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Steam copy of Thomas Was Alone!

Not sure how to get the nice formatting that others have. Could @hamst3r add an explanation in the first post or is this something super obvious that I'm missing.

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Dan Ryckert posted his running playlist and I thought it would be cool if someone made a Spotify Playlist so we could all run like Ryckert. Enjoy.

Songs that are not on Spotify.

  • Back in Black - AC/DC
  • Death Rides A Horse - Ennio Morricone
  • Hells Bells - AC/DC
  • Hell March 2 - Westwood Studios
  • Metal Gear Solid 3 Theme
  • Shoot to thrill - AC/DC

Spotify Link

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Looks like the Toonami block got cut in half. Sucks since I just started watching Cowboy Beebob for the first time. At least they are getting Kill la Kill next month.

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I just checked my Plex install and I have the same problem with the API key.

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Looks like Steam gifts is down so let's do this the old fashion way.

First person with 100+ forum posts to PM me gets a Steam copy of FEZ. Also post in this thread if you PM me so I don't get a dump truck load of PM's. I'm no Space Trucker.

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Cowboy Bebop is in HD on Adult Swim starting last Sunday (with ep.1). Just in case anyone didn't know and wants to save on buying the Blu-ray that just came out in the US.

I'm probably one the the few who has never seen it before, exited to watch for the first time in high quality.

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I watch all the Quick Looks using a podcast app and the videos do not include any artwork. Is there any chance that we can get some artwork to embed along with the videos. I'm willing to make some logo/artwork if this is possible.

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I think you need to use your username and not your email address, but i've always had problems with iTunes and premium podcasts. Try adding your Username and Password in the URL. For instance...

...should let you subscribe to all Quick Looks in HD. Works for me in Pocket Casts.

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That would be nice, you could try using a podcast apps to download them too.