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If anyone has a spare NA code to pm me I'd appreciate it. Please prioritize more active duders before me though. It'd be nice to have a code, but I'll still have other stuff to keep me entertained for 7 days if I don't get one.

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Nothing so shockingly good that I can say everyone needs to play it. Dark Souls 2, Diablo 3 RoS, Transistor, and Shovel Knight are ones I would hate to have missed though. All four have been the only games I've really enjoyed so far this year.

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This is great news! I've been a big Smash fanatic ever since I was renting the N64 cart as a little kid. The thought of the new game having the possibility to get some competitive attention makes me all giddy inside.

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I'm going through something similar at the moment. I'm still enjoying playing games with friends like Diablo, but I have no motivation to play other games at all. And if I do, I usually get bored of playing before getting halfway through. It's got to the point where I decided to cancel all of my pre-orders because I just don't feel like I'll play a game for more than a day at the moment, and I'd rather have the money.

I can't give you much advice for getting past it since I'm in the same spot. What I am doing, however, is just finding other ways to entertain myself. I started working out regularly, playing more tennis, and started a tabletop game day with some friends. I found I can pass a lot of time with this stuff, and I end up feeling much better about myself after than I do sitting inside all day binging on a game. This is also conveniently helping me get my college work done since I don't have games distracting me.

I think the bottom line is just find what makes you happy in the current moment. If games aren't doing it right now then don't force yourself to play and spend money on games. You won't get past it by trying to make yourself interested. Give yourself a chance to miss games if you want to get back to enjoying them. In my opinion nothing that interesting is coming out this year anyway, so if you give yourself a break you may be ready in time for next years waves of games.

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I'm almost positive I saw the devs post about it on their own site, so its true. I haven't seen anything about a release date for the content though other than they were wanting to get it out by the end of summer.

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I'm also going to reiterate the don't play games in class sentiment. You or whoever is paying your tuition is paying lots of money to get you into these classes. But if you want to, go ahead. Just don't get used to being able to play games in class. You can probably safely do it for your first year or so, but as soon as you get into the meat of your degree that shit will get you dropped out fast.

On another note, don't play any that require lots of mouse or keyboard clicks. It's annoying. Just because you're bored and can't pay attention doesn't mean you have to distract everyone else too. Play a slow paced game that requires minimal inputs, and sit in the back so people don't get tempted to watch your screen.

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Nope, I like sports but I never have time to watch them because of work and college life. They're just not a very high priority for me. I try not to let myself get too hung up on being embarrassed by my hobbies and interests.

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Well I just pre-ordered the destiny bundle after I saw P5 is going to be on it, so PS4 for me.

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Not really. However, I do unfollow people who are having tendencies to tweet stuff I don't want to see. A guy I knew from high school started doing nothing but retweet mass amounts of Ferguson stuff. Which was interesting at first until it got old because it drifted more and more towards random anarchist statements. So I unfollowed him. I may follow him again later, but for now I don't care to filter through all of his stuff. For the most part you can control what you see, so take advantage of that.

I don't think I could get rid of twitter completely. It's too useful to see little tidbits of stuff about whats going on in the Starcraft scene, and to keep in touch with friends.

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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Civilization Beyond Earth, and Dragon Age 3. Not going to be a big gaming season for me this year since my semester is kind of hectic.