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I watch all the Quick Looks using a podcast app and the videos do not include any artwork. Is there any chance that we can get some artwork to embed along with the videos. I'm willing to make some logo/artwork if this is possible.

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I think you need to use your username and not your email address, but i've always had problems with iTunes and premium podcasts. Try adding your Username and Password in the URL. For instance...

...should let you subscribe to all Quick Looks in HD. Works for me in Pocket Casts.

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That would be nice, you could try using a podcast apps to download them too.

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On the Spot and The Hotspot podcast around 2004-2005.I remember finding GameSpot because they had the Nintendo E3 livestream. It was the one where Reggie said, "I'm about kicking ass, taking names, and playing games." Was probably the first time I remember someone cursing too. Followed them over to Giant Bomb afterwards.

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@hermes: Should I still watch the Sixth Sense if I know the twist?

Also, I just watch The Departed and that ending in the warehouse was awesome, did not see it coming.

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I really like Sunshine. I actually played it before I played Mario 64. The problem with Sunshine is the broken camera and that's the most important aspect of platform games.

Mario 64 > Sunshine

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Have they said what you do in this game because I still have no idea what you do, besides explore.

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I'm always surprised at finding Left 4 Dead 2 players with custom campaigns installed. My friend and I love playing the large amount of custom campaigns and we always seem to find people joining our game, even with it being difficult to install maps, compared to other games where the maps auto download from the server.

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My PC desk is close to my TV so I invested in a long HDMI cable so I can switch between TV and monitor. That way you can still have the lean back experience on the couch with a gamepad and the lean forward experience with a Keyboard + Mouse. Most games that are designed around a controler has pretty good support on PC in the last couple of years.

I would not recommend trying to use a keyboard on a couch, it never feels controllable to me. For gamepads, I would recommend the 360 Wireless controller for Windows. It comes with the wireless receiver that plugs into the PC and it's the easiest way to use a wireless controller on PC, especially multiple xbox controllers if you are playing a local multiplayer.

I've used Steam Big Picture mode recently and it's much more stable than last year.

So yes, I think hooking up a PC to a TV for gaming is awesome and you should totally do it.

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@fobwashed: Got a Friday pass. Can you put me down for a large? Thanks.