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I'm glad they posted videos because as soon as I heard the lurker I had lost all sensibility and was jumping around the room not hearing anything said. The zerg changes look very good. Both roaches and hydralisks desperately needed morph capabilities to help that composition. The ravager looks pretty sweet and it's ability to both destroy force fields and hit air units is a welcome change. I'm not sure if I'll play protoss or zerg this time around. WoL I played toss, and HotS I was zerg. Lurker is easily my favorite unit in the starcraft series, but the protoss single player and general lore is appealing enough for me to want to play them in multiplayer as well.

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I hate to be that guy, but oh good, finally, just what Dragon Age was mising: multiplayer. What year is it? 2010? I thought were were past shoehorning in unnecessary multiplayer into games that don't need it. Maybe it'll be awesome, maybe it'll be completely inoffensive, maybe it'll be terrible. Whatever it ends up being, I just don't think anyone can argue it was something people were wanting to see.

I've been wishing for a Neverwinter Nights styled multiplayer to be in dragon age since origins first came out. Granted this is far from that, but I'll take what I can get especially since ME3's multiplayer was actually one of the more fun co-op experiences I've had in an rpg lately. Its cool if you don't like it, but I feel like we should be past the point of complaining whenever a single player game includes a multiplayer component. It's not 2010 anymore.

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I played about a dozen games with a friend of mine. It was fun for the most part, but at the same time I feel like I've already had my fill of the game. Or rather, of whats currently in the alpha. It feels like the same things happen every game, and it either devolves into a big chase around the map until you kill the monster or have to defend the conduit. If your team is less than coordinated there's also the chance the monster might just kill all of you before you even get the chance to do much. It doesn't feel like there's a lot of room for exciting variations on that. The classes also share this same repetitive feeling. If I'm support I'm pretty much doing the same thing in every game as a support. Shield someone, shoot the monster, or find a chance to bomb it. There is nothing else to do and those three options require no thought at all to do. If I switch to trapper I get to do something different, but in the end I still felt like I'm just doing the same thing every game as a trapper. Drop traps, or shoot. I didn't feel any variation within the classes themselves. That may change when more content is available, but at the moment I don't have any more desire to play the alpha because I feel like I've experienced everything there is to experience in it at the moment. In a matter of two hours or so. That makes me worry about the final product considering the same thing happened to me with TitanFall.

Also, this is more of a random team mate issue, but some of the monsters on the map feel like such bullshit. First game I played I died in 2 minutes because I walked by a boulder that was actually a stealthed frog thing that ate me. The game gave me no warning about this at all and I was out of the game for two minutes for something I never could have predicted. (I later saw it mentioned in a tooltip an hour later) Did my team mates care to help? Na, too busy following foot prints.

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What the... well guess I'm not complaining. Saw the game streamed a bit earlier and was wishing I had alpha access. Plus side is I know a few friends with Xcom, so I've got some solid co-op buddies to join in with.

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@tennmuerti: It's region locked as far as I've read. I don't know anyone outside of the U.S. server to test it with or I'd quick try to play a game with them to be sure.

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@bargainben: Its hard to notice honestly. The changes are small and there isn't much of a reason to spend that much time in dialogue with the sponsors to begin with. I didn't even know it happens until I was reading through a thread talking about it on civfanatics. Here is a link to a post that has all of the leader changes linked in it.

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I did it on the ps2 version twice. Both times involved many hours of running the race straight, and being about ready to throw the controller through a window. Eventually you get it though, and you try your best to forget the rage and continue with the game. Blitzball and the lightning dodging without any internet tricks was similarly annoying.

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I don't currently have it for a picture, but I'm going to a party in a fairly standard modern-looking Robin Hood getup. I didn't get too creative this year. It was last minute, it goes with what my girlfriend is wearing, and I don't really want to have to spend a whole night answering the question of who I am like I would if I dressed up as a favorite game character.

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@bargainben: It does change your avatar and the other leaders as well when you reach the higher levels of an affinity. Supremecy starts to look more like an ultimate ruler and adds cybernetic pieces for example. A lot of it is very minor though. Color changes on their outfits and whatnot. Unfortunately I don't think there is a way to see yourself, so you won't ever see your own avatar change with your choices. Completely agree about them feeling boring and lifeless. You could pretty much mix and match any of the leaders in a game and I wouldn't know the difference. They all just spout the same lines and don't seem to skew toward one particular way of playing like some leaders did in Civ V.

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@nickhead: Honestly I would recommend getting Civilization V with all of its expansions. It's a much more complete game than this. This game is more akin to how Civilization V was before the patches and expansions hit. Poorly balanced, in need of some reworks, and in need of some life and soul to be injected into it somehow. I love Civilization games and have mostly enjoyed this one, but as the fresh sci-fi feel is wearing thin I find myself just wanting to play Civ V. I would recommend avoiding this version for awhile. Give it time to fix itself.