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There's always the D&D 5th edition starters kit. It'll come with enough stuff to get you going for not that bad of a price. It won't have the full content, but if you decide you like it and want to keep things going with your group of people then you can talk about buying the individual books. It's also simpler because it comes with a lot of pre-made stuff and only has the bare bones needed to play.

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The funny thing is that I have far more nostalgia fo FFIX itself than the games it's being nostalgic toward. I didn't really start playing FF until the PS1 era and I didn't really delve into those earlier games until much later.

And yet FFIX is still far and away my favorite Final Fantasy. Now that I know more about the series I can notice more of those references and it's neat, but my love for that game is almost purely based on its own merits as a game.

I'm the same way. FFIX was the first FF game that I had played through fully. I dabbled in IV and VI a bit, but was too young to do much with them at the time.

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It was the first 3d zelda i played. I was too young to control which games I had at the time, and we had Majora's Mask instead of ocarina of time. As a result, I love it. Looking at it objectively I can see where some of the complaints come from, but I think its amazing.

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It's a tie between switch axe and lance. I used to like the lance more, but the changes they made to the switch axe make it an absolutely amazingly fun and powerful weapon. Both axe and sword mode are so satisfying, and either one can be your sole focus or you can mix between the two.

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Vita? You mean my Persona 4 Golden machine?

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I'm going to agree with StarvingGamer about #1. Definitely master one weapon, but have an alternate that you know in and out as well. There are just some monsters that aren't very easy to fight with certain weapons, so these cases will be easier if you can switch to secondary weapon. You're given a base version of every weapon at the start of the game, so don't feel afraid to try them all on the 2 star quests (1 star if you're online).

I'm also going to disagree with #2 sadly. It's so much easier to learn the game when you're the only one fighting the monster. Who cares if you fail the overall mission the first time or two. If you're in multiplayer, the monsters will be tougher to accommodate more people, and those other people are likely skilled enough to kill it so quickly that you never really learn how to fight it in a timely manner on your own. The game starts you out easy in single player. You can only fight the bug and the great jaggi right away. Grinding gear off of these will is a much easier learning-battleground than the other monsters online in my opinion. In multiplayer people will be taking you to fight much tougher creatures much faster.

Anyway, I'll add onto this instead of just being a jerk and disagreeing with everything.

4. Pay attention to elements and status on weapons. You'll want a couple types for the weapon type(s) you prefer because monsters will be much easier if you can exploit their weak elements or get status on them. Some weapons specifically are better with specific types of phials as well (power, elemental, etc.). Pay attention to which is on a weapon when you craft it.

5. Gather resources. Don't just fight monsters all day. You need to supply up. The stuff you get in the chest at the beginning of a hunt will get you by the easier hunts, but you will want higher quality items as the game progresses. Either gather stuff while you're hunting or go out into the field looking for specific stuff. There is a preparation phase before you go hunting, and the game makes you do those boring fetch quests before giving you monster to fight for this very reason. Don't ignore it! Keep yourself stocked up.

6. Don't be afraid to look up info. This isn't dark souls. You aren't spoiling some big secret if you look up weapon trees to know whether that weapon upgrade you're looking at leads to a dead end or not. It will save you lots of frustration and help you wrap your head around your gear. It's up to you if you want to look up boss info or not, that could be a bit spoilery so I wouldn't recommend that.

7. Combos combos combos. Know how to combo with your weapon. Experiment or look up a video on youtube. This is like a fighting game in that some moves combo into others well while others don't. You can do a lot of unexpected things like infinite combos with some weapons. There are also optimal combos for damage, so if you really want to master your weapon learn your highest damage combos!

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I've seen some get by without it, but honestly the first thing I did back when I got MH3 on the 3ds was get a circle pad. You should be better off in this version due to the lack of water combat. Things will generally stay on the same plane as you at least. Think of it like an n64 zelda without a permanent lock. If you can handle getting used to having to hit the button every time you want to recenter the camera, go for it. I haven't had to try this myself since i have the second stick, but maybe messing around with the control options in the menu will help you get a more comfortable camera control. Not sure what kind of options if any they have there for the lock on. Don't forget you also have the control pad, although you give up movement to use it.

All of this being said, you will lose sight of things constantly even with an extra stick. A lot of the monsters jump around. It's just what they do. Part of knowing how to play is learning how to keep the monsters on screen, and taking the appropriate cautious measures when they leave screen til you get back on them.

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If you have adventure mode unlocked, don't bother with the story. If you don't you'll have to beat the story one time before you can get to the farming part of the game. You do not have to beat the Act V story each time a new season starts if you have beaten it already. I saw some of my friends and clan mates make this mistake in season 1. The tips I give will assume you have access to adventure mode.

To lvl up run nothing but bounties. Act 1 bounties specifically. They're the easiest and most predictable. If you want the fastest lvl up time, don't do any bounties that involve killing bosses or the fields of misery map. They take too long compared to the others due to the size and random nature of the maps. Skeleton King might be ok since he's always in the same place, but killing him still takes a chunk of time unless you're completely wrecking your difficulty level. (in which case you're better off just raising the difficulty) Doing this means you will almost never fully complete a set of bounties, but you don't need to open any caches until level 70 anyway. The loot you get from them will be mostly meaningless pre-lvl 70. Play on whatever difficulty lets you kill white mobs in 2-3 three hits. Speed is key because you're mainly just looking for racking up those individual mission rewards as fast as possible for xp.

By the time you're 70 you'll have a ton of rift fragments. Run rifts with these. There is a 100% drop rate bonus to legendaries in them, so farming outside of rifts is largely pointless. You'll want to get to at least torment 1 as quickly as possible so torment-only legendaries drop, but don't run torment if you can't clear the rifts safely and in a decent amount of time. Speed is key to finding the rarest items. The faster you kill elites and get blood shards, the more legendaries you get. The more legendaries you get, the more likely you are to get that ultra rare item. If you can't do it fast, don't do it. Once you get to this rifting phase at lvl 70, only do bounties when you need to get more fragments to get into the rifts except for one exception that I will mention in a bit.

Occasionally you'll get greater rift trial keys. If you want to do greater rifts before you're geared, fail the trials to get a level one key and work your way up to the double digits. Unless you're pretty well geared and on torment difficulty you probably won't be able to go to high into the ranks though. While you're gearing, the main benefit of greater rifts is that the extremely low level rifts provide easy and quick runs with chances for a couple legendaries at the end of each run. That's why if you do this for farming right away, you'll want to start at level 1 and stay low. Once you're geared and can take it better, go higher for rankings and whatnot.

That's basically all there is to the game right now. The game is fairly simple as far as farming goes. Gamble at Kadala for all your specific legendary and set needs. She's ridiculous in terms of getting what you want. If you have to play the story mode because you haven't beaten it yet, it just means you'll level a lot slower and won't have fragments built up when you hit 70, so you'll have to do bounties immediately. Oh, once you can play t6, farm act 1 bounties on torment 6 for a royal ring of grandeur. They drop from the act 1 bounty cache's and are critical in a majority of the builds in the game. Farming for it on torment 6 guarantees a legendary from the cache meaning a guaranteed chance at the ring each time. You may find it before you get to t6 if you're lucky in your bounties. If not, you'll get it when you can play t6.

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Aside from the last two dungeons being locked, it feels fairly finished. It takes awhile to get your characters leveled up and you're just as likely to lose them anyway or get stuck enough to have to restart, so there's no lack of content. I put in about 5 hours on release day and am only just getting close to fighting the first boss of the starting area. There are apparently some bugs and issues although i haven't run into any. They just released some list of fixes that they put out on steam just a little bit ago. You have a check list of bosses to beat, so I'd assume that doing so results in the end game as soon as those dungeons are available? If you feel like you're going to play this for only an hour or two and expend everything the game has to offer, don't worry. There's lots to enjoy provided you like the gameplay and difficulty.

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I pretty much already said my thoughts in the waiting room thread, but I think they need to take a couple month break or lower the turn count so that they stay around 3 hours at the most. This one didn't seem to have as much of a lets have fun by making fun of how bad and luck driven this game is feel to it. It was more of a because this game is so bad and luck driven we're just waiting to be done with it after the first ten turns feeling. Part of me hopes that they could enjoy the gamecube ones because besides MP1 those are the ones I played the most as a kid, but at this point I kind of doubt it.