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Wow its been so long since I've seen that movie. I remember really liking it back in 1999 when I was 6. Can't say I remember much of it now aside from the ending. Nice to see that kids will have a chance to see it in theaters. Might even go myself just to refresh my memory.

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I'd love to see a DnD with Austin as the DM. How they would go about doing it though I'm not sure. They could try roll20 and get both east and west in on this. Roll20 can work, but requires a lot more prep on the tech side of things. Need to have solid maps and tokens prepared for the viewers because that is all they'll see aside from maybe a video feed of the players faces.

I saw Brad on Rollplay R&D one night so he at least has some idea of how that works out.

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These all sound great to me. If they keep this up I might end up playing this game three times in a row this summer. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the patch notes.

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I'll be playing both, but I guess I'll start with birthright? I don't really have enough information on the differences and what each version entails to say for sure yet. With birthright being awakening styled and conquest being traditional, birthright sounds like the one I want to play first since I've only played awakening. I'll move onto conquest afterwards I suppose.

I do like the character design shown on the cover of the purple boxart more though. Is that conquest or birthright?

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Baldur's Gate 2 is the only really old game that I still play frequently. Used to be Chrono Trigger, but I haven't done my yearly playthrough of that in quite awhile now.

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@sinusoidal said:

There was no original translated SNES release. FFV didn't come to North America until, uhh, probably sometime during the console generation just past. There were some fan translated ROMs kicking about. I played a very early one in which the main character's name was "Butz".

Woah I didn't realize that was fan translated. I played that years ago back when I was in an exploring-games-I-never-payed-attention-to-originally phase. Always thought that was a weird name for the character, but just kinda shrugged it off. The more you know I guess. I kind of want to go back and try this game again.

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I'd shave if I were you. I'm in a similar boat of being unable to grow a nice full beard at the moment. I found that a trimmed thin beard is a look that can be pulled off and can give more of an acceptable relaxed overall style when combined with dressier clothing. However, in my experience the second I dressed down I suddenly looked like I just didn't care about my appearance at all. I wouldn't recommend overdressing for everything either unless you find dress clothes comfortable enough, so clean shaven is just a safer route to go.

The good news is you have a very handsome clean shaven look. Especially with the glasses.

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Sid Meier's Civilization V - 433 hours
Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition - 296 hours
Borderlands - 207 hours
Mass Effect 2 - 178 hours
Borderlands 2 - 167 hours
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 103 hours
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition - 84 hours
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 71 hours
Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition - 70 hours
Mass Effect - 48 hours

Most everything I would have expected to be there is there. Although I don't remember putting 167 hours into Borderlands 2. I mean...the first playthroughs on each character were fun, but damn that games stingy loot system and annoying difficulty without rare gear in playthrough 2 and beyond. That is 100 hours I wish I had in Dark Souls or something instead. No surprise that Civ V and Baldur's Gate 2 are the two top by quite a large amount of hours. I can always go back to those two games and have a good time.

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I had that same bug you mentioned with Triss. Turns out her head isn't disappearing. It's just being moved elsewhere. I saw it floating sideways off in another spot in the room, and it moves with her body still. The face still fully animates as well, so its basically her decapitated head floating around talking to you while her body floats around like a T lol.

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I already did. I was on the fence with the game to begin with, but pre-ordered it because I genuinely did like Asylum despite not really being fond of City. That and I wanted to see what a story with the Scarecrow as the focus would be like and I liked the pre-order bonuses. Unfortunately, all the technical issues became a thing, and when I watched the quicklook it looked like a whole lot of batmobile and Joker taunts so I decided to say screw it. I'll come back to it when it has a game of the year edition and is cheap. I'm disappointed that I won't be able to consider it for my goty list since I probably won't even play it this year now, but oh well.