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The disappointment of the first game not getting remastered killed any real excitement I had for this announcement. It needs the updating the most and has the more entertaining loot system (in my opinion of course). I'll wait for a Borderlands 3 to get excited for the series I guess. Being mainly a pc player the 2 most recent games being on new consoles isn't that exciting of a deal to me. But it's a good bundle and I suppose it's useful to have it on the new consoles finally for those who prefer to play it on console.

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@pweidman: Congrats! Yeah any legendary can be ancient. Crafted, dropped, and set are all free game. This fact is currently the cause of me feeling in over my head on deciding what I should be trying to replace with ancients first.

D3 apparently wants me to play my witch doctor more. I switched to her to do a rift run for a change of pace and the first legendary drop on her of 2.1.2 was a nicely rolled star metal kukri. First one I've ever found after trying for months last year. Not ancient, but just having the legendary affix is more than I could ask for. And a couple rifts later my first furnace dropped! Also not ancient, but definitely an improvement for my jade build and wizard. Even with having these items I still feel like the new demon hunter is more fun to play gameplay wise. I'm a big fan of nuking the crap out of everything with Maelstrom clusterarrows or covering the screen with multishot. Couldn't be more thankful for my luck yesterday though. I'm definitely feeling the effects of the drop rate increase.

So far the only usable ancient I have is Cain's boots for my WD. I'm currently trying to roll an ancient arcane barb on my DH, but its slow going after using most of my forgotten souls on rerolling new items and redoing my gear for the new patch.

By the way, does giantbomb have much of an active clan in RoS for the NA server? The one I'm in right now is dead aside from 1 of my best friends who also still plays.

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@historyinrust said:

Okay. Maybe this is the place to ask this.

I just got my first character, a crusader, to the endgame. I'm Level 70, Paragon 20(?). I feel like I don't know I'm doing, really. Am I just grinding bounties and rifts for drops?

Typically a solo player with some experience in previous Diablo games. In Diablo II, I felt the most gratified returning to the story mode on Nightmare and Hell difficulties. With the inclusion of the Rift system, it doesn't really seem like grinding through the story again is the ideal endgame process. But the Bounty-then-Rift experience feels a little shallow to me, I guess? Am I missing something?

Don't grind the story unless its for you own personal enjoyment. Not really worth. The main idea is to get yourself into rifts. Regular and Greater rifts have a legendary drop rate bonus, so the most effective farming will always be done inside them. As a new player, run a bunch of act 1 bounties until you're bored. Act 1 cache rewards have a chance to drop a ring you're really going to need. Then take your fragments and run through them all. Rinse and repeat while gambling your blood shard rewards for set piece items as often as you want. You will want to run some greater rifts (the keys to get in drop off of regular rift guardians) long enough in order to get one of each legendary gem. They will also be used to upgrade these gems. After you have the ones you like upgraded, they won't be as important unless you want to challenge yourself and your build to see how far you can get.

Those are going to be your main goals in order to progress through the torment difficulties as fast as possible. When you max out on t6 you have to go into greater rifts 25+ for any kind of difficult content. It's meant to be an infinite loop for you to continuously play through. It is a bit shallow and might not be enjoyable for everyone, but if you're a likes to grind kind of player it can be a fairly satisfying loop to go through in the hopes of getting that next upgrade. If you don't enjoy that, well, the game is fairly opened up at this point. You don't have to loop through it for the best gear. You can just take whatever missions you enjoy, play the maps you like most, fight whatever bosses you want, and do a rift when/if you feel like it, but it will be slow progressing and obtaining gear that way.

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@ripelivejam: If you have to make a choice I would wait. Patch 2.2 will likely be out around summertime or early fall and will have much more content. If you sink yourself into the game again this year that would be the time. New sets for every class, 4 piece sets being turned into 6 piece sets, and more significant balance updates are coming then.

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Even though t6 is really easy now im still really enjoying the regular rift runs because of the chance for ancients. An etrayu dropped a few hours ago and my heart almost stopped because if it was ancient it might be able to replace my current near perfectly rolled etrayu. It wasn't, unfortunately, but its been awhile since I actually got excited for loot. The goblins are also really fun. I got a lucky treasure portal, and found about 6 or 7 goblin packs in almost an equal amount of rifts. The packs are crazy and there's a good chance you'll get a couple legendaries and a huge chunk of bloodshards to gamble with.

@mb said:

I have an M6 Demon Hunter, 2.1.2 made T6 feel like T3 used to. I do miss being able to just drop all my sentries and then check email or something, though.

Pretty much how my DH feels. Luckily I had a better setup for this new kind of active demon hunter build than the old passive m6, so i saw a bit of a quality of life improvement. It's also more fun nuking things instead of kiting all day in my opinion. I made the swap from my witch doctor main to my old demon hunter because they're actually fun to play again.

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Honestly after awhile of listening to Brad try to convince them, I wanted them to just give him the number ten spot. The guy obviously really likes the game. Logically justified or not, if this is how he wanted to leave his mark on the list then that's cool with me. It's their collective opinion, not a factual ranking of the games that came out this year. I did get a little irritated when he tried to downplay diablo by saying it has no handcrafted loot (the legendaries and set pieces that do exist), but that's just because that was my passion game this year. And I'll be honest and admit that diablo, my passion game, kind of sucks too, but I would fight for it too just because it was my passion this year. The tip top endgame of diablo is complete shit and after 300+ hours on my witch doctor I wouldn't recommend it to anyone til they figure out how to fix it if it's even possible til another expansion or Diablo 4. So if what Brad says is correct, and Destiny's endgame is actually worth something then good for Destiny, I can admire that. But that's another point entirely. Point is I actually felt kind of bad for Brad this year and would have been a little sad if they didn't throw him a bone. That's kind of the feeling I got from Vinny too when he started to level out the room a bit and probe why Brad loves the game so much.

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It's irritating. It was a movie I was really hoping to see with my girlfriend over break. Although with these threats, even if it did show there is no way I'd take her to one of the first showings. Would never risk that. I'd have waited a couple weeks for it to blow over at least. It looked like a decent comedy and I like the actors. The issue of it being the North Korean dictator being assassinated and all of the controversy this is causing doesn't really matter much to me. I just like comedies. Now I'll just have to find the vod of it I guess.

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I'm getting there to be honest. Now I just play occasionally whenever I really have nothing else to do. I'll start up diablo 3 or maybe play some heroes of the storm when I'm sitting bored at night. When it comes down to it other things just have a higher priority now. I bought a bunch of games I thought I'd like in the last month or two, but only played for a few hours then felt a "meh" feeling about them and had no motivation to continue with any particular one. I still watch a lot of games. I'll watch a quicklook of anything that sounds interesting to me, and I'm still very much into watching competitive starcraft and hearthstone even if I rarely play them anymore. This sounds like something I never would have wanted to happen as a kid, but I'm perfectly fine waiting for a few select games (Starcraft Legacy of the Void, for one) and ignoring everything else in favor of other activities and responsibilities.

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If you're feeling adventurous, go do something you and her have never done before. You'll have plenty to talk about because you're learning, and you'll both likely suck at it which will make it memorable. If you want something a bit safer then go for dinner and if you want something more to that then go somewhere that you can take her on a walk before or after you eat. It's easy, relaxed, and you can talk about yourselves.

Avoid movies if that is the only thing you plan to do. You'll get nothing accomplished except watching a movie which you can do alone. Plus, not every girl takes well to cuddling on the first date. Especially if you don't know her well already. Some may just want to hold hands during a movie, and some may want the full cuddle seat share experience. Having to figure out whats best on the first date in that situation is awful. If you choose wrong you either disappoint or come on too strong. Save that for later dates when you're more comfortable with each other.

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@alistercat said:

Recycle seems way too expensive considering an assassinate is 5, a sap is 2, a fireball is 4 etc.

That'll depend on how important not triggering deathrattle is to you. Assassinate and fireball would both trigger deathrattles, and if you owled for silence it would cost more or be equivalent in cost to this hard removal. Not to mention druid is weak on hard removal to begin with. It seems fine to me. Better than druid's other current removal options unless you use it on a battlecry minion. There is a lot of focus on deathrattles right now, and even more good deathrattles are coming in GvG. It effectively works as a removal and a silence unless your opponent wants to replay the card whenever they happen to draw it again. Which could hurt them more than it hurts you in the late game depending on the cost of the minion. I would probably run one to begin with and see how it pans out to counter some of the crazier minions. I don't particularly see a reason to run two. Could also be useful for a token/midrange druid to remove that pesky taunt in order to let you hit to the face for the win, but thats a bit more situational and requires you to have a good board setup already. Plus I think at that point I'd rather just have Black Knight for the same cost and a body, so now that I think about it, nevermind that idea.