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That music is so fucking good.

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Why does this story have an angry tone? Everyone charges for expansions. The real story is that they are releasing DLC for free.

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That was great Jeff. What a season, what a season...

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The version I downloaded ended abruptly while they were deciding if they wanted to continue playing Towerfall. The video was 60 minutes long.

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I never met you but I really miss you.

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Half Life 3 confirmed for SteamOS timed exclusivity.

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@Orange_Pork: They said they were thinking of including a demo for it in the HD collection, so I'm still holding a flame for that game. I wonder if I preorder The Last Guardian and Amazon is wrong about the release date would they give me some sort of credit?

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They couldn't even show 2 minutes from The Last Guardian? Come on. I know the development is going slowly since most of the team left but they couldn't make a decent trailer? I haven't bought a PS3 game in a year and I would preorder The Last Guardian.

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Damn, I'm actually sad since I loved the STALKER franchise. I bought all the games through Steam and I remember when Call of Pripyat came out the developers had a $10 loyalty discount to anyone who owned the previous games. I'm sure this story will lead to the PC pirating debate but I think that the problem was that the STALKER games appealed to a small portion of people and the developers weren't backed by a billion dollar company. The modding community really got behind the STALKER franchise and the developers borrowed some ideas from the mods and that was such a great thing to see. Anyways, if STALKER 2 never comes out I'll always be grateful for all the countless hours lost in abandoned buildings just listening to the dogs howling.

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