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Holy shit....the Gaspar Noe film Irreversible is legal in Australia.

Wow. Just wow.

But that that isn't a video game that is obviously for children.

Seriously though, Australia has been a bit stuck in the past with video game rules/law for quite some time. It won't change anytime soon.

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All the best, Scoops. I'll miss you, dude. Most of us will.

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This shit is disgusting. I get what some of you guys are saying about the GB personalities being more vocal about denouncing this bullshit behvaiour, but I really don't think that will discourage people. I mean, look at the kind of shit they are saying! Do you think hearing some personalities in the industry denounce their actions will really change their minds?

I don't think we're dealing with good people who've gone down the wrong path here, guys. I think they're just plain fucked up and I don't think any amount of moral guidance or calling them out from any amount of industry personalities will shut this stuff down. The world doesn't work that way. I don't know what the solution is -- I wish I did. All I know is that giving the staff shit for not getting out there enough and calling out these assholes for their bullshit is going to do anything. Think about it, they're trolls. What do trolls love? Getting as much of a reaction to their shit-stirring as they possibly can. Don't feed the trolls. Report them to the police, report them on the services they are using to launch these pathetic assaults and use the proper channels. Do not give them any recognition whatsoever.

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@00 said:

Software like your web browser or a video player on a website is not the cause of this.

You either have a driver problem (make sure your system is completely up to date) or a hardware failure.

It may be that you only have problems when hardware accelerated video decoding is being used, but that's a symptom of the problem, not the cause.

Sorry dude, but you're dead wrong on this one.

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Can confirm that I only get atikmdag.sys BSODs when watching Giant Bomb videos. It does not happen on any other website at all that I can see, or game, or anything else. Literally just this site. If anyone finds a work around please let me know as soon as possible? Cheers!

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Brilliant. Putting it on my phone now!

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Same issue here. I didn't notice until I had to log back in on my laptop. The crossing guard is coming for me :(

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So the first VR headset with promise is now going to be a machine to peddle even more free to play Facebook shit like farmville and candy crush? No fucking thanks! Christ.

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@sweetz said:

Same for other Firefox users.

There's a workaround, after the video fails to load, right click in video area -> Play. Seems to be a Firefox problem and not a Giant Bomb problem.

Thanks for that, that's definitely useful in the interim. I do hope it is fixed soon, though.

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@demoskinos: No worries, man! Glad to make you feel a part of something even if I'm not huge in the community myself. :)