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I haven't quite beaten the game yet, so I haven't experimented with having double functions, but I discovered a wombo combo yesterday that I'm really surprised no one has mentioned:

Flood() + Void() and Cull()

I tried this after being happy with my "utility" abilities and looking for a really powerful active, and boy did it deliver. This active does nutty damage, doing 200% Flood() damage (that's a lot), and the Cull() upgrade makes enemies get stun locked and stay within the Flood() range. While 1 may not finish a foe, 2 or 3 are guaranteed to after Crash()ing. If anyone knows of a more damaging single-use active (Load()'s explosion doesn't even come close), please, let me know.

The trick is how to land such a short range but devastating active... and that is where my other active comes in:

Get() + Breach() and Bounce()

This is an amazing utility active. It allows you to group up pretty much every enemy in an encounter and then proceed to lay the smack down on 'em. Breach() gives it crazy range and object penetration, and Bounce() ensures that it branches out and hits any other nearby enemies. It's Turn() cost is so low that you can use it multiple times to set up the rest of your combo if the enemies are spread out. Not to mention Get() can do some pretty decent damage at max range! Get() also has a very short cast and recovery, making it very useful outside of Turn(); while this doesn't help too much with combat (because who wants enemies in their face outside of Turn()??), it is invaluable for collecting stray Cells (especially when shielded!) and for pulling Cheerleaders away from their friends.

The last key active I use is:

Crash() + Jaunt() and Ping()

This is my "spam" ability, and it works wonders outside of Turn(), as well as provides a solid Crash() active for softening your foes up. Jaunt() makes Crash() instant cast and usable outside of Turn(), and Ping() makes it even more spammable by reducing it's cast time by 20%. It's so quick that it can easily stunlock an entire group of enemies. In fact, using the Get() active above and then this, and then repeating, you can stunlock an entire group of enemies indefinitely.

Your fourth active can be whatever you have left over Memory for: I'm a fan of Load(), but dropped it when Flood() came around because I find Flood() to be more reliable, especially in the above combination(s). For now I am using Mask(), which is a fantastic escape tool when you are out of Turn() and the shit hits the fan. I haven't had a lot of time to fool around with Tap() yet though, and I hear it's pretty dope.

So in conclusion, gives this set up a try, and follow this Turn() combo:

1) Get() + Breach() and Bounce() - Pulls in all targets and does a decent amount of damage, setting enemies up for Step 2. Can use multiple times, if necessary, to gather all foes.

2) Crash() + Jaunt() and Ping() - One Crash() just for the debuff, hitting all gathered enemies.

3) Flood() + Void() and Cull() - Spam this bad boy until you run out of "Turn() Juice", or until you see that glorious "OVERKILL!" message. With all the enemies bunched in front of you thanks to Get() and bumped back a little with Crash(), they will be in the perfect position for Flood() to melt their lifebars. The Cull() addon ensures that they stay locked in position so that the full fury of Flood() can wreck 'em, and give you a little breathing room from any survivors when Turn() ends. And if, IF any enemies are still alive, you can freely spam Crash() outside of Turn() and quickly finish them off while stunlocking them.

Since I started using this combo, the game has been a cakewalk. Again, use whatever you like in the fourth slot/passives. Load() is still great, but it actually doesn't work too great with this Flood() combo, as the Cull() passive keep the packets in the air until Flood() has passed, which can mess up the explosion timing.

Let me know how it goes! ;)

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@sissylion: GTFOutta town.. City was a BAD game? Are you serious? Clearly you have no concept of what makes a video game "good" then.

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Ohhhh boy. They have some HUGE shoes to fill. Arkham Asylum and City quickly became my favourite games of all time, just because they were done so damn well. Can't say a single bad thing about either of them.

That said, I am extremely excited for this. Good luck WB Montreal, don't fuck it up!

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@last_targaryen said:

Bring this game to PC!

This. So badly this. I must play this game.

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Sega running Relic? Hrrrmm... I will stay cautiously optimistic for the time being...

PS - And no bids for Vigil? What? Darksiders better not be dying, I absolutely loved both of em.

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Wow guys, I just have to say thanks for turning me onto Baccano. Fantastic show so far.

And boy oh boy, is that not the BEST opening song of all time?? Can't get enough!

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Wanna watch the most shockingly amazing anime I've ever seen? One that is completely set in reality and yet still manages to leave you breathless? One that is unexpectedly hilarious one moment and seriously emotional in another?

Then strap yourself in and get a load of Hajime no Ippo! Yes, it sounds dumb at first (an anime about boxing? *snore*), but if you give the first few episodes a shot and aren't hooked, I'll eat my hat!

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The books are so much better than the movies in so many ways. Mainly because there is just way more content in the books than any one (or a trilogy...) of movies can provide. I used to love comics as a kid because they would always end on a cliffhanger (however cheesy it was) that would have you craving more. And there was always more to tell about the characters. Over the years, so many crazy things have happened to Batman/Spider-Man/the X-Men that it takes a real enthusiast and hobbyist to keep up with it all. But that was half, if not most, of the fun.

I also think that to really enjoy comics and/or manga, you have to have a fundamental appreciation for the art in them. While some comics are amazingly well-written pieces of literature, most are a little hackneyed and frankly more concerned with the action and overall "world-ending plot", and that is where the art has to step in and pick up the... "literary slack", if you will. And sometimes, it can be a lot of slack. I have always loved art and animation in all of it's forms, and the crazy battle depictions in comics instantly appealed to me as a kid, and still does.

I remember having a distinct sense of pride when I was about 10 years old, when my Grandmother and Mother both had a look at a Spider-Man spread I was reading similar to this one, and couldn't make heads or tails out of the image they were looking at, but I had no problem seeing the frame of awesome mayhem in front of me (man, how BADASS does that look?? lol).

I think in this case, that is essentially what it boils down to. Unless you're a bit of an art admirer, or can really steep yourself in the long and convoluted story lines that only comic books can provide, they just may not be your thing.

I no longer collect individual comics myself, but I do visit my local Comic Book Shop from time to time and look for new Graphic Novels, which is my "adult" way of scratching the old itch. And there are some absolutely fantastic Graphic Novels out there nowadays, with amazing writers like Frank Miller (300 and Sin City).

Actually, to the OP of this thread, if you are a Batman fan, I would highly recommend The Dark Knight Returns. Also written by Frank Miller, it's one of my favourite Graphic Novels of all time (next to the Watchmen), and I've never been a huge Batman fan. While the art style is great, it's not my favourite, but it's the writing in that book that really hooks you.

If you are a true Batman fan, read that Novel (I believe it is 6 issues/chapters/book series), and after if you can still say you don't like comic books... well, then I am at a loss for words. =P

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Hahaha oh that is gold. Great job man!

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@AhmadMetallic said:

I'm really fascinated by the people who have been holding an internet conversation/discussion/argument on a forum for 80 pages and a span of days. I mean, god damn, where do you get the time, the patience and the energy to type long ass posts and read longer ass ones, let alone the interest?

I'm with you.

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