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Hmm. Well, in elementary school I had a crush on Yuna from FFX. Turns out I'm still kind of a sucker for that type of softer "good" girl who has a mix of determination in their life. Funny how that never really changes.

And I'll reiterate what someone else said. Just find a well-muscled guy who is willing to put some cat ears on if you really want that OP.

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@sparky_buzzsaw: I'm not sure if its different on consoles, but on the pc you just finish the individual bounty quests you want to finish, leave the game and go back to the character/difficulty selection menu, and then recreate the world instance by hitting play. If you're in a party, everyone has to exit out to this screen otherwise you will just rejoin the same world with whoever is still in it. This will reset all of the bounties, drops on the ground, bosses, etc. etc. Rinse and repeat. You basically just have to quit out and refresh the entire world to get a new set of Act 1 bounty quests. You cannot reset them from within the same game instance unfortunately. (unless console is different, of course.)

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@killerblt said:


Thanks for all the honest advice, all.

Sounds like this is really something that I shouldn't do to myself.

I guess if there is anyone out there who is interested, I'll play. But I won't expect much.

Are there any similar games that are casual friendly (friendlier?) What about Heroes of the Storm?

As someone who's been in since October, I'll give my quick opinion of HotS.

It's better for the casual gamer. It's objective and team focused as opposed to individually focused. Games are about 20ish minutes on average instead of 30-40. There are no "carries" or people who can win the entire match just by powering up themselves, and there's no way to be more skilled at farming than any person on your team or the opponents team. So it takes a lot of the pressure off of players who get yelled at for not farming well. The skill in farming comes not from getting or denying creep kills, but from coordinating as a team and getting individuals in each lane while the other 2-3 members do objectives in the early game without dying. Then you ball up and teamfight later when you have the xp advantage. There's also more variety in my opinion since each map has different objectives. Some maps are a bit harder to play on because of this however. And while some matches can be very one-sided if you get a bad team composition or are put up against a very skilled team, generally the game doesn't snowball too hard. There's always a move you can do to make a comeback as long as you can see it and execute it with your team.

HotS is for the player who wants a faster and simpler moba. You won't be sitting in lane doing nothing but last hitting for 15 minutes. You'll be making moves as a team the second the game starts, and it feels great and action packed. The simplicity of it might turn off some higher-end dota and league players who like their last hitting and item buying, but in my opinion the talent tree system is a satisfying substitute despite still needing some work. I'd highly recommend it if you want to buy in, wait for an invite, or wait for open beta. I haven't stopped playing it since I got in.

The game is still very new. It only became possible to buy in back in January. So there are tons of people who don't understand the meta. You won't feel that far behind compared to the newer players, adnd the ones from alpha will generally guide you in the right direction. People usually won't get too grumpy with you unless you just ignore them telling you what to do.

The downside to heroes right now is the cost. You'd have to buy your way in or wait for an invite. You earn gold slower than League and the heroes can seem a bit more expensive mostly due to the lower hero selection pool, and every new hero is getting released at the highest price while older heroes get discounted over time. There are still some cheaper heroes who are very competitive though. (Malfurion, tychus, Elite Tauren Chieften, Valla, Zagara, Tyrande, etc.)

Keep in mind that if you go afk for 3-5 minutes you will get kicked out of the game, and you'll be tagged as a leaver/afk'er. This will mean that youll be matched with other people with the same tag as opposed to people who stay in their games. You can get this tag removed by going for so long without leaving and return to playing with non-tagged players. Granted you have a good excuse for leaving by having a family, but I just want to make sure you know that if something comes up that makes you leave for a decent period of time the game kicks you out.

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This might get locked as youtube spam unless you add more of a discussion element to it... Maybe make a blog where you discuss your opinion and analysis of each Civ game in addition to your let's play video?

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If you do this, I highly recommend finding some people to play with. Especially people who can teach you. Moba's are very much team experiences. Solo in league was probably one of my least favorite experiences in any game. And that was just leveling up to 30. My friends and I switched to heroes of the storm's alpha last year and we haven't ever had a desire to go back. But I don't know, maybe you'll have a better experience with LoL. Just know that people who think they're gods amongst men will give you hell for every little thing you do wrong.

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It's pretty fun. I do feel a little bit lost at times in figuring out some of the rpg side of things. I haven't played much but I don't feel like the game has explained much about some of the mechanics going on. Luckily its pretty straight forward in just telling you to do parallel and time missions, so I've just been doing that and seeing what happens along the way. Also some of it is hilariously bad in a good way.

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@aegon said:

Maybe it's the lack of V-Bomb, but this DnD campain has been super flat and boring compared to the Pathfinder one. Everything is super low key and no-one seems to be into the role-playing aspect of it. A lot of it is just flipping through books and being confused.

I don't think I'll watch anymore unless I hear good things from other people.

To be fair they've only done like 2 fights, and one was practice. Its hard to turn the fights into anything but a numbers game. Rorie should illustrate the action a bit more. This is where being a storyteller really comes into play. You have to make the numbers and dice interesting. If you're just rolling, saying you hit/miss, and then knocking figures over there's no interesting aspect at all unless you really enjoy strategic board games. It also makes me wish that they had opened up with some roleplaying in a town or something rather than just going straight to the road and a fight. When they rest they should really try to role play with eachother too. No one is just going to sit there silent the entire rest period. (well, maybe)

Its hard with new players and a new dm though. DM's need to push new players to roleplay, but new dm's have a tendancy to just say "alright you rested" or "alright you're on the road now, goblins attacked!". Which really leads to stale games in my opinion.

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I'd say 1, 4, and 5 are what I deal with the most in my group and it is exceptionally annoying as a DM at times.I once had a campaign come to a halt because one of my players just didn't feel like playing anymore after a werewolf boss I had designed nearly ripped him apart with a series of lucky rolls and a grapple while the other player, his halfling assassin ally, was stuck in a hold person spell. They barely avoided turning into werewolves themselves and it made for an exciting fight in my mind and the halfling player's mind. However, we could never get him to play that campaign again after that. It took multiple months just to get him interested in starting another.

I also tend to make some house rules for certain monsters and combat rules in my group as well, and i have a player who owns all the books and has a tendency to try to look up every decision I make in order to say that it doesn't say that in the book. He also tends to look up monsters and question why what they're fighting isn't the way it says in the book.

Everyone else just tends to be power gamers sometimes without realizing it, and I have to find clever ways to discourage them for that. For example if they kill an entire orc camp and I can tell that it was solely for the reason that they want more xp, ill simply find a way to subtly show them that the peaceful option would have been more rewarding. Maybe the orc chief had information on where a treasure was located, or maybe he would have aided them in a coming fight or something along those lines.

As annoying as it can be, its all worth it for some fun in the end. Luckily I'm not the dm for the first time in this next campaign we are planning, so I finally get to enjoy being a player character for myself.

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@lanechanger said:

@starvinggamer Thanks!

Do you pros out there have any advice on dealing with an enraged monsters or two monsters at once? Being a newbie slow gunlancer, I tend to dung bomb when there are two monsters or simply wait it out at another zone until I see the two separate and try to keep the fight as a 1 on 1, some of the missions have been a bit more annoying where the two monsters love to just take off and fly to the same zone together. And for enraged monsters I find that I can't repeatedly block their attacks when they're that fast so I've since tried to sheath my weapon and just dodge continually until they stop raging but I just read that some monsters tend to go in a perma rage mode so it sounds like I need to just learn how to deal with it and fight through it.

Dung bombs are usually how i handle multiple monsters in one zone unless the second monster is something easy that i can fight through. If I'm with friends with voice chat, in the past we've just had one guy distract a second monster and warn us when it peels off of him.

I don't gunlance much, but if it's like the lance, you shouldn't let up on your attacks at all. If you're running out of stamina while the monster rages it sounds like you're standing there blocking too much. Don't block everything. Even if you can block the attack without taking damage, hopping out of the way should be your main priority. You can't block and counter like a lance user can, so for you blocking kills your momentum hard. If you're being focused by the monster with an impossibly tough series of attacks, sheathe and circle around it and then move back in immediately when its stuck in an attack animation and go to town again. You'll recognize these moments the more you play. You shouldn't really ever have to sheathe much once you get really good. Your fights are going to take far too long if you don't learn how to get hits in while its raging, and some monsters perma-rage like you said or need to be knocked out of rage. Just take some extra caution, but don't be so cautious that you aren't attacking anymore.

Dropping your shield and only blocking at the exact moment that you need to block an attack will help you manage your stamina as well, since you recover stamina at a reduced rate when the shield is up. There are few attacks/combos that will take out your entire stamina bar, and if you notice this happen then you need to make a mental note to dodge those attacks instead of block.

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There's always the D&D 5th edition starters kit. It'll come with enough stuff to get you going for not that bad of a price. It won't have the full content, but if you decide you like it and want to keep things going with your group of people then you can talk about buying the individual books. It's also simpler because it comes with a lot of pre-made stuff and only has the bare bones needed to play.