We need a Game Boy Virtual Console

While roaming Youtube for video game music earlier, I came across this track:  



So I got to thinking, where the hell is my Game Boy Virtual Console?!

The Game Boy

 The Nintendo Game Boy
Growing up, I don't ever remember not having my Game Boy.  Full of great games, and not to mention built like a tank, the Game Boy is a classic! So it's confusing when you realize Nintendo hasn't tried to capitalize on the popularity of the Game Boy in the current generation of consoles.

The Problem

The virtual console has proven to be a huge success, but there is a huge gap in Nintendo's back catalogue. It can't just be me that wants to play Game Boy games in 2010. Especially now that the DSi is capable of downloading games, a Game Boy VC seems like a total no brainer, yet we haven't heard a single word whether or not it could happen. Just to give you some perspective, there is a Commodore 64 VC, but no Game Boy VC. On a Nintendo download service. Not to take anything away from the C64, but this is a Nintendo console we're talking about!

The Games

Ah yes, the reason the Game Boy was such a classic. The Game Boy has a ton of games that never appeared anywhere else. Sure, there were franchises that appeared elsewhere, but the actual games themselves were stranded on the Game Boy for eternity. Games like the Super Mario Land and Donkey Kong Land series are perfect examples!. The SML games are classic, and while I may be running on nostalgia for the DKL series, I remember having a great time with them as well.

 Super Mario Land
There are so many games that I want to play again, without resorting to emulators.
  • Super Mario Land series
  • Tetris
  • Pokemon
  • Donkey Kong Land series
  • Mega Man (Game Boy versions)
  • Balloon Kid
  • Wario Land series

The Future

There are also games that I'm pretty sure I'm just nostalgic for, and not because they were any good. I still want to play them!
Hopefully someday we can go back to all the classic GB games on a Nintendo console, until then, I'm going to keep listening to these tunes.
What games do you want to revisit from that green screen machine?