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@00 said:

Software like your web browser or a video player on a website is not the cause of this.

You either have a driver problem (make sure your system is completely up to date) or a hardware failure.

It may be that you only have problems when hardware accelerated video decoding is being used, but that's a symptom of the problem, not the cause.

Sorry dude, but you're dead wrong on this one.

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Can confirm that I only get atikmdag.sys BSODs when watching Giant Bomb videos. It does not happen on any other website at all that I can see, or game, or anything else. Literally just this site. If anyone finds a work around please let me know as soon as possible? Cheers!

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Brilliant. Putting it on my phone now!

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Same issue here. I didn't notice until I had to log back in on my laptop. The crossing guard is coming for me :(

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So the first VR headset with promise is now going to be a machine to peddle even more free to play Facebook shit like farmville and candy crush? No fucking thanks! Christ.

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@sweetz said:

Same for other Firefox users.

There's a workaround, after the video fails to load, right click in video area -> Play. Seems to be a Firefox problem and not a Giant Bomb problem.

Thanks for that, that's definitely useful in the interim. I do hope it is fixed soon, though.

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@demoskinos: No worries, man! Glad to make you feel a part of something even if I'm not huge in the community myself. :)

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Hi there,

I posted about this before but I'm still having this issue on almost every video on the site, though on very rare occasions videos do play properly. The basic jist is that on the new player, I click play (for example on Breaking Brad) and as the still fades to black and the video should pop in, nothing happens. It just fades slightly and sticks and the video never loads. If I switch from HD quality to low (high doesn't seem to work) the video starts playing, and I can then switch back to HD quality once the video is playing.
Any ideas why this is happening?

- Watching using HTML5 in HD quality

- Latest version of Firefox

- Win7 64-bit

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I've found a potential short term workaround for myself (maybe for others?). Before you load the video, try putting the quality to "Low", hopefully the video will begin playing in low quality. Once it is, you can then switch up to High or HD as you desire and it should work. It works for me!

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Yup, same here.
Pretty sure it's just another glitch while they smooth over this new code and plug the holes. Also, if it's any help when the video won't play, hovering over the "Quality" option yields a "no entry" sign and I can't click the quality button at all.

Running the latest version of Firefox on 64bit Win7 here.