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I'm really happy with the roster. All my past mains are in, and it sounds like some of them have received some improvements this time around (Sheik). Diddy Kong sounds like he got nerfed a bit, but thats perfectly fine. As far as the newcomers go, they got Robin and Villager in and those were really the only two I was gunning for before any character announcements were made. Those will probably be the two I try first. The rest are neat, but not that exciting to me.

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I know what you're feeling. Especially knowing that you won't get over someone because you don't want to. That was my entire last winter. We got back together over the spring and summer and once again broke up last month. Which sounds bad, but this time around I was able to resolve my feelings for her. I know how hard it can be to move on when a girl sparks that kind of life in you for the first time. When you've just coasted through life, but then suddenly get shown just how high the highs of life can be. Until its all taken away. When you're that passionate about someone, you can't just tell yourself that it isn't the best thing you'll ever have even though everyone tells you otherwise. For me, knowing that she had been the only one to make me feel that way haunted me every day until we got back together. I always wondered how things would have been if I had just been better, and what life would be like with us together. Well, I found out, and it turns out it wasn't that great. I came to realize that the girl I thought was the one wasn't actually.

It sounds like you just need closure. No closure means no healing. There's two ways I'd suggest going about this. First of all, you need to talk to her. No matter what you decide, talk to her. It sounds like you have a lot of emotional burdens built up inside right now and she's the cause. Talking to her about that will help you unload that. Whether or not that will go well, I don't know. But that will help determine what you do next. If it goes well, you could try getting back together. That's what I did. Things can work well from here or you might end up in my situation where you just come to realize that its not what your heart thought. If talking to her doesn't go well, then at least you know that you're not getting back together anytime soon. That's probably going to be the harsher path. I'm afraid I can't advise you on that road since it's not what happened to me, but most people advise trying to meet other people, focusing on yourself, or relying on friends and family to help ease the healing. What would work best for you I can't say.

Finally, I'll leave you with the typical saying of there are other fish in the sea. It's cliche, its not what you want to hear, and its not what you can believe right now. But its true. I wish I could help you more than this, but these kinds of feelings and pains really require more than a few nice words to heal.

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Hmm. I guess...I don't really know. I want to say Diablo 3 RoS because I've put so much time into it this year, but I can't help but wonder if I would be playing it as much if there were more games coming out. I guess I'll say Transistor. With Smash Bros, Dragon Age 3, Persona 4 Arena Utimax, Beyond Earth, and Pokemon coming out this year this will likely change.

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I find it hard to care about. I loved Borderlands 1, and enjoyed my first run through of Borderlands 2. I put almost 400 hours into both games on the pc alone, and thats not counting the year I played the original on the ps3. The problem with this is I feel like I'm done with Borderlands 2 and ready for the next thing. This doesn't feel like the next thing. It feels like an extension of Borderlands 2 with a few new additions. I liked Handsome Jack, but I don't need another game with him. I don't need them to extend these same jokes even further. I never felt the urge to go to the moon either. I want to know the story of the rest of the vaults. Not what Handsome Jack did on the moon before Borderlands 2. The characters look really boring this time too. None of them stand out as the character I want to play in this game. All in all it feels like a filler game because they want money, but don't want to make 3. I can't get myself excited for that.

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Honestly, I learned by playing online games on pc. I had to learn to communicate in chat windows fast, so that I didn't die by missing a health potion while typing. That and the repetition of just communicating with people cemented my keyboard skills. If you want to learn through a program though there are tons of them out there. Pick one that makes games out of it and play the games. Make sure you know proper finger positioning, use all of your fingers, and do what feels natural and fast from there. Don't worry too much about hitting specific keys with the "correct" finger as long as you aren't doing some extreme cheating that's hurting your speed.

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If anyone has a spare NA code to pm me I'd appreciate it. Please prioritize more active duders before me though. It'd be nice to have a code, but I'll still have other stuff to keep me entertained for 7 days if I don't get one.

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Nothing so shockingly good that I can say everyone needs to play it. Dark Souls 2, Diablo 3 RoS, Transistor, and Shovel Knight are ones I would hate to have missed though. All four have been the only games I've really enjoyed so far this year.

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This is great news! I've been a big Smash fanatic ever since I was renting the N64 cart as a little kid. The thought of the new game having the possibility to get some competitive attention makes me all giddy inside.

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I'm going through something similar at the moment. I'm still enjoying playing games with friends like Diablo, but I have no motivation to play other games at all. And if I do, I usually get bored of playing before getting halfway through. It's got to the point where I decided to cancel all of my pre-orders because I just don't feel like I'll play a game for more than a day at the moment, and I'd rather have the money.

I can't give you much advice for getting past it since I'm in the same spot. What I am doing, however, is just finding other ways to entertain myself. I started working out regularly, playing more tennis, and started a tabletop game day with some friends. I found I can pass a lot of time with this stuff, and I end up feeling much better about myself after than I do sitting inside all day binging on a game. This is also conveniently helping me get my college work done since I don't have games distracting me.

I think the bottom line is just find what makes you happy in the current moment. If games aren't doing it right now then don't force yourself to play and spend money on games. You won't get past it by trying to make yourself interested. Give yourself a chance to miss games if you want to get back to enjoying them. In my opinion nothing that interesting is coming out this year anyway, so if you give yourself a break you may be ready in time for next years waves of games.

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I'm almost positive I saw the devs post about it on their own site, so its true. I haven't seen anything about a release date for the content though other than they were wanting to get it out by the end of summer.