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@thatpinguino: Yea, it seems like year after year Goodell has the uncanny ability to make the worst decision when it comes to anything but he will stick around because the NFL is getting more and more popular.

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@i_stay_puft: Yea, that sucks. Hopefully Mercilus steps up now.

@gorillamopena:Rice should have been cut in the first place but glad they eventually got it right. That video is disgusting.

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Patrick's tweet about "At least I'm not a Eagles fan."

Bears lose, Eagles win.


Thats what he gets lol

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Play of the year

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Dragon Age Origins has a good one

Even though I hate everything about this kind of music, the Persona 4 soundtrack including the opening song are catchy

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Think this qualifies. Kanye didn't know it at the time but he was writing Power specifically for this game

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Watching Drew play some MGS makes me really want to go back to one of them. Maybe Ill give MGS4 another try since thats the only one I was disappointed in.

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@sasnake said:

People complain about the most stupid things these days, the world is turning sensitive. Soon people won't even be able to say the word "bra" without someone crying.

Dude, what the fuck??? You can't say bra. What would happen if a child read that? Get some fucking sense man.

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Jason is awesome but if he doesn't want to do more camera stuff or is too busy then thats fine. He should at least pop up once in a while whenever they do something with fighting games. Someone needs to beat that smug look off Jeff's face :P