see the same thing with Neymar in some of the World Cup matches and in La Liga.