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I'm going to be that super-nerd who enjoys this game by always playing through Civilization V and winning with a science victory as a prelude to starting a Beyond Earth campaign.

Same here. Maybe not every time, but i feel required to do this at least once.

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I'd go for some robotic limbs and enhancements. Unfortunately in reality I'd probably be in that crowd of regular people who can't actually afford the enhancements.

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I'm still waiting to play unfortunately. Went for a physical collectors edition instead of a digital. Probably better this way since I don't think I'd be able to focus on campus if I was carrying around RoS with me. Glad to hear people are enjoying the crusader. It looks like a melee class that I might actually enjoy.

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I'm surprised that I'm having an insane amount of fun playing Diablo 3 again. I had become so bored of it, but all these changes in the latest patch are making me crave it in a way I never have before.

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Oh man how I wish I could be in that position right now. Being stuck and wandering around is something I haven't experienced in a souls game in what feels like forever.

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Not really. I grew up when expansion packs meant things like Hordes of the Underdark for Neverwinter Nights or Throne of Bhaal for Baldurs Gate 2. Entirely new campaigns with extra additions and improvements on the base game. I wouldn't consider a couple map packs or extra missions to be on the level of those expansions. Some dlc does come close though. Borderlands and a few other games offer quiet a bit in a few of their dlcs. Some developers still use the old styled expansion packs, blizzard games for example, so I put them in a category separate from standard dlc.

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I had kind of stopped caring about this game, but this trailer has me interested again. Guess having a set date to look forward to again helps.

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Not usually. I'll take a peek out a window and see if I can spot anything to give me a clue about who it is. Anyone who I really want to open a door for usually contacts me in some other way first.

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Yeah I get it every now and then. It used to be worse. I feel it the most often with certain fps games. I remember Red Steel for the wii being one game that I couldn't play for more than a half hour or so. Golden Eye on the N64 did it to me also. The only non first person game that I can remember feeling like this with is the Batman Arkahm games. If I ever got stuck and had to look around a lot in those game I would start to get a sick feeling after searching and moving the camera a lot.

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@jeremyko: I've had ads the entire time on start up. I believe its just running timed or random ads that he doesn't support. Would give an advantage to subscribers and wouldn't help the delay any.