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thanks for the help guys, i figured it out. turns out I'm just stupid and just got hung up on the fact that I didn't see those baddies outside of the frigate which didn't matter at all. just got inside the frigate and man this is some great music. loving the game!

Good to hear! Metroid Prime is my personal "best game of all time" (Dark Souls gives it a run for it's money though). I felt that way from the moment I finished it over a decade ago and I still think it's perfect.

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That's why I built one in November. i5-4690k, GTX 970 and 8GB of RAM. I haven't gone the distance and put in an SSD yet, but that'll come. The ability to use any controller and run *everything* at 1080p/60FPS on high-ultra is a godsend. I'm using a wireless receiver and 360 controllers for the most part; doesn't even feel like I'm not on a console.

Also, follow /r/gamedeals and never pay full price for a game again. I saw The Witcher 3 on sale for 32USD, and it's not even out yet!

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If you're watching LU, come swing by the regular place and chat!

Hitting it up next week when I'm caught up.

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Just a PSA for those interested in trying lucha underground this weeks episode starts in like 20 minutes on el ray.

I also *highly* recommend watching LU from the start to get a background on everything and everyone. Without commericals, it's eleven 43 minute episodes, which is basically nothing if you watch it in the same time chunks that you'd watch Raw.

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Hate WWE? Watch TNA, problem solved.

How hard was it to type that with a straight face? But seriously if you hate wwe watch NJPW or Lucha underground.

Is Lucha Underground good? I've never really gotten into any form of Mexican wrestling.

People in this thread seem to like it well enough.

I personally can't get into NJPW/Japanese wrestling at all, so that's out of the question for me, but if anyone wants to link a few 'great' Lucha Underground matches, I'd be willing to give it a shot, too.

Boy do I have a match for you, it's a great match that doesn't ruin any of the story stuff and just introduces 3 characters.

It's also worth noting that LU is less of a standard wrestling show with people cutting promos in the ring and more of a TV drama with usually 3 matches in there. If you want to see the kind of bonkers shit they've got going in that respect here THE GREATEST CHARACTER INTRO EVER

This stuff is amazing. I just started watching Lucha Underground (from the start, theres only 10 or 11 episodes so far) and I love the style. It's like a drama, a TV show that happens to be about a wrestling organization. It's shot super well, and the backstage stuff is fresh and unique.

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That's a beautiful build, but the 980 is really not worth it for the performance, though that depends what @nilazz is doing. Are you targeting 1080p/60FPS at Ultra? Because a 970 will excel at that for some time. 1440p/60FPS? You would likely need more power, but most people would still recommend two 970s over the 980, which will still keep you under 1500. Not to mention, you also said you're doing editing/media work, so the i7 4790k is going to increase the cost.

In the end, if your target is 1080p/60FPS, the 970 will do the job and then some. However, like I said before, the 980 is the best single card on the market, so if you have the cash you can totally do that if you're willing to push to the top of your budget. You won't be disappointed either way.

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@mellotronrules: Thanks for the link!

@melvargh: @tothenines: @pcorb: It sounds like I'm going to with a 970, if the performance increase is negligible I might as well save the $$$ for something else ( games! ) but since I am actually going to be rendering video and similar things I might as well go with a i7 I guess, better safe than sorry!

And avoid gigabyte motherboards? Got it!

This is coming very fast, thanks guys. The GB community is as awesome as always.

Yep, rendering video? Go with the i7, the performance difference there means a very justifiable difference in price. Same with RAM. You can totally get away with 8GB for games for a while, but with media creation the 16 will help.

HIGHLY recommend /r/buildapc as well. They are an incredible resource for PC building.

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wow! Thanks guys, never thought I would get so many long good answers, you sure did things a lot easier for me.

So I guess 16GB of RAM is a lock, it is so cheap anyway so why not. Buying an SSD also seems like something I need, at least for the OS to work as great as possible.

The only thing that really is up to debate is if I get a 970 or 980, I do love me some extra horsepower but it is a big jump in price.

How big is the difference between i5 and i7 when it comes to gaming?

I just upgraded from a i5 2400 to a i7 4790k and it has made a pretty dramatic difference. Stuff already looked great on my old i5, but now almost anything I throw at my PC will do 60fps. I'm not sure if the hyperthreading actually makes any difference or if it just the jump in clock speed that makes my stuff run better now.. But still you can get a i7 4970k for like 300 bucks on sale, so that is a pretty damn good deal.

I have a 970, and it is AWESOME. However, if you have the extra dough to spend, definitely get the 980. It might not matter that much now, but it will eventually.

I don't think the 980 is worth the jump in cost, not when the 970 is the price it is. And an i7 is totally unecessary for games. i7s are fantastic if you're also doing editing, rendering, streaming etc, but not if you're just gaming. In pure gaming benchmarks, the difference between an i5 4690k and an i7 4790k is negligable. Definitely the clock speed that helped you out there.

I have a 970 and it is fantastic! Go for it! Though I suppose if you have enough money to actually be burning a hole in your pocket, the 980 is the best single card GPU out there.

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I'm passing on DS2 for now, the DLC/Season Pass is stil full price. So I'm just going to wait for Sins of the Scholar.

Same here. I think there will be a much better deal to be had later down the road with Sins.

Also I'm struggling with Black Flag for $10. I haven't finished an AC game since Assassin's Creed 2, but I hear that ACIV is the AC game that people who really aren't that into AC.

yeah I think Sins even at full price is potentially cheaper ($16.79 [base game]+24.99 [season pass]=$41.78 vs a possible $39.99 new retail for the whole thing).

i'm already late to DS 2, I can wait a while longer for the complete hassle free version that will likely cost less.

hah now I wish I had waited for Black Flag! I think I paid $14.99 and was happy with that.

If BF is marked down that much, I bet the standalone DLC Freedom cry is marked down even further,you might want to give that one a look to see if BF might be up your alley.

As much as I want to believe it'll come out at a budget price, every other re-release this generation has been full price, and I expect Sins to the be the same. Still picking it up day one though.